Malthouse Bread Machine Loaf

Makes 1 loaf

Free from Egg, Soya, Dairy, Nuts
Vegetarian, Vegan, Organic


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  1. Put the ingredients into the bread machine pan in the order recommended by the machine manufacturer.
  2. Turn the machine to the basic rapid bread setting.
  3. Select your preferred crust option if available on the machine.
  4. Check the pan is locked into position and start the machine.
  5. Remove the bread pan from the machine as soon as it has finished baking.
  6. Tip the bread out of the pan and remove the mixer paddle from the bottom of the loaf.
  7. Cool the bread on a wire rack.


Bread Machine with large bread pan
I still think this is the best granary-style flour mix available (see my earlier review). But I also use it as a base for a multi-seeded loaf, which rises very well with a good crust and texture, and has lots of interesting seeds and grains. I make a lot of bread using a Panasonic breadmaker with both a raisin and a yeast dispenser. I use 250g of the Doves Farm Malthouse flour, 50g of the Doves Farm White Rye flour (for more rye flavour), and 200g of a slightly lighter Malted and Seeded flour (to make it rise well given the rye content). I add 2 tbsp millet grain, 2tbsp golden (not brown) linseed, 2tbsp sesame seeds and 1tbsp poppy seeds. The other flour already had some quinoa (and a little chopped pumpkin seeds). The other standard ingredients are: 1.5tsp Doves Farm dried yeast, 1tbsp sugar, 2tbsp dried skimmed milk powder, 1.5tsp salt, 35g unsalted butter and 350ml water.
By Breadmaker
11 Apr 2021
I love this Malthouse flour. I tried this recipe in my Panasonic bread maker. It came out with a mushroom top but the bread tasted really good. I have also used the Malthouse flour for rolls using the same recipe on a dough setting. The rolls had a really good texture and taste.
By Roger
22 Sep 2020
I think this is the best granary-style flour mix available. I prefer this Doves Farm Malthouse flour to Marriage’s Strong Malted Brown and Hovis Granary, although both are good alternatives. This bread tastes nuttier possibly owing to the rye flour and/or the malting process. I make a lot of bread using a Panasonic breadmaker. I use 500g of this flour on the whole wheat programme. The other standard ingredients are: 1 tsp dried yeast, 1tbsp sugar, 1.5 tbsp dried skimmed milk powder, 1.5 tsp salt, 25g unsalted butter and 350ml water. I also bake a maltier version with 50g of added malt extract, stirring it into the warmed tepid water before pouring the liquid into the pan.
By Breadmaker
15 Sep 2020
I have been making bread with rye/spelt/wholemeal for years, and my old machine is fairly knackered. I just tried this yesterday, having bought a bag of this flour the other day. It was absolutely delicious and came out well despite the tired machine. I have now ordered a 25kg sack!
By Cai Williams
11 Mar 2020

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