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We have a website dedicated for all our Freee products.
Gluten free living is a lifestyle choice for some, and a must for many who cannot tolerate gluten. We are on a mission to make gluten free living as simple (and delicious) as possible and that is why Freee has a dedicated website focused solely on gluten free products, recipes and baking advice ā€“ and where you can be 100% sure everything you come across is suitable and safe for a gluten free diet.

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Are all the gluten free recipes that used to be on Doves Farm now on the Freee website?

Yes – all the gluten free recipes have transferred to the Freee website. There are hundreds to choose from, and inspire you for next creation. The recipes can be found here.

Does Freee have its own newsletter too?

Yes! You can sign up to our dedicated gluten free newsletter to hear all about the latest products, promotions and recipes. Click to the website now!

Visit the FREEE website

Is Freee still part of Doves Farm?

Yes, Freee is still part of the Doves Farm family. We’ve just made it even easier to find only our gluten free products and recipes on a dedicated website.


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