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Traditional Wholemeal Bread

Makes 1 loaf

This recipe makes one oven baked wholemeal bread loaf but if you times all the ingredients by three you will have three loaves - one to eat immediately and two to freeze for another day. For baking in a bread machine try our Wholemeal Bread Machine Loaf.

Free from Egg, Soya, Dairy, Nuts
Vegetarian, Vegan, Organic, Wholemeal


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  1. Put the flour, yeast and sugar into a large bowl and blend them together.
  2. Stir in the water, and when everything looks craggy and lumpy, stir in the salt.
  3. Mix in the oil.
  4. Using your hands gather everything together into a ball of dough.
  5. Knead dough in the bowl for 100 presses, or on a work surface. Avoid adding extra flour.
  6. Cover the dough bowl with a large upturned mixing bowl and leave it in a warm place, for the dough to double in size, which will take about an hour.
  7. Rub some oil around the inside of 1kg/2lb bread tin.
  8. Knead the dough for another 100 presses.
  9. Shape the dough and put it into your prepared tin.
  10. Invert an upturned bowl over the loaf tin and leave it to rise in a warm place for 40 minutes.
  11. Pre-heat the oven.
  12. Remove the mixing bowl and bake the loaf for 40-45 minutes.
  13. Turn the bread out of the tin, tap the base and if it sounds hollow, the bread is cooked.
  14. Leave to cool on a wire rack.


1kg/2lb loaf tin and 2 x large mixing bowls


220˚C, Fan 200˚C, 425˚F, Gas 7

Cooking time

40-45 minutes
I've been using this recipe for nearly 3 years. It works every time.
By Eric Clottey
13 Aug 2021
Really pleased with this recipe. Didn't write my review until I had tried it several times - just in case the first attempt was beginners luck. But no - lovely loafs each time. I have never been successful,with home made bread before so absolutely delighted with this receipe. The loaf was really good today and the recipe really easy to follow. Will be my go to recipe.
By Judy
05 Apr 2021
Brilliant recipe for bread. I make it on a Sunday and it lasts me a week for my lunch time egg (from my hens) sandwiches, enough for a couple of slices toasted with butter and homemade greengage jam. Its delicious and works every time.
By Vickie Prichard
15 Feb 2021
Really great no-nonsense recipe. I have a breadmaker so i use it to make the initial dough and then take it from there and do a 100 presses and letting it rise. Adding some seeds to the top just before baking. I've made it a few times now and it's perfect everytime. Great crust, soft crumb but dense enough to feel very healthy. Toasted it's superb.
30 Jan 2021
This recipe knocks Delia into a cocked hat!! It is hard work knocking back 200 times in total; one may be able to lighten the load by using a food processor, but there's something satisfying about getting towards 100 knocks, no doubt! It rose as I'd hoped for, so I'll be trying it again!!!!
By Jack Reddall
14 Jan 2021
Best bread I’ve ever tasted, I’ve made this now so many times even for some of my neighbours. They also loved it. Very seldom do I buy bread now.
By Rae Wood
27 Aug 2020
This is a very precise recipe that works every time. It is easy and the bread is delicious. It is dense and soft in the inside and has a just right crunchy crust, that becomes even more delicious toasted, but is excellent without toasting as well. I am now a fan, make it twice a week!
By elizabeth degenszejn
12 Jul 2020
Love this recipe. So simple. Really good for those who think bread making is a chore, but like throwing out some home baked bread for friends and family. Good recipe for a beginner to try.
By Lissa
03 Jun 2020
I love this recipe. So simple and easy to make. I’ve made it several times with different combinations of flour. All turned out beautifully but our favourite is using 350g Malthouse flour and 150g wholemeal. It’s even better if you can leave it to rise a bit longer - very light.
By Zena
08 May 2020
A really good recipe! Makes a nice brown loaf, I added seeds to the flour before baking.
By Amber B
19 Apr 2020
Brilliant reipe for wholemeal bread! Used light olive oil instead of vegetable oil & also used the proving facility on my oven.
By Elaine London
21 Aug 2019
Made this bread several times now and it always comes out nice. I put a pan of hot water in the oven while it cooks and it seems to help it. Comes out with a nice crusty top. Trouble is its so nice it goes in about a day and a half!!!!
By Ann Hughes
29 Apr 2019
After finding out how unhealthy shop bought bread was I really wanted an easy way to make my own wholemeal bread with no added extras that wasn’t too much of a faff as I don’t have a bread maker. I’ve tried this recipe twice now and it’s turned out perfect both times! Next time I think I’m going to add pumpkin and flax seeds to the top before I bake it. Really recommend this recipe
By Abbie
14 Mar 2019
Great recipe works like a charm in a bread machine on the wholemeal program I used date syrup instead of sugar, and only half a teaspoon of salt and 3/4 tablespoon of extra virgin olive oil (due to following a Whole food plant based diet for my heart health) the bread came out perfect fantastic flour
By Adrian Singh
08 Jan 2019
I used this recipe to make a half half loaf, 250g of bread flour, and 250g of wholemeal. I just knock it down after the first rize, shape it and pop it in a bread can instead of kneeding it again. The whole family is eating it happily. Thanks
By James
22 Sep 2018
Wonderful recipe. I've never made bread before and all the recipes I'd seen before this one looked faffy and overcomplicated. This was simple and easy to follow. I subbed half of the wholemeal for white. The only other thing I did differently was look up an alternative to putting the bread in a warm place as there is nowhere warm in my house, I used a method involving a mug of hot water in a microwave that I read elsewhere. My loaf turned out beautifully. Thanks so much!
By alice
20 Apr 2018

Could this same recipe be divided into bread rolls?

Dear Victoria, many thanks for your review. If you would like to make these into rolls, we would recommend to cut the dough into 10-12 pieces, leave to rise in a warm place and bake for 10-15 minutes depending on the size of the rolls. Best wishes, Doves Farm.

By Victoria
19 Jan 2018
I was kindly given both Doves Farm Wholemeal and Plain Flour (and yeast) with the suggestion I tried a loaf with 50% wholemeal and 50% plain flour. I used my bread making machine and the result was the best bread so far - much better than anything else we have produced. We just followed the standard bread making machine recipe, using oil not butter, and the result was a huge success. Repeated the trial again this morning and the same excellent result. Very chuffed!
By Christopher Robinson
09 Jan 2018
I followed the recipe exactly except that I had to use an Allinson's yeast sachet, having nowt else. The result was delicious but, to my palate, lacking in salt. Crumb was close-grained, just like the picture. I would have preferred a little more aeration personally but its still very good bread! (It was my first loaf for more than 30 years). I will use more salt next time - as per the recipe on the Doves Farm flour bag.
By Philip Gibbons
11 Oct 2017
This is such a reliable recipe! Thank you! So quick too (in terms of my own work!). A good knead made a bit lighter ;)
By Mr Peter Clift
31 May 2016
Help where have I gone wrong? I made this loaf with 150 g of white bread flour and 350 g wholemeal in my kitchen aid. I save two pieces of dough to make a couple of rolls. Cooked in my fan oven, the crust was thick and hard. Should I have put water in the bottom of my oven to create steam and mke it less crusty? Should I have turned my fan oven down? Should I have shortened the cooking time of the loaf?.
By Mrs Pat Bell
14 Jul 2015
A very nice bread, full of flavour. I will definately make this on a regular basis. Easy to make with clear instructions. Even nicer if you add 100 grams of grated strong Chedder at second kneading
By Mr Jeff Towse
30 Mar 2015
First time baking bread,great results easy to follow instructions,great results
By Mr James Jessemey
02 Mar 2015
I am writing to let all bread making enthusiasts know how good your bread making recipes are I have tried them several times now and the results are near perfect. What a waste of time the so called celebrities recipes are.
By Mr philip wharmby
20 Feb 2015
Just getting back into baking my own bread after many years. I used this recipe to begin with, and cannot fault it. There is nothing like the aroma of baking bread! Thanks for the online know-how.
By Mr Andy Lumborg
15 Sep 2014
Great recipie, easy to make even for a novice baker like myself. The bread tastes fantastic and looks better than what you buy in a shop. Highly recommended! 4 Stars because Quick Yeast isn't easy to come by here in Norway and I have to substitute it for Normal Yeast. Apart from that minor issue it is a very satisfying bread to start learning how to bake with.
By Mr Edward McBain
08 Sep 2014
Never baked bread before and this first effort was a triumph. Excellent recipe, easy, quick and lasted about half a day in our home.
By Mr Gordon Donne
24 Feb 2014
I had not made bread before trying this recipe. I was amazed how easy it is to make and tastes fantastic, even after freezing. I now can't go back to buying bread from a shop; no comparison!
By Mrs Maggie Arter
26 Jan 2014
Used this recipe for the last 3 mths to make bread every 2-3 days, works every time. Don't think we'll be buying bread anymore !
By Mr Gary Asquith
14 Sep 2013
Just made my first loaf from this recipe and very impressed with it! Thank you!!
By Miss S Giannandrea
16 Aug 2013
quite new to baking bread , this is 2nd time used this recipe and found it very easy ,plus the end product was very tasty .as a 58 yr old man ive not done bad
By Mr philip robinson
10 Aug 2013
Made the best bread. I used organic wholemeal flour to which I added 1/2 cup of rye flour and 1/2 cup of organic kamut flour. I also added 1 tsp malted barley extract instead of the sugar.
By Ms Susan Jacobsen
24 Jul 2013
Made this today. Used my bread maker to make the dough. Divided it into rolls and baked in my oven for 20 minutes. They are gorgeous. I have been trying different recipes for weeks to find the perfect roll and so far this is it.
By Ms Louise Taylor
10 Apr 2013
This is a wonderful bread recipe. In actual fact I made two small loaves rather than the one large and baked them on baking sheets. The bread has a lovely texture, is not heavy and has a lovely nutty flavour
By Miss june hurst
07 Apr 2012
This is possibly the best bread ever. Used to travel 15 miles one way to buy it at Waitrose 'til they stopped selling it. Now buy the makings at Tesco and comes out perfect every time.
By Mr max hutchinson
14 Apr 2011

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