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Cheese Scones

Makes 8 wedge shaped scones

A savoury scone best made with a mature cheddar cheese.

Free from Egg, Soya, Nuts
Vegetarian, Wholemeal


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  1. Dust a large baking tray with a little flour and pre-heat the oven.
  2. Sieve the flour and baking powder into a bowl, add the sugar, salt, and pepper and blend together well.
  3. Add the butter to the bowl and using a fork, blend everything together until the mixture resembles fine breadcrumbs.
  4. Stir in the milk then use your hands to bring together a soft mass of dough.
  5. Set aside a spoon of the grated cheese and knead the rest into the dough.
  6. Lightly dust the worktop with flour, place the dough in the middle and gently flatten, with your hands, until 3cm/1¼” thick.
  7. Scatter the reserved cheese on the top of the dough.
  8. Cut the dough into triangles and lift them on to the prepared baking tray.
  9. Bake for 12-18 minutes depending on the size of the triangles.
  10. Transfer the scones to a wire rack to cool.


Large oven tray and mixing bowl


220˚C, Fan 200˚C, 425˚F, Gas 7

Cooking time

12 - 18 minutes
My husband said that these were the best scones he’s eaten since having to go gluten free. He was so happy. They are delicious. I did add some mustard and found I didn’t need all the milk. Will try and amend the recipe to make fruit ones!
By Jules
01 Jul 2019
Just made these, absolutely delicious! I added half a teaspoon of paprika, a teaspoon of colemans mustard and replaced 50ml of milk with buttermilk as i had some to use up. I also reduced the baking powder to half a tablespoon. Grated parmesan and sprinkled that and salt on top. Thanks for the recipe!
By joanne
19 Jun 2019
Just made these using the doves plain white flour didn't add the sugar, used exta mature cheddar and mixed with almond milk - didnt quite need as much as 150ml - mixed it in gradually until right consistency, they look and smell divine, going to have later with red onion chutney.
By Mrs Hache
31 May 2019
Just made these, double batch ..... I am gonna be so popular at work tomorrow...if there any any left! Spot on. I skipped the sugar and you do not miss it at all
By Irene
03 Mar 2019
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By Cake-Delivery.in
10 Oct 2017
Have tried these a couple of times using gf flour and results were quite good but can anyone tell me if the temperature is correct as it says 200C for both conventional and fan ovens which can't be right?

Hi and many thanks for your review. Apologies, correct temperature should be 200C/Fan 180. Hope this helps further. Best wishes, Doves Farm.

By Mrs Sheila Niven
01 May 2017
Love this recipe! Added a spoon of Dijon
By Mrs Beccie Evans
19 Feb 2017
Made these using plain gluten free flour, added half a teaspoon of Colman's mustard, chucked all the cheese in and topped with finely grated parmesan. We made round ones and cooked for 16 min until golden on top. Really delicious, light and fluffy.Yum!
By Mrs Sian Jacklin
30 Oct 2016
Excellent scones. Substitute pd plain flour with a gluten free plain flour mix and added a touch of mustard powder and cayenne pepper for that extra kick. Delicious.
By Mr Andrew Stoddart
11 Nov 2013
These came out lovely. Not much success with scones normally, but these were a hit with the whole family.
By Mrs Deana Martin
08 Oct 2013
These were great. Made them with GF plain flour and topped with crumbled feta cheese. Use all the liquid just make sure you use plenty of flour when kneading the dough comes together nicely. Try adding some chopped olives or walnuts for extra flavor.
By Ms Jenny King
22 Jun 2013
I made these scones this morning, following the recipe to a T and they were delicious! So delicious, in fact, that I then made them all over again. Don't worry too much about the triangle shape. It all sorts itself out. I wouldn't recommend using half the liquid. They would be too dry. The spell in the fridge is important.
By Mrs Christine McArthur
05 Feb 2012
My first attempt at making cheese scones so I stuck religiously to the recipe. Guess what? Disaster! No ball for me to split into 8 portions, just a soggy mass. Evidently far too much milk. So had to bake for an extra 5 minutes, result not too appetising. Think I'll halve the amount of milk next time.
By Mr Alec Falconer
24 Oct 2011
I baked these using the Doves Farm Gluten & Wheat Free White Flour and soya milk. They worked perfectly and are delicious.
By Mrs Katie Lench
03 Apr 2011
I had to adapt this receipe due to my daughters food intollerances. I changed the fine wholemeal flour for SR gluten and wheat free flour, deleted the sugar, used dairy and soya free spread instead of butter, reduced the milk to 100ml and used goats milk, and used goats cheese instead of cows. The result was outstanding, light and very cheesey. My daughter said they were delicious and they were.
By Mrs Pauline Williams
23 Aug 2010
Very tasty and simple to make. Made round scones by forming mixture into flattened balls instead of wedges.
By Dr Linda Watson
13 Mar 2010

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