Wholemeal Mince Pies

Makes 12

Celebrate with these stellar mince pies. Using fine plain wholemeal flour with a touch of cinnamon and orange adds intense flavor to this traditional favourite.

Free from Soya, Nuts
Vegetarian, Wholemeal


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  1. Put the flour and cinnamon into a large bowl and stir to combine
  2. Add the butter and using a pastry blender or fork, mash the butter into the flour until it resembles breadcrumbs.
  3. Stir in the caster sugar.
  4. Sprinkle the orange juice or water over the flour and stir to bring together a ball of dough. If it does not do this easily, add a few more drops of water. Cover the dough and leave it to stand for 15 minutes.
  5. Rub a little butter around the insides of a 12 hole tart tray and pre-heat the oven.
  6. On a lightly floured surface, or between two sheets of parchment, roll out two-thirds of the pastry to the thickness of a £1 coin.
  7. Select a pastry cutter or cup a little bigger than the holes of the tart tray and press it into the dough to make circles. Gather up the offcuts, add them to the reserved pastry dough and set aside.
  8. Lift the pastry circles on to the prepared tray.

Filling and Topping

  1. Put a teaspoon of mincemeat in the centre of each tart.
  2. Roll out the remaining pastry to the thickness of a £1 coin.
  3. Select a pastry cutter or cup the same diameter as the holes of the tart tray and press it into the dough to make circles.
  4. Press the small star cutter into the dough circles and remove the star shapes.
  5. Brush the circles with water and place them moist side down over the mincemeat tarts. Pat gently so the tarts seal around the edges.
  6. Beat the egg and brush a little over the pastry.
  7. Bake for 20-25 minutes until golden brown.


12 hole tart tray, round and small star shaped pastry cutters, pastry brush and mixing bowl


180°C, Fan 160°C, 350°F, Gas 4

Cooking time

20-25 minutes

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