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Wholemeal Walnut Bread

Makes 1 loaf

Walnuts added to a wholemeal bread dough compliment each other rather well and bake into a special loaf. This loaf could transform a simple soup into a special lunch or supper.

Free from Egg, Soya, Dairy
Vegetarian, Vegan, Wholemeal


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  1. Put the flour, yeast and sugar into a large bowl and blend them together.
  2. Stir in the water, and when everything looks craggy and lumpy, stir in the salt.
  3. Mix in the oil.
  4. Using your hands gather everything together into a ball of dough.
  5. Knead the dough for 100 presses in the bowl or on a work surface, without adding flour
  6. Cover the dough bowl with a large upturned bowl and leave it in a warm place, for the dough to double in size, which will take about an hour.
  7. Rub some oil around the inside of a 1kg/2lb bread tin.
  8. Press down the dough, add the walnuts and knead the dough for 50 presses.
  9. Shape the dough and put it into your prepared tin.
  10. Invert an upturned bowl over the tin and leave it to rise in a warm place for 40 minutes.
  11. Pre-heat the oven.
  12. Remove the upturned bowl and bake the bread for 45-50 minutes. You will know it’s done when the bottom sounds hollow when tapped.
  13. Leave the bread to cool on a wire rack.


1kg/2lb bread tin and mixing bowls


220˚C, Fan 200˚C, 425˚F, Gas 7

Cooking time

45-50 minutes
My first attempt at making bread during lockdown. It turned out very well and I was so pleased with myself. I used the full amount of walnuts - I love them! Delicious to eat and makes fantastic bread. Will most definitely be making it again!
By Karen Linfield
19 May 2020
The finished loaf hadn’t risen as much as in the photograph and maybe was a bit too dense But then I’m a novice baker. Maybe proving the dough in the fridge overnight wasn’t the thing to do. Apart from that the bread was tasty and I will definitely give it another try.
By Adrian M.
14 May 2020
Absolutely delicious, although I use 100g walnuts which is plenty. Prepare for lock down weight-gain with this recipe!
By Charlotte Newman
06 May 2020

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