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Organic and non organic grain in sacks


Organic High Protein Wheat Grain 25kg

A 25kg sack of cleaned wheat grain, ready for milling or further processing. This grain is high in protein and ideal for breadmaking.

This organic wheat grain would be great milled at home to make bread or many other uses.

This is a high quality millers wheat blend including imported grain to achieve a high protein blend.



£18.70 (£0.07/100g)


Organic Rye Grain 25kg

Rye is a member of the wheat family (Triticeae) and is also closely related to barley. It is naturally lower in gluten than wheat, producing close textured breads with a pleasing continental flavour. Originating in Turkey, it was extensively used during the Roman Empire to make rye bread.

This 25kg sack of Rye grain is ready for milling or further processing.

£17.90 (£0.07/100g)