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Easter Baking

Spring has sprung and to celebrate the end of the dark evenings and the festival of Easter, we bring you some classics to bake on the long weekend.

Doves Farm Easter Vegan Simnel Cake


Gluten Free Simnel Cake

A gluten & dairy free version of the Easter classic, made with marzipan icing on a spicy fruit sponge.



A tray of Hot Cross Buns freshly baked

Hot Cross Buns

A traditional Easter treat, homemade are far more satisfying than shop-bought. Eat warm with a slither of butter and dab of jam.



Chocolate Chip Easter Biscuits

Delicious Easter treats to share with all your family.


Chocolate Simnel Easter Cake
A Chocolate Simnel Cake for Easter

Try this alternative simnel cake if you are a chocolate lover or simply less keen on spices. In common with simnel cake tradition this chocolate simnel cake has a marzipan layer baked into the middle and 11 marzipan balls decorating the top that are said to represent the true disciples of Jesus.



Free From Hot Cross Buns

Home-made Easter hot cross buns are a real treat. These scone like fruity hot cross buns can be enjoyed by the whole family. This recipe will make 12 hot cross buns which are best served warm or toasted, and spread with butter. Freeze any you do not use.




Simnel CakeEat a slice of Simnel Cake at Easter

The traditional cake for Easter - marzipan and spicy, rich fruit cake combined. 



Pastiera - Neapoletan Easter Flan

A traditional Italian Easter cake, perfect with a cup of tea.


Gluten Free Easter Biscuits

Great gluten free alternative to a classic Easter biscuit. Perfect with a cup of tea.