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Gluten Free Yorkshire Puddings

Makes 12 smaller or 1 large Yorkshire pudding

The traditional accompaniment to a roast lunch is Yorkshire Pudding. These gluten free puddings make a great tasting addition to your meal that the whole family can enjoy.

Free from Gluten, Soya, Nuts
Vegetarian, Without crystal sugar


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  1. Pre-heat the oven.
  2. Put a teaspoon of oil into each hole of a muffin tray or 2 tablespoons into a large baking tray.
  3. When the oven is hot put the muffin or baking tray into the oven for 10 minutes for the oil to heat up.
  4. Measure the cornflour, flour, salt and pepper into a bowl, stir to combine and sieve them into another bowl or jug.
  5. Add the eggs and milk and beat into a smooth batter.
  6. Carefully remove the hot muffin or baking tray from the oven.
  7. Working quickly divide the batter between the muffin tray holes or pour it into the large baking tray.
  8. Return the baking tray to the oven and bake smaller puddings for 25-30 minutes, larger ones for up to 35-45 minutes depending on your preference for crispness of the pudding.   


12-hole muffin tray or large oven tray and 2 x mixing bowl or jug


220°C, Fan 200°C, 425°F, Gas 7

Cooking time

smaller puddings 25-30 minutes and larger puddings 35-45 minutes
Read the reviews before trying out this recipe and used s/r Freee flour. Was not disappointed , every Yorkshire a success, am about to make the third batch , enough to have with sausages and some for afters with jam, just like mother used to do. Once again, many thanks Dove’s and reviewers.
By Trish
11 Jan 2021
Scaled it down to a third for two people using arrowroot instead of cornflour and agar instead of xantham -absolutely delicious, light and fluffy.
By Sharon Jackson
28 Oct 2018
Before finding this website I made my usual Yorkshire (large) pudding - 2nd and much better attempt - substituting G-free S R flour in place of McDougall's white flour. i.e., 4 ozs S R flour, 1 large egg, 10 oz milk, S&P. As it was just for my daughter I halved the quantities (pullet's egg!), added a good 1/2 teaspoon Xantham gum; whisked and let it stand for an hour. When re-whisking the batter to put in the oven it had thickened to dropping consistency so let it down with a little more milk, cooked in hot oven at 200 deg for approx 20-25 mins. It rose well, held the lift, but too much in a smallish tin so it was a bit solid in the middle. Tasted fine however and DD enjoyed it. TIP - if using butter in the pan use UNSALTED (Salted makes it VERY briny!) and some oil - less likely to burn. Usually when I am stuck I find I can adapt most normal recipes to G-free - they just need more fluid I find. I would be happy to make the same again, but next time will try the Doves Farm recipe - for which thank you, Doves Farm! Can't rate it until I try.
By Mrs Jane Murphy
08 May 2017
Made these today to accompany roast beef, they were absolutely delicious, I was a bit sceptical following a disastrous attempt at making focaccia last week. They tasted just like regular yorkies, the only exception being that they did not rise quite as high as usual ones, the taste was great though. Used goose fat in the pan prior to cooking as it gets hotter before reaching smoking point. Made one large pudding not smaller ones. Will definitely make again.
By Mrs Stephanie Sims
16 Apr 2017
I am making these again, and let us wait and see how they turn out, I am however disappointed that no-one from DOVES FARM has decided not to answer any questions here? Do they not have a "CHEF" or have anyone here who would go through the recipes that are put forward, I have used PLAIN FLOUR but after reading so many other reviews, it maybe an idea to maybe use S.R FLOUR, which I have never done. Any info would be grateful and I have 3 friends coming for dinner this evening so I shall hold out and hope they turn out ok. I have put an extra egg in this time.

Hi, many thanks for your message. After having spoken to our Technical Team - we would recommend to omit the melted butter from the recipe which is added to the batter and to use Self Raising Flour. We look forward to hearing feedback. Best wishes, Doves Farm.

12 Mar 2017
It looks to me as if there's too much liquid in this recipe. I'll be trying with an extra egg and just 150mls of milk.
By Mr Paul O'Rourke
25 Apr 2016
This is the 2nd time I have used a G/F flour to make Yorkshire Puddings, I followed this recipe to the last of everything, and the first 4 large ones I made were flat, so were the second batch, but I chose to add one more egg and a little water, I found the smaller ones were actually slightly better, the flavor is full on, as I always add black pepper to this recipe even before I went G.F am going to try next time with a little more Xanthan gum, just incase this also help maybe for them to rise, unless any of you out there have an answer. Thank you.
10 Apr 2016
First time I'd cooked with this receipe and they were fab, children loved them, they were made with fresh eggs laid yesterday, and they were light and fluffy and the best Yorkshire puds I've eaten for ages, will be definitely using this receipe from now on,
By Mrs Nicola Walker
28 Feb 2016
Lovely reliable recipe, have used this for individual yorkshire puddings and toad in the hole. I always use oil rather than butter or goose fat, and the puds rise and crisp up lovely!
By Mrs Sheila Pinney
26 Jan 2016
Superb recipe but I did add 1/4 teaspoon of Dove Farm vitamin C powder and this gave them the 'lift' I hoped for - no adverse comments were received
By Mrs Sandra Flack
07 Jun 2015
Better than I expected! I think next time I will add a little baking powder or an extra egg. Tasty tho!
By Mrs Polly Shepherd
12 May 2015
I followed the recipe to the later but,my yorkshires came out well done on the outside the inside not cooked also did not rise,so what did I do wrong
By Mrs stella rhodes
07 May 2015
A brilliant recipe, always use it (sometimes add an extra egg if feel it's needed). I amblactose intolerant too and we use lactose free milk, works a treat and even my partner (who can eat anything) just has these with me!
By Miss Emma Robinson
19 Apr 2015
After reading some of the reviews I altered the recipe slightly. I used self raising flour, 1 egg and supplemented half the milk with soda water. Although they didn't rise hugely, they were lovely and crisp and went down a treat with my husband and friends.
By Mrs Julie Dwyer
14 Feb 2015
Made a toad in the hole and used the quantities to make a tradition recipe ( but both the fats went into the hot tin not the mix) egg yolks went into the mix and beaten white folded in at the end . Took out when thermometer came out clean( read 100°C) Very acceptable result and tasty,better than most gluten free adaption
By Mr Herbert Goodenough
08 Jan 2015
The Yorkshire puddings were stodgy in the middle, the taste was OK. I will try SR flour next time.
By Mrs Jean Thomas
16 Nov 2014
Did this recipe along side my normal one. 4 of each. My sons girl friend is Coeliac so try to make an effort for her to enjoy normal food. Ok it didn't rise the same. But my husband (non coeliac ) preferred them.. I am on the fence.but def worth a try if you have a coeliac in the family. One tip. The goose fat has to be boiling before you put batter in. Vicky (coeliac ) enjoyed them so much. She normally goes down the gluten free aisle at tescos! And picks ready meals
By Mrs Jane Lucas
05 Oct 2014
After reading the reviews I decided to use Self Raising GF Flour. They were absolutely delicious. To be honest I would go as far to say they were better than when I've used normal flour. I will be using this recipe again for sure.
By Miss Sarah Callard
14 Apr 2014
Just made these used s/r flour and a little less milk. So look more like a pouring batter. They have turned out great, had a taste. Nobody has even guessed they are gluten free.
By Ms Sue Roberts
30 Mar 2014
I'm not convinced of this recipe. The first batch didn't rise- more like little pancakes, and were soft in the middle. They did taste nice just no good to fill with gravy! I made another batch thinking I hadn't got the oil quite hot enough but they weren't much better. However they all tasted nice so I might have to try again with super smoking hot oil!
By Ms Hannah Fisher
03 Mar 2014
Excellent. The family couldn't tell they were gluten free. I did use Self Raising Flour instead of Plain. One batch made 12 puddings, cooked perfectly.
By Mrs Shirley Prentice
20 Jan 2014
My husband is allergic to wheat and has missed his Yorkshires! I'm not allergic, and these were absolutely lovely, as close to gluten containing ones that we've found. Highly recommended!
By Mrs Louise Clarke
26 Dec 2013
Whilst they didn't look like Yorkshire it didn't bother me. But after reading very mixed reviews i made sure the oil was hot, the mixture want too thick and mixed then poured into the oil straight away.... They rose lovely but middle wasn't cooked and the outside was cooked to perfection.
By Mrs Selina Valentine
22 Dec 2013
I meant to say the only thing I leave out is the goose fat brilliant recipe
By Miss Maria Monteith
23 Jun 2013
Best recipe I have tried and I use it all the time now, people love them they don't know the difference, they are perfect every time, top marks and highly recommended
By Miss Maria Monteith
23 Jun 2013
Adapted this significantly to make it work - 115g of plain flour, 140mls each of milk and water, and only 1 egg - make sure the oil is hot when you drop the mix in, and bake for 25 mins - makes enough for 12 small puddings.
By Mr Don O'Ketty
02 May 2013
This is the 1st time I have tried. The 1st batch I forgot the eggs so I made a second batch straight away, the 1st batch was the best WITHOUT the egg, not soggy in the middle just hollow, luck or not I will let you know next time. I also used half milk/half soda water. Hope this helps
By Miss Karen Nixon
23 Jan 2013
I agree, soggy in middle, I cooked these and put back on over shelf and still not cooked properly . Still enjoyed them.
By Mrs S Fry
13 Jan 2013
Tried this 3 times now and disaster every time. Outside cooked lovely but insides still raw, brown and looked yuk. Even tried less batter using a proper pudding tin. Sorry but won't be making again, flour is too expensive to keep having failures.
By Mr Derek Last-Walker
10 Jan 2013
I made these today for the first time. They didn't rise too much but they were a lovely consistency and looked and tasted wonderful. It was SO nice to have some yorkshire puddings again! I didn't tell my family they were made with g/f flour and they all gobbled them up none the wiser!
By Mrs Maria fLEMMER
18 Oct 2012
I've tried twice and the insides are almost raw. Such a shame because the outsides are delicious! I'm going to try again putting in less batter.
By Mrs Elena Blunsum
14 Oct 2012
I think these work even better with DF GF self raising flour. The real secret is to make the batter right at the last minute, and don't let it stand
By Mr David Rose
13 Oct 2012
I did not use the Xantham Gum either so maybe they might be even nicer next time i try them an use it ... yum yum yummy :)
By Mrs janine mckee
16 Sep 2012
Made these today an they where great.. ive tried an tried to make nice yorkies since i become gluten free an these where by far the best thankyou :)
By Mrs janine mckee
16 Sep 2012
Mine were a disaster, they rose a small amount, looked like little balls and they were very stodgy inside. don't know if I over beat the mixture as it became very thick. Maybe I over filled the tins. I will try again, any tips most welcome
By Mrs victoria Rees
18 Apr 2012
Never made gluten free yorkshire puds before, and these were easy to make and worked really well. Light, tasty and rose well.
By Mrs Andrea Kidd
15 Feb 2012
Ihave made several types of gluten free yorkshire puds and been very disappointed but these were great got body in them all the family ate them best yet,try them
By Mrs janice banyard
05 Feb 2012
Used Doves self raising flour and missed out the Xanthan gum (the four already contains it). I also substituted fizzy water for half of the milk to help make them lighter. Worked well.
By Mr David Rose
29 Dec 2011
Best gluten free yorkshires I have made to date. They rose and we all ate and enjoyed them even the non gluten free members. Secret not to leave the batter to stand but to get them straight in with hot fat.
By Mrs Margaret Howard
11 Dec 2011
Tried this recipe but not very successful. Followed recipe exactly and made 12 small yorkshires. Rose beautiful and browned nicely but the inside was uncooked and soggy. Added a little more milk the next time and cooked for a full 30 mins. Still uncooked and soggy in the middle. Any suggestions?
By Mrs June Hunt
03 Sep 2011
Hello, I am new to this. Is the xanthan gum neccessary for yorkshires? I only ask because this is the only recipe that has included it.
By Mrs denise bell
29 May 2011
made these for the first time , great results enjoyed by all the family. had to use soya milk and would like to know if i can still get a crispy finish?
By Mrs jean Smith
26 Apr 2011
I made these today for the first time. I made a double sized batch and did 2 lots of them. The first set I made rose really well and were brilliant. The 2nd set I made with the mixture were ok but not as good. My tip - if you want a lot don't make a bigger batch of mixture - make a batch and then make a 2nd batch - the mix needs to be really fresh to rise (i think it's because it lost all the air bubbles)
By Miss Viv Smith
02 Jan 2010
It was great to find a recipe that gave fab results! This was my first time of making them too! My son is gluten free, but all the family enjoyed them. I agree that the mixture comes up thick and too have added a little more milk. To be fair, though, they rise lovely and brown off well and are cruchy too!An easy recipe to follow with fab results, you can't go wrong with this!!
By Mrs Carrie Bnham
20 Nov 2010
This was my first time making yorkshire puddings ever, never mind gluten and dairy free ones, but this recipe worked a treat! The only thing I found that I would say is a negative is that the puddings came out more like fluffy balls, but they still tasted like yorkshire puddings, so I'm not going to complain too much!
By Miss Robyn Gillespie
18 Jul 2010
This recipe did not turn out well the mixture was too thick. However I found an adjustment to; 4oz of flour inc cornflour as above 3 eggs 4/5 tsp Xanthum gum 1/2 tsp salt 11floz milk/water mixed. Whisk mixture until it bubbles. I rubbed 1 oz of olive margarine into the flour and used olive oil in the muffin tray (as butter would burn) Turned out very like traditional puddings, rose very high and was light and fluffy.
By Mrs Rosie Andrews
25 Apr 2010
This recipe makes a nice, airy pudding with some substance which rise well. I used a traditional deep 6 hole pudding tray but think that this recipe would better serve an 8 hole tray.
By Mrs Naomi Osborne-Wood
05 Apr 2010
I am so disappointed with this recipe - I have tried 3 times and they still look, and feel, undercooked in the centre. I tried halving the amount of milk and then cooking them much longer and still that dough feel in the centre. perhaps too much xanthan but that should have been sorted. Remember domestic ovens cook differently to a commercial oven. I was once married to a chef and he found it a problem to get yorkshires cooked in the middle at home - till I showed him how I did it. But I wasn't aware I was coeliac then and used wheat.
By Mrs Eileen Freeman
27 Dec 2009

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