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NEW Gourmet Grains & Flours

This week we launch our exciting new range of gourmet grains and flours!  The inspirational collection includes familiar grains and seeds such as Quinoa, Chickpea and Maize, as well as some more unusual ones like Teff, Buckwheat and Millet. Each of the products is naturally gluten free most are organic too.

Find them in our Flour & Baking section.


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Wholemeal Emmer Flour 1kg

Organic Emmer Wholemeal Flour 1kg

This delicious artisan flour is milled from ...

£3.25 (£0.33/100g)

White Rye Flour 1kg

Organic White Rye Flour 1kg

Unique to Doves Farm, White Rye Flour is ...

£1.65 (£0.17/100g)

New 1kg White Spelt Flour

Organic White Spelt Flour 1kg

An ancient relative of modern wheat, the spelt ...

£3.49 (£0.35/100g)

Oval Cane Banneton

Oval Cane Bread Proving Basket

This oval bread proving banneton ...

£11.99 (£1.20/100g)

Round Cane Banneton

Round Cane Bread Proving Basket

This round bread proving banneton ...

£11.99 (£1.20/100g)

Wholemeal Buckwheat 2014 1kg

Wholemeal Buckwheat Flour 1kg

  Common buckwheat (fagopyrum ...

£2.15 (£0.22/100g)