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Mixed Seed and Nut Wholemeal Loaf

Doves Farm recipe

Our recipe

Create your own blend of seeds or nuts for this loaf which will have its own distinctive character.

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Unit of measurement


500 gStrong Wholemeal Bread Flour or
500 gWholemeal Spelt Flour
1 tspQuick Yeast
1 tspSugar
325 mlWater
1 tbspVegetable Oil
150 gSunflower, Sesame, Poppy or Pumpkin Seeds or any kind of Nuts
½ tspSalt


  1. In a large bowl mix together the flour, salt, quick yeast and sugar.
  2. Add the water and roughly mix it into the flour.
  3. While the dough is still lumpy add the oil and knead well until it feels smooth and pliable.
  4. Add the seeds and knead until they are combined into the dough.
  5. Leave the dough covered with a tea towel, in a draught free place, for it to double in size (This should take about an hour). To make a quick bread, omit this stage and proceed straight to step 6.
  6. Turn dough out onto a floured surface and knead the dough firmly for several minutes.
  7. Shape the dough and put it into a 1kg/2lb bread tin or place it on an oiled baking sheet.
  8. Cover with a clean tea towel and leave dough to rise for about 25 minutes in a warm place.
  9. Bake in a preheated oven 35/40 minutes.

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Temperature & cooking time:
220°C/Fan200°C/425°F/Gas 7 for 35/40 minutes

Dietary status:
Without Dairy, Without Egg, Without Soya, Vegan, Vegetarian, Wholegrain, Organic.

Please note: Dietary status is a guideline only. If you have a food allergy, please check the suitability of your ingredients.

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By Miss Maria Andreou

23 Oct 2015 | 06:09 UTC

Rating: CakeCakeCakeCakeCake

I would like to ask you if i can make this recipe using the 'Free From Gluten Brown Bread Flour'. Thanks in advance for any help.

Hi Maria, gluten free bread making is very different from traditional bread making, so we do not recommend a simple swap to Gluten Free flour. We do have a recipe for a Gluten Free Seeded Brown loaf that is the gluten free alternative to this recipe. https://www.dovesfarm.co.uk/recipes/free-from-gluten-seeded-brown-loaf/

By Mr Ian Haigh

21 Jul 2015 | 19:36 UTC

Rating: CakeCakeCakeCakeCake

I have never made bread without a machine before. I have bought mixed seed and nut wholemeal bread recently and really enjoyed it. Had problems trying to find a recipe on the internet until I came across your site. Made my first loaf today and it was fantastic. The recipe was simple and easy to follow. I must admit I thought the dough seemed a bit stiff and sticky but the resulting loaf was way beyond my expectations. I will certainly be making it again just need to work out baking days now to keep the supply going. I also like the review comments (which are what made me take notice of the site) and will try some of other peoples additives. Can't wait to experiment and search your site more for recipes. I am looking out for your products in my local Waitrose but think I might have to start using mail order.

By Ms Judy Beach

24 Aug 2014 | 16:09 UTC

Rating: CakeCakeCakeCakeCake

I have never made bread before and am very intimidated by Paul Hollywood! However, I have now made this recipe twice, using sunflower and pumpkin seeds and as other ladies have suggested added a tablespoon of malt extract, and it's delicious. My bread looks just like the picture!

By Mrs Jill van der Hucht

18 Feb 2014 | 02:19 UTC

Rating: CakeCakeCakeCakeCake

Can I use a thermomix machine to mix all the ingredients.

We haven't tried it ourselves Jill but expect it should be ok. You might just want to knead by hand for a couple of minutes afterwards to ensure everything if properly combined.

By Mrs Lisa White

09 Dec 2013 | 10:09 UTC

Rating: CakeCakeCakeCakeCake

Never made bread before until I tried this recipe in February. Since then i havent bought a loaf and bake bread twice a week. This recipe is so easy and the results are great everytime. I add a tbsp of malt extract sometimes and have tried combining different flours ie strong white, spelt, rye, strong wholemeal, all with success. I also add a tbsp of apple cider vinegar as I think.it creates a lighter more open crumb. Have also made rye loaves with black treacle. Never thought I would ever bake my own bread but these recipes are so easy it would be criminal not to

By Miss Roz Lewis

12 May 2012 | 15:30 UTC

Rating: CakeCakeCakeCakeCake

A lovely wholemeal/seedy bread recipe, would recommend for anyone who is wishing to avoid additives... I used crushed walnuts for approx. 50 grams of my 150 seeds, very moist and dense :)

By Mrs Janice Robertson

13 Nov 2011 | 21:49 UTC

Rating: CakeCakeCakeCakeCake

I used wholegrain spelt flour in this recipe and added mixed sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, golden linseed and crush walnuts. It was very easy to follow the recipe and it tasted delicious.

By Miss Sarah Camlett

06 Mar 2011 | 22:16 UTC

Rating: CakeCakeCakeCakeCake

I just made this using spelt flour (my local Waitrose were out of stock of the DF Strong Wholemeal Bread Flour) and a seed mix, its absolutely delicious. I've never made bread before, the recipe is so easy to follow and the result is just brilliant - really tasty. I won't be spending a fortune on WF loaves again, and am looking forward to experimenting with different seeds and nuts.

By Ms Catherine Braham

25 Aug 2010 | 18:01 UTC

Rating: CakeCakeCakeCakeCake

I used sesame and sunflower seeds in the mix and dusted the loaf with oatbran and sesame seeds.
It was the best loaf recipe I have ever used, very moist and delicious!