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Gluten Free Scotch Pancakes or Drop Scones

Makes 6 drop scones

Sometimes known by more than one name these traditional small pancakes are a tea time delight. Serve them warm on their own or spread with home made jam.

Free from Gluten, Soya, Wheat, Nuts
Vegetarian, Without crystal sugar


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  1. Measure the flour into a jug.
  2. Break the egg into the jug, add the milk and beat into a smooth paste.
  3. Put a little oil into a large frying pan, roll it around to cover the surface and heat until nice and hot.
  4. Stir the batter then spoon or pour some into the pan to make 7.5cm/3” circles.
  5. Cook over a medium heat.
  6. When bubbles appear on the surface and the base is golden turn the pancakes over and cook the other side.
  7. Transfer the pancakes to a plate.
  8. Repeat until the batter is used.
  9. Serve warm or cold with jam.


large frying pan and jug
Made these… very scrummy. Added a rather ripe banana and some vanilla essence and they could be eaten as is or with a little butter… yum!
By Lisa
20 Jul 2021
Excellent recipe. I add a bit of melted butter to stop sticking (no oil in pan needed), and often add grated cheese to make them savoury, which works really well.
By Richard Mansell
14 Mar 2021
One of the best gluten free pancake recipes I’ve made. Made double batch & made half as in recipe & added fried leek & peas to the other half. Both versions worked well.
By Catriona
19 Jul 2020
Best gluten free pancakes yet ... and so easy ! As someone else suggested I made half the quantity and added a tablespoon of sugar and a few drops vanilla essence.
By Lynn Burnside
13 Apr 2020
Extremely good and super quick. Would be brilliant even if they weren't incredibly easy and fast to make. I made half the recipe and it yielded about 8!
By Richard Mansell
07 Dec 2019
Made these for my son who has just started a low Fodmap diet. Added some sugar to make them more like the ones we normally have but 300ml of milk would have been way too much. I tried with half that and it was still a little too runny. They tasted good though!
By Caroline Fryer
23 Sep 2019
Great recipe, works great full amount makes over 30 drop scones - so you may want to just make half the amount.
By Inga Brereton
01 Sep 2019
Tried these for the first time - ran out of cereal for breakfast so thought I'd give it a whirl had them with fresh berries & Dairy free yogurt they were fabulous even my other half loved them and he's not GF So easy to make takes literally minutes Now thinking of other toppings - Banana & Maple syrup next time
By Jenny Jackson
08 Sep 2018
Can anyone tell me how far in advance I can make these pancakes, if I want to serve them as a canapé at a drinks do?
By Ms Fiona McGregor
27 Aug 2016
I really want to make these but Step 1 says mix flour and baking powder - how much baking powder please? None is listed in the ingredients list.

Hi Gillian - Thanks for pointing this out! This recipe does not need any added baking powder as there already raising agents within the flour blend. The recipe has now been amended. Many thanks, Doves Farm

By Mrs Gillian BENTLEY
04 Mar 2016
Love this recipe, I swap dairy milk for coconut milk and it works out great.
By Mrs julia stevens
03 Mar 2016
Lovely! Made savoury versions with 75g of cheddar and 30g of parmesan (approx measures!). I also added black pepper, salt and half teaspoon of mustard powder and omitted the sugar of course. Yummy with butter, my husband didn't realise that they were gluten free!!
By Mrs Sian Groves
09 Nov 2015
Fab pancakes, however, little less milk required, added vanilla and 1 tablespoon of sugar instead of two.
By Mrs Samantha Armstrong
07 Aug 2015
Will add a little more sugar and less milk the next time but they were lovely....mmmm. I use spray oil as trying to watch the calories
By Miss Lynne McKay
17 Feb 2015
Perfect, easy & quick. The best drop scone recipe I have found & they are delicious
By Mrs Linda Bailey
19 Jan 2015
Just found out gluten intolerant so this is my try of any recipe. This was easy and absolutely delicious
By Miss Catherine Greig
21 Jul 2014
Within minutes of finding this recipe I had made them and ate them! Delicious! Easy to make and will definitely be making them again. Definitely what I needed to cure that sweet tooth.
By Miss Jade Shaw
10 Mar 2014
These were lovely, couldn't tell they were gluten free. I added sultanas to my batch as well, turned out really nice =)
By Miss Kristin Lissel
29 Sep 2013
Familiar comfort food. Recommend wiping skillet with a piece of greaseproof paper dipped in butter between batches and dropping scones on once butter begins to foam. We added a little more sugar as my mother's traditional recipe was quite sweet - may try with agave syrup next and less milk. Did end up with quite a plateful, I recommend halving the recipe if cooking for a small family.
By Ms Louise MacDonald
27 Jun 2013
Really light, and did not taste at all of raising agent, which can be an issue with these. I melted a tsp of butter in the pan and then added that to the batter (leaving a light film for frying) and transferred the batter to a large jug for mess free pancake action.
By Ms Millicent Clochette
02 Jun 2013
Very light and delicious - you wouldn't realize they were gluten free.
By Mrs Kathryn Finlayson
23 Feb 2013
Well I was totally surprised, very yummy! Like the other lady used a little salt and spray oil in a hot pan. Easy to make for those surprise visitors as we don't keep a supply of goodies in the house anymore.
By Mrs Marilyn Little
30 Jul 2012
I do a very similar recipe but use golden syrup instead of sugar (gives a hint of crispness), and add a tiny shake of salt. It's very easy - I use a mini processor but it's never lumpy so that's not actually necessary. I only lightly spray oil onto the pan, then wipe off with kitchen towel to cut down on the greasiness and calories. Turn them just as the bubbles that have formed in the batter start to burst. Delicious.
By Miss alex ballance
01 Oct 2010

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