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Wholemeal Spelt Bread

Makes 1 loaf

Spelt flour can add a naturally nutty, wheat flavour to your baking. Spelt naturally proves and rises more quickly than conventional wheat flour, so bake it as soon as it has doubled in size after its second proving.

Free from Egg, Soya, Dairy, Nuts
Vegetarian, Vegan, Organic


Change Quantities:
  1. Put the flour, yeast and sugar into a large bowl and blend them together.
  2. Pour in the water, and when everything looks craggy and lumpy, stir in the salt.
  3. Stir in the oil.
  4. Using your hands gather everything together into a doughy mass.
  5. Knead the dough for 100 presses, in the bowl or on a work surface. Dust lightly with flour if required. 
  6. Cover the dough bowl with a large upturned mixing bowl and leave it in a warm place for the dough to double in size, which will take about an hour.
  7. Rub some oil around the inside of a 1kg/2lb loaf tin.
  8. Knead the dough for another 100 presses.
  9. Shape the dough and put it into your prepared tin.
  10. Invert a large mixing bowl over the tin and leave it to rise in a warm place for 35 minutes.
  11. Pre-heat the oven.
  12. Remove the inverted bowl and bake the loaf for 40-45 minutes.
  13. Turn the bread out of the tin, tap the base and if it sounds hollow the bread is cooked.
  14. Leave to cool on a wire rack.


1kg/2lb loaf tin and mixing bowls


220˚C, fan 200˚C, 425˚F, Gas 7

Cooking time

40-45 minutes
So delicious and easy, love how quickly it rises :)
By Lauren
28 Oct 2021
I’ve just baked the most perfect spelt bread. Highly recommend this recipe. Note: The dough is very sticky but don’t worry, I added a little extra flour to my hands and it was OK. I added some rosemary, dried fruits and pumpkin seeds. Baked for 35 mins. Will bake again.
By Lisa Wilkes
26 Aug 2021
Brilliant recipe - turns out well every time.
By Lucy
23 Jan 2021
Great recipe Always works well Delicious bread
By Emer Glynn
16 Jan 2021
This loaf was simply lovely. I am an experienced baker, but this is the best recipe I have ever used for spelt. The instructions are straightforward and clear. Thanks for taking the mystery out of bread baking and making it attainable by everyone. I'd give 6 stars if you had them!
By Margaret Whiteley
17 Aug 2020
I just love this recipe. So easy. All I could get at first was fresh yeast and Doves farm very helpful with the conversion and since then I have had brilliant results with all yeasts. I have also replaced the oil with melted butter occasionally. I love the taste of spelt bread and the the anticipation while it's going through its process is.......well need I say more !
By Elaine
29 May 2020
Came out perfectly! We let the yeast bloom in the warm water before adding, and baked in an oiled round springform cake tin since we didn’t have a loaf tin, but worked beautifully!
By Olivia
16 May 2020
First time to use wholemeal spelt flour, thanks to Dove's flour box. Beautiful result with a delicious flavour. Good to try something new. Thank you
By Janet Sinnerton
14 May 2020
Thank you for this simple recipe. It makes a delicious loaf every time. The wholemeal spelt flour gives a real depth of flavour with very little effort. Easy and very tasty!
By Mandy
28 Apr 2020

Excellent recipe. So simple and quick! This is now a staple in our house! Thank you! -- One note, I use different quick yeast so I follow the package instructions: 10 min first "rise", then into the loaf pan where I let it rise for 1 hour. I also use olive oil in the bread and in the pan (plenty) and its simply decadent. Perfect bread.

By Cynthia
11 Apr 2020
Made this morning, with my children in lock down. Tasted delicious and was soon all gone! Thanks for the recipe.
By Jo Donoghue
02 Apr 2020
Made this a few times - absolutely lovely. First baked for daughter-in-law due to her diet issues. She loved it, even though it was baked by me. My one granddaughter has ‘helped’ bake some a few times. She loves it with honey spread on it - yummy.
By Dave
11 Feb 2020
I used white spelt instead of wholemeal so cut back on the water, I also used dried active yeast so my measurements were - 500g flour 300 ml water 1 1/2 tsp dried active yeast. A lot of spelt recipes on the internet are complicated but this is a nice simple recipe. Rugrat approved.
By Laeh
29 Nov 2019
Never made bread before and this came out perfect! Delicious and so easy. (FYI I just left the bowl of dough out on the kitchen worktop to prove and it was fine).
By Anna
19 Aug 2019
So easy and tastes wonderful also works out cheaper than buying spelt bread from the shop. Loved it should have done it long ago. Thoroughly recommend it!
By Jacquie
16 Feb 2019
Great. Easy. Do it.
By Evan
08 Feb 2019
Both easy to make and delicious! I love that I was told to "press" the dough a hundred times - I actually counted and this ensured that I kneaded it correctly. The result was a bread that was not too dense but hearty, the way I like bread. Made excellent toast as well! I don't bake often so it was a relief that the result was a good one. Can't wait to bake it again.
By Susannah
29 Jan 2019
Loved this bread ! Easy to make , soft and great flavor from the spelt. I recommended this recipe. Thank you
By Dvorah
19 Dec 2018
My first attempt was not bat at all, it was tasty but more dense than I wanted it to be. After looking at other recipes I got to my version which is amazing (this took several attempts but I got there!) so from the original recipe I only added 1/2 extra spoon of yeast and replaced sugar with honey, but the method is quite different: 1- mix all the ingredients in a bowl until you can form a soft ball (5 min) 2- paint with oil and cover with film paper, let it rest for 1,5 hs 3- shape into a baking tin, cover with film paper and let it rest for half an hour 4- paint with oil, sprinkle oatmeal/seeds on the top and bake for 40 min at 200C (I have a fan oven)
By Julia
29 Mar 2018
Easy and delicious!
By Cintia
22 Mar 2018
Used this recipe as my first ever attempt at baking bread. Great result and a happy wife to boot. What else is there to add?
By David
18 Feb 2018
Best bread I have made yet. Chuffed!
By Claire
14 Nov 2017
I followed a recipe I’ve used for a while. I used melted butter 50g for 500g flour, 1.5tsp of salt, 1 tbsp of soft brown sugar and 300 ml of water and 21 g of fresh yeast. I put the flour in a bowl and mixed the other ingredients in warm water and kneaded for 5 minutes and dough was already very soft. I put it into bread tin and it didn’t need the air knocking out of it and it doubled in size (25 minutes) and it cooked well. My three year old daughter enjoyed the bread and I shall be buying more spelt flour. It makes fabulous hand made bread and it saves time as it’s much quicker to make from start to end approx 75 minutes!
By Excellent Bread - very impressed with the results.
08 Nov 2017
Love this recipe it's a stable in my house! Just wondering if there is any possibility of maybe posting the nutritional value of the bread up for us weight watchers
By Grace
27 Sep 2017
Made my first spelt loaf today as trying to avoid wheat due to IBS. Couldn't believe how simple and successful it was. Have tried to make bread in the past with ordinary flour and always been disappointed, dense, hard and ill-risen. This loaf was everything I could wish for. My husband loved it and said that the taste took him back to his childhood when bread tasted like bread. Think I may be making it rather often in the future!
By Sarah Whittick
25 Jul 2017
I swapped out sugar for honey, i also didn't bother pressing the dough 100 times, i also threw in mixed seeds, chucked it into a time, let it rise for 40 minutes, then in the oven for 45, cam out perfect.
By Matthew
07 Jul 2017
Christine, could be numerous things like letting the salt touch the yeast when you first put the dry ingredients together, put them at opposite sides of the bowl and mix together when everything else is in the bowl, also make sure your water isn't too hot or too cool - yeast likes around 26C.
By S
11 Jun 2017
Made this twice now in two 1 pound tins. Absolutely perfect both times
By Mrs Rosemary Ripley
02 May 2017
I followed the recipe to the letter but the dough didn't rise either the first or the second time! Any ideas what I have done wrong?
By Ms Christine Emanuel
03 Mar 2017
I have a recipe for a choc chip Italian bread that uses spelt flour mixed with strong bread flour and then has I TBSP cocoa powder and choc chips added. Can anyone advise whether this would work with this all spelt flour recipe? Thanks
By Mrs Sharon Teale
27 Feb 2017
Such easy bread to make and delicious too!! I used a sunflower/pumpkin seed mix and linseed oil. Thumbs up from the whole family.
By Mrs Juliette Hodson
14 Feb 2017
This is a brilliant recipe. The bread is delicious. The only thing I found was that my loaf cracked along the top edge so I think I'll leave it to prove a bit longer than an hour.
By Mrs Kim Douglas
19 Jan 2017
Excellent! Came our beautifully - a success, and myself - a novice...
By Ms Rel Jack
02 Nov 2016
Lovely recipe. Used brown sugar and rapeseed oil, and added roughly a handful linseeds after the first rise. It's soft, but a slightly crunchy crust. So delicious!
By Miss Alberte L
05 Oct 2016
well impressed... tasted so much better than the "Dinkle" bread found at the bakers,, so much cheaper too and softer texture. i am well impressed
By Mrs Christina Marsden
28 Apr 2016
Made this for the first time last week and was so impressed. One of the best loaves I have ever made. Great texture and rise. It lasted well and made super toast. I made a 'head' loaf with no tin. I added plenty of sunflower seeds after the first rise. I substituted the sugar for honey and thought it wise to add a little extra, but wished I hadn't. It was ivy honey from a friend who is a beekeeper and the loaf tasted a bit too strongly of ivy. This week, I am sticking to just a teaspoonful of honey and adding pumpkin seeds. Everything else is the same. I get a good rise by putting the dough in the oven at what is probably 25'C... well below the lowest setting of 50'C. For the oil, I used a mixture of walnut oil and rapeseed oil. The loaf did seem quite brown on the outside, but actually this was perfect: a nice crust and soft, firm bread within.
By Mrs Charlotte Burn
16 Apr 2016
Lovely recipe, I altered it slightly by adding an egg and a little more salt
By Mrs willow hart
27 Mar 2016
Great receipe, did half quantity and made rolls, so easy,lovely rise. Used honey instead of sugar, they were so yummy
By Ms Roz Peverall
16 Jan 2016
Great receipe, did half quantity and made rolls, so easy,lovely rise. Used honey instead of sugar, they were so yummy
By Ms Roz Peverall
16 Jan 2016
Great receipe, did half quantity and made rolls, so easy,lovely rise. Used honey instead of sugar, they were so yummy
By Ms Roz Peverall
16 Jan 2016
Great recipe! I used dried yeast and left it to rise in the airing cupboard while I went shopping. 4 hrs later the dough had risen beautifully. Once baked I let it cool on a rack. To soften the crust put it into a plastic bag before it is cold. I love the warm crusty end best.
By Mrs Pauline Buchanan
15 Jan 2016
Just found this website after making up my own recipe for bread using Spelt flour (Doves of course!). The bread is still in the oven so unable to comment. I'll let you know how I get on! I'll try the Doves recipe next but,having read earlier reviews, have given it 5 stars in advance in expectant anticipation!.
By Mr Peter Geddes
14 Jan 2016
Lovely recipe, used menu 2 setting on Panosonic bread machine, 1hour 55mins, as others recommend, I only use 290ml of warm water, no honey, and vegetable oil, I have also started to add seeds, 2tbs sesame seeds 1tbs sunflour seeds, + 1 tbs pumpkin seeds 1tbs poppy seeds + 1 tbs golden linseeds I have found great success with this, hope others do too, thank you Doves Farm.
By Mrs Patricia Harrow
09 Jan 2016
How many does it feed
By Miss Addison Cox
25 Dec 2015
Delicious bread; the temperature given in the recipe is a bit higher than I generally use for bread and this loaf was slightly overdone and badly stuck to the tin after 17 minutes. However, I was using our Esse electric cooker, which is shockingly unreliable. Mrs Wiggins - I've always found Doves Farm dried yeast the best.
By Ms Susan Sharratt
13 Dec 2015
This recipe makes the most delicious tasting bread. I used my Kenwood to mix the dough and the rising time was more than stated in the recipe, but it is an easy recipe to follow. My daughter now wants me to make the bread for her so it looks like I shall be busy!
By Mrs Christine Collier
21 Nov 2015
Help! I have tried this recipe twice and have produced 2 bread bricks. The first time I think I killed the yeast as the water was a bit hot but the second time it just did not seem to rise. Any ideas please - by the way it was a brand new tin of Allison easy yeast
By Mrs Vanessa Wiggins
10 Nov 2015
Mrs Lesley McQuinn, can I suggest using the ready shaped baking parchment tin liners. They are readily available, not expensive and can, with care, be reused. Nothing ever sticks using these.
By Mrs Jennifer Wilson
05 Nov 2015
This is an excellent recipe. Lovely bread, I have to stop my self eating too much. I used my Kenwood to prep the dough so avoided the stickiness. It rose nicely and has a lovely colour. I will be making this again and again.
By Mr Ian Coghlan
02 Oct 2015
Victory is mine! I have just pulled the most lovely loaf out of the oven. It's a bit more cakey in texture than my normal basic white loaf, but it cuts well and tastes lovely. I didn't use easy-bake yeast, but mixed half of my water with yeast/sugar first. The dough was quite sticky but was a joy to work with and the whole process was quick and straightforward. I was worried that my loaf wouldn't rise but needn't have been - gorgeous rise on this loaf. This recipe is a keeper - thank you!
By Ms Megan McGready
17 Sep 2015
This recipe works. The bread is delicious. Follow the instructions... You can't go wrong. I've made this bread a fair few times now, including a couple of times half quantities small loaf. (Slightly less time in the oven). I'm not an habitual yeast/ bread baker, just a regular ordinary home cook. I've been playing around with 'not wheat' flours for a couple of years as part of my 'not eating wheat' plan, mainly to stop grazing on easy, unnecessary snacks, and have substituted white spelt as my bag of all-purpose flour in the cupboard. I shall be trying out the 'quick bread' (which does away with the long first rise) tomorrow morning, in the hope that we can have bacon sandwiches before 8am.
By Mrs Lore Boyd
05 Sep 2015
Mrs Pat Bell, did you read the recipe? It clearly states its a recipe for spelt bread. If you have another go with the right ingredients your bread will be very good indeed
By Mrs Helena Logan
15 Jul 2015
Well I made this in my kitchen aid. I used 150g strong white flour and 350g wholemeal flour. I saved two pieces of dough to make a couple of rolls. So dissapointed the rolls are soilid heavy, AND I did not overcook them. Now the reviews encouraged me to make this bread. Where have I gone wrong? Dont think its a mixture of flours because White Bread flour was supposed to make it less heavy.
By Mrs Pat Bell
14 Jul 2015
Just made this recipe for the first time. 100% success according to my husband. Simple quick, lovely texture and as Helena said very tasty. I am a FODMAP follower and this recipe is ideal. Highly recommend. Do try it.
By Mrs Kathleen Johnstone
03 Jul 2015
I have just found this recipe, I've tried it twice and it's the best spelt bread ive ever made, it's simple, quick and very tasty. If you've had trouble making spelt bread I can highly recommend this recipe, try it!
By Mrs Helena Logan
28 Jun 2015
I have been messing around with Spelt flour for almost a year, trying complex recipes and endlessly researching. Trying Long fermentation processes, making a sponge in advance, using a dough hook; making my own sourdough and nurturing it. Yet could never obtain a loaf with a soft well risen soft centre. Today instead of the usual 3 day anxiety provoking ritual. I started at 2pm and had the best spelt loaf ever. Simple, straightforward with an exceptional result. Thank you very much. I was on the verge of giving up.
By Mr Chris Upton
17 Jun 2015
Made first spelt loaf today. Used .5 measurements and made 1lb loaf. Amazing, it looks like a shop bought loaf. Can't wait until supper time.
By Mr Jonathan Pearce
19 Apr 2015
First attempt today at this bread, never had much luck in the past but so happy with results. My baking skills lie with cakes so I'm so pleased to have found an easy loaf that I can eat instead of paying a fortune for one in the shops. Lovely taste, nice and crusty around the edge. I used an old tin, oiled with rapeseed oil then floured, came out straight away. Got 20 or so slices and have frozen them ready to use for toast and sandwiches. Think I'll take up some suggestions and play around with this recipe but its definitely a great easy loaf to bake! Thanks Doves Farm! :)
By Miss JOANNE Pickard
06 Apr 2015
OMG this is the fluffist lightest spelt bread I have ever tasted. Only thing I did different to original recipe was add 1tblsp water as was bit dry and mixed it in my Kenwood mixer with a dough hook. It was amazing. Very happy:-).
By Mrs A Oates
03 Mar 2015
I previously reviewed the white spelt recipe. I have since made several loaves, experimenting with various combinations of ingredients. The loaf I am most happy with is using 300 gms wholemeal spelt, 200 gms white spelt, 1-1/2 tspns yeast, 2 tspns bread improver, 1 tspn sugar, 1 tspn salt, 1 tbspn olive oil, 2 tbspns flax seeds, 2 tbspns black sesame seeds, 2 tbspns psyllium husks, 320 mls warm water (sometimes need to add a little more - 1 tbspn at a time), kneaded with dough hooks on Sunbeam mixmaster, shaped into a cob loaf & cooked for 30 mins (my oven cooks quickly). I leave the loaf to cool for 15-20 mins before slicing. The bread slices beautifully, has a nice texture, not too dense, and is crusty on the outside. I freeze leftover slices in plastic bags and defrost in microwave oven to make toast. This recipe makes fabulous French Toast served with warmed raspberries and maple syrup. ItThe bread is the perfect texture for it. I give the recipe 5 stars with my alterations.
By Mrs Susan White
21 Feb 2015
I started making the wholemeal spelt bread for my Son who is unable to eat wheat was visiting from Australia. I use a bread machine and the results were amazing, I've never been very successful making wholemeal bread but this is really lovely bread and now the only bread I eat too! I also used the flour to make pastry which was also excellent.
By Mrs Jan Lane
02 Feb 2015
I started making the wholemeal spelt bread for my Son who is unable to eat wheat was visiting from Australia. I use a bread machine and the results were amazing, I've never been very successful making wholemeal bread but this is really lovely bread and now the only bread I eat too!
By Mrs Jan Lane
02 Feb 2015
I made this bread with white spelt flour & used 1 tspn salt. I kneaded the dough using my mixmaster with dough hooks attached; greased & floured a pizza tray and shaped the dough into a cob loaf. I also placed the tray onto another pizza tray. I cooked the loaf for 35 mins at 200 degrees Centigrade (I'm Australian) and then cooled the loaf for 20 mins on a wire rack covered with a clean tea towel. The loaf sliced beautifully, was crusty on the outside, soft on the inside & had a lovely flavour. Can't wait to try it again with wholemeal spelt and the addition of pumpkin seeds, linseeds and sesame seeds. Thank you for such a great, easy recipe. Loved it.
By Mrs Susan White
04 Jan 2015
Absolutely loved the recipe, made with wholemeal spelt, so much easier that normal bradmaking, although I really enjoy that as well. No trouble in tin, just put baking parchment on bottom and oiled the sides. Have varied it by adding roughly mashed banana, walnuts and a bit of black treacle, also added grated cheese and softly fried onion with rings of onion on the top. Love the taste of spelt flour and will be buying more soon, nearly all gone.
By Mrs Sandra Stark
19 Dec 2014
I never made bread before but after finding this recipe and seeing how simple it was I thought I'd give it a try. It's so amazingly easy and the bread is delicious. The resulting texture is a cross between bread and cake. It's really filling too. I've made it every week since the first loaf. The fact that its better for me than shop bought is an added bonus
By Miss Kerry Bradley
10 Oct 2014
Tried this recipe with very low expectations as I've never been successful making bread in the past. Astonished to discover it worked perfectly, looked just like the photo and the smell in the oven was amazing. Tastes good too! Thank you. (I didn't have any quick yeast, used the one you have to mix with warm water and sugar before you start. )
By Mrs T Mackie
28 Sep 2014
Hi, I just made the bread in a loaf tin. To avoid the bread sticking to the tin, just flour the tin after greasing and before baking. My loaf came out great.
By Mrs Helga Kattermann
22 Sep 2014
Found this recipe on the back of the Dove Farms Spelt Flour packet. Did it in my Panasonic Bread maker, using the WHITE BREAD RAPID MODE setting. Result - total success in 1 hour 55 minutes. Very interested in additional ingredients e.g. cider vinegar & pine nuts.
By Mr Mark Rollason
10 Sep 2014
I have just made this loaf in a loaf tin. That was a mistake - loaf refused to come out even though I had heavily oiled the tin. Unable to use for sandwiches as had to wreck it to get it out. On a positive side the bread tastes good. I will NOT use a tin again.
By Mrs Lesley McGinn
06 Sep 2014
I have just made this loaf in a loaf tin. That was a mistake - loaf refused to come out even though I had heavily oiled the tin. Unable to use for sandwiches as had to wreck it to get it out. On a positive side the bread tastes good. I will NOT use a tin again.
By Mrs Lesley McGinn
06 Sep 2014
Is it possible to combine the white gluten free flour with the spelt wholemeal, am assuming the rise would not be so great? Also, is the easy bake yeast the same as quick yeast? thank you
By Mrs Christine Ward
26 Aug 2014
Fabulous recipe, great taste and texture, I have played about with this recipe several times (adding rye, flavours etc) my one addition that I stand by is some cider vinegar which makes for a softer dough and a greater lift...
By Mr Kevin Coyne
24 Aug 2014
Absolutely fantastic recipe. I mixed the 2 flours, 200gm wholegrain and 300gm white spelt because I had both. After all the kneeding process which I didn't mind at all, I oil the baking tray really good with sunflower oil. I could not believe the shine of the loaf. Risen beautifully. My favourite bread recipe so far!
By Mrs Rebeka Soares
14 Aug 2014
a simple recipe that works and dummy proof and tastes really nice. I m a mother whose children have allergies and trainee nutritional scientist with a passion for cooking proper food.
By Mrs michelle mina
12 Aug 2014
First & every loaf since just brilliant, now make using a mix of white and wholemeal flours and put in some pine nuts and seeds and making bread for others in the family now Love it!
By Mrs Helen Hearne
06 Aug 2014
Hi I was going to make this bread for the first time and would like to know can i use original dry yeast instead of quick yeast as i cant get ti locally Thanks

Hi Nicola, yes you can indeed swap the Quick Yeast with the Original Dry Yeast, but make sure you activate it first by adding it to the warm water and leaving it to stand for 10/15 minutes. Then proceed as per original recipe. Happy baking, Doves Farm

By Mrs Nicola Casey
07 Jul 2014
I made my first loaf today, my house is quite cold so placed it in the oven still wrapped up on 50 degrees- it doubled in size. I then cooked it. I ran out of oil so used olive spread and lined my tin with baking paper and pressed some mix seeds in the top it needed a shorter cooking time but I think it came out quite good but I have nothing to compare it too. The only thing as the baking paper ended up stuck to it.
By Ms Lorraine Soulsby
28 May 2014
Easy to follow, brilliant results. Mixes well by hand. Ant Law, The Soul Restaurant
By Mr Ant Law
28 Feb 2014
Excellent. The only thing I think will be helpful in a limited kitchen if ingredient measurements are given in cups. I would like to know flour amounts in cups or millilitres instead weight
By Ms Denysia Wincott
15 Feb 2014
Made one today with 400g spelt flour and 100g multi seed/grain wholemeal and one rising SUPERB bread
By Mr Simon Ross
09 Jan 2014
it rose and tastes ok the only problem is with my kneeding technique and over proving otherwise all ok will try again later on
By Miss jacqui baldwin
28 Nov 2013
I've been making this for a friend who has had stomach cancer & she loves it, even freezing slices and hiding them from her husband who has been converted from white bread! I also use a Kenwood chef and dough hook and still use honey instead of sugar and am asked for loaves by several friends. ]
By Mr Simon Ross
11 Nov 2013
Amazing bread. So easy to make and tastes fabulous. Thank you so much!
By Ms Ann Marshall
19 Oct 2013
I made this today and it came out perfectly - the first bread I've ever made! I used 1tsp salt, honey and olive oil. Mixed in the kenwood with dough hook and it wasn't too sticky. I left it to cool down for half an hour wrapped in tea towel and it sliced easily. Can't wait to try adding seeds and things next time!
By Ms Deanne Wallace
18 Oct 2013
I'm a novice and diligently followed the recipe, the mix didn't rise, it had the most awful sticky texture and it is still trying to prove in the pedal bin. Will try again tomorrow
By Mr Lawrence Kingsnorth
15 Oct 2013
I'm doing the fast metabolism diet which allows me to eat spelt bread, so I just made bread for the first time, I used this recipe and I made bread rolls, but I cooked them for 30mins which was way too long for small rolls, so they were hard on the outside! But they taste good! I'm going to make some more! Can't wait, thanks for the recipe - lovely!!
By Miss Sherlyn Melody Graham
05 Oct 2013
I have made this bread 5 times now and it is fantastic. So easy to make in a kenwood mixer with a dough hook. I made a loaf today and added 25g of oats at the start. It really helped lighten the texture of the finished loaf. I also always add slightly more salt and use olive rather than vegetable oil.
By Mr Duncan Clark
28 Sep 2013
Fantastic results at first attempt with White Spelt Flour. Doubled up the Spelt Bread recipe and made two 2lb loaves using the whole 1kg bag. Mixed all the ingredients in the food processor (Magimix 5200) using the dough hook. Left the smooth dough in the bowl to prove. So quick! It took half an hour to double in size and started growing up the feeding tube!. Knocked down the dough by a couple of presses on the Pulse button followed by a couple of minutes more in the Magimix. A very elastic, pliable dough was produced. Needed to add more flour when turned out of the bowl in order to handle it without sticking. Split dough between two oiled and floured tins, slashed tops of loaves and brushed with milk, sprinkled on sesame seeds. Damp tea towel over tins for second rising. Cooked both on top shelf for 35 minutes. Perfect results - superb loaves, lovely crust, light airy bread. Happy with suggested amount of salt. Back to Sainsbury's tomorrow to stock up on more Spelt Flour!
By Mrs Polly Mitchell
06 Sep 2013
This is a fantastic recipe! Having had a disaster trying to bake bread with out of date yeast yesterday, I decided to stick with a straightforward recipe with reassuring reviews. I made 8 rolls rather than a loaf, topped with a sprinkling of sunflower seeds, just reducing the baking time to about 20 minutes. As per other reviews, I too doubled the salt (I agree with the others). Like another reviewer, I used honey instead of sugar (about 3tsps as I wanted a slightly sweetened bread) and it worked perfectly. The dough was so easy to handle throughout that I worried it might be too dry. Instead, they had a lovely texture and flavour.
By Miss Helen Rothwell
25 Aug 2013
This is the 1st loaf of bread I've ever made and it turned out perfect. Tasted better than some shop bought loaves. Fantastic!!!
By Mrs Loraine Clark
19 Aug 2013
Decided to knead...5 stars for result
By Mr Donal Dorney
23 Jun 2013
Dislike recipes that contradict themselves. Introduction says bake when doubled in size. Method says knead again!!! One star for clarity.
By Mr Donal Dorney
23 Jun 2013
The first time I have made bread and this simple recipe worked well.
By Mr Ian Parsons
22 Jun 2013
What am i doing wrong,everyone is saying wonderful bread, first off it appears theres too much water for flour as its a squidgy mess so i add more flour , the bread has risen but is so flat its only about an inch high, its nothing like normal bread
By Mrs Teresa Witchell
16 Jun 2013
Nice, flavoursome bread baked last night and served at breakfast toasted with YR sauce and bacon...delish (love the website by the way)
By Mrs jennifer Gilpin
19 May 2013
This is phenomenal bread that I have started making as our staple loaf here in rural Norway. I've always been a tad nervous about what I perceived as the unpredictability of yeast, but this bread does what it's meant to every time - so cooperative! I throw in generous tablespoons of linseed, sunflower seeds, and sesame seeds, and the outcome is yummy, toasts brilliantly, makes us happy. Thank you so much for sharing this recipe. Simple, clear, user-friendly, reliable...and it's helped me overcome an irrational fear!
By Ms Angie Toppan
24 Apr 2013
Amazing bread, so easy to make by hand. No need for bread making machines! Delicious. I'll be making this regularly and it's far cheaper than buying the loaves I normally buy from Waitrose!
By Miss Lynda Milne
21 Apr 2013
Lovely bread, I also used 1 tsp salt and substituted the sugar for 2 tsp of manuka honey
By Mr Simon Ross
12 Apr 2013
I made this today and doubled the salt quantities as per the comments below. It was super easy to make and absolutely delicious - my family loved it! This will become my regular loaf for my wheat-intolerant family :)
By Ms Samantha Tarticchio
24 Mar 2013
An excellent recipe which I made by hand. I used a 7g packet of dried yeast and the resulting bread was delicious, close textured yet light
By Mrs victoria kay
15 Mar 2013
I said earlier the the Fastbake II was good for Spelt bread, but since then tried the Normal setting and the bread turned out even better.
By Mrs Hazel Kemp
03 Dec 2012
I tried the above ingredients in my Russell Hobbs breadmaker and used the Fastbake II (1 hr 20 mins) setting and the bread turned out lovely.
By Mrs Hazel Kemp
19 Nov 2012
Oh my, this is good bread! I forgot to put the sugar in (yeah, I know...) so kneaded in just over a teaspoon of honey, and also doubled the salt as I thought that half a teaspoon was definitely not enough. Prepped and kneaded in the Kitchenaid. Left the dough to rise for about 35 mins, shaped into 8 bread rolls, then left to rise again for about 15-20 mins, baked for just over 10 mins. The dough itself is a lot easier to handle than wholemeal wheat dough, and the resulting bread is a lot lighter than regular 100% wholemeal wheat bread. It also has a lot more flavour. I also don't bloat to the size of a house after eating this, so success on all fronts!
By Mrs Marcia Bowie
13 Jul 2012
Made this bread yesterday by hand with ingredients from a Health Food Shop, what a tasty recipe, & so easy to make! While kneading I also stretched it & it is very aerated. Will definitely make regularly
By Mr Mike Hannon
24 May 2012
This recipe differs from the one on the bag, which is for 2x1lb loaves and bakes at 200C in a normal oven. There was no instruction about the difference between spelt dough and high gluten dough and found it very diffic ult to judge when it was properly kneaded because of this difference. Luck was on my side and I produced 2 loaves which look very much better than the ones here on your site. Nice taste and should fuel my toast addiction. Not for the inexperienced baker, though.
By Ms Sandie Reed
17 Apr 2012
THIS RECIPIE WORKS BRILLIANTLY IN A BREADMAKER IF YOU USE THE GLUTEN SETTING. add the ingredients in the following order, water salt fat flour yeast sugar takes 2hr in our panasonic.
By Mr phil newman
04 Dec 2011
Because my wife has problems with wheat and I knew about spelt I decided to have a go - what a doddle! I used an electric mixer to mix the dough and it did it perfectly. Baked one in the oven and one in a JML starchef. They turned out differently but I had to guess a bit with the Starchef. The result was a much lighter (in colour) loaf but just as good. Not realizing that the sugar is actually meant for the yeast rather than for sweetening I crumbled a dried Stevia leaf into the mix. Not sure if that was the reason (I used a sachet of quick yeast rather than 1tsp.) but after the hour my dough had risen to 3 times the volume.
By Mr Brian Wood
25 Jul 2011
Spelt has protein in it (13-14%) even if it's a little less than in really hard bread flour (up to 18%). This being the case, it will benefit from kneading.
By Mr Mark Whitehead
11 Jun 2011
There's little or no point to kneading Spelt dough. Skip part 5 and put it straight into a tin. Spelt make a great sough dough.
By Mr P Allcock
21 Mar 2011
I made my first ever loaf with this speltflour 2 days ago following the recipe on the packet which uses 15ml honey instead of sugar and leaves out stages 4 and 5. I used a full 7g quick yeast packet by mistake but no harm done. Not only was it easy to do and reasonably quick to make the bread was the best I've tasted! No need to add butter! Toasts and freezes well too!
By Miss Ann Grayburn
04 Mar 2011
DON'T USE A BREADMAKER. They burn the bread and dry out the spelt. Hand-made bread is best and spelt must not be overkneaded so no hard work. I used a breadmaker and it made the spelt dough come out like a biscuit bread.... NOT SUITABLE UNLESS BREADMAKER HAS A SPELT SETTING.
By Miss Janice Weir-Germia
17 Jan 2011
EXCELLENT flour, rises everytime. The picture here does not do DOVES FARM justice. Check my website www.foodtruly.com to see examples of how it should look. Not so rustic and it actually balloons in the oven and has a gorgeous texture. Try one of my loaves or attend one of my training sessions in London. You will taste and see the difference. If I could give more stars it would be 10 out of 10.
By Miss Janice Weir-Germia
17 Jan 2011
I bought a breadmaker this week, and my first attempt was dismal. Then I tried this recipe, and used the gluten free cycle (the first time I used the rye cycle, which was what the handbook suggested for spelt, totally wrong I found out afterwards). Absolutely perfect bread, the best I've ever had. I could not be more delighted!
By Mrs Trudie Bamford
04 Dec 2010
Loved it. My spelt bread didn't rise as much and was denser than other bread recipes I've tried but I've read that this is normal for spelt so was expecting it. I added one tsp of salt instead of trying to measure 3ml and it worked out well.
By Miss Michelle L
11 Nov 2010
I made this bread in my bread maker and it worked perfectly. Lovely loaf. Guided by the recipe introduction I selected Gluten Free programme on the breadmaker. 15 min knead, one rise of one hour and 45 min bake. I also added an extra half spoon of salt.
By Miss Joanna Acevedo
13 Oct 2010
Great loaf, better if you double the salt.
By Mr Stephen Walker
09 Oct 2010
FABULOUS! Add a selection of seeds to the flour for a really healthy, textured and crunchy loaf.
By Mr BARON. Kenn Lord
01 Sep 2010

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