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Gluten Free White Bread for Bread Machines

Doves Farm recipe

Our recipe

Using any type of milk and any type of vinegar, it is important to measure these ingredients carefully and not omit anything.

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  Medium    Large *3 litre capacity bread tin
Milk/vegan milk 310g    465g
Vinegar 1tsp 1.5 tsp
Oil 6tbsp 9tbsp
Eggs 2 3
Gluten Free White Bread Flour                                       450g 675g    
Salt 1tsp 1.5tsp
Sugar 2tbsp 3tbsp
Quick Yeast 2tsp 3tsp



* Fill your pan with water to determine your bread tin capacity

1. Weight the milk into a bowl then beat in the vinegar, oil and eggs. Pour this into the machine pan. 
2.   Add the flour, salt and sugar to the pan and stir with a spoon. 
3.   Sprinkle the yeast on top. 
4.   Start the machine on normal bread programme. 
5.   After a few minutes mixing, lift the machine lid and using a plastic spatula, scrape down the sides of the pan. Do not use fingers. 
6.   Continue machine on normal baking programme. 

This is the original gluten free white bread machine recipe that was on the back of our Gluten Free White Bread Flour packets for many years. If you would like to see our new, updated version of this recipe, visit our Free From Bread Machine White Loaf recipe

Temperature & cooking time:

Dietary status:
Without Gluten, Without Nuts, Without Soya.

Please note: Dietary status is a guideline only. If you have a food allergy, please check the suitability of your ingredients.

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By Mr Gavin Shipley

02 Feb 2017 | 13:30 GMT

Rating: CakeCakeCakeCakeCake

I haven't used this flour before so have a couple of questions:

Can this flour be used with coconut flour and/or almond flour in a bread maker?

Can the amount of sugar in the recipe on the bag be reduced?

Also, could you provide the proportions of the flours for a bread maker?

Thank you.

By Mr M Grimleigh

18 Aug 2016 | 17:11 BST

Rating: CakeCakeCakeCakeCake

Following up on my previous post - confirming that using the timings provided by Doves: Mix 15 mins and Bake for 55mins resulted in an acceptable loaf using the Silvercrest SBB 850 B1 twin paddle machine. I increased the rise time to a full hour.
For any FODMAPS followers; I use the full fat lactose free milk in the qty specified.
You can get those timings with the Silvercrest by first using the Pasta program (No 7) then the Bake program (No 12).
DON'T USE the Silvercrest Gluten Free program (No 9).
Hope this helps somebody else.

By Mr M Grimleigh

15 Aug 2016 | 17:33 BST

Rating: CakeCakeCakeCakeCake

I've used Doves GF Bread flour, Self Raising and plain flour with success when baking manually. I weigh and measure extremely carefully. However, using a new two paddle breadmaker has been a disaster. Reading various forums this seems to occur quite a lot I'm suspecting that there is a lot of difference between breadmaker GF programs. Please can Doves specify the ideal preheat, knead, rise and bake times for use with their "official" recipes? I've read that multiple rise sequences can have unfortunate consequences - my machine has three rise periods, and it seems to consolidate rather than rise with GF flour. Any comments/suggestions? Thanks.

Hi Mr Grimleigh - We haven’t yet come across a two paddle bread maker however I can advise that the bread maker used to verify recipes at Doves is the Panasonic SD-2500. We use the Gluten Free programme which has the following stages:- -No initial ‘rest’ period. -‘Knead’ for 15- 20 minutes (this is effectively the mixing stage to incorporate all the ingredients). -‘Rise’ 40-45 mins. -‘Bake’ 50 -55 mins. It is essential that a programme is not used where the bread is allowed to rise and then kneaded as this will destroy the structure of the loaf. With gluten containing bread the kneading stage is beneficial but with gluten free bread it is not as the shape and structure of the loaf is affected and will not recover.

By Mrs Joan Williams

08 May 2016 | 19:59 BST

Rating: CakeCakeCakeCakeCake

Hi, we own a guest house specialising in dietary needs, particularly coeliac, and I have been looking for a decent bread recipe for ages and am delighted to say that this recipe is fantastic. The texture is the best I've managed to produce and I'm really looking forward to our next coeliac guest arriving to share it with them. Re previous review - I have a Panasonic 2500 and I used it on the gluten free 11 setting which worked well. I beat the eggs with the vinegar etc with an electric whisk and then stirred the flour etc into the bowl before pouring into the bread machine.

By Mrs Lee Manning

29 Apr 2016 | 07:43 BST

Rating: CakeCakeCakeCakeCake

Hi, can anyone help. I made my first ever GF bread last night but its very sticky in the middle. I used the gluten free setting on my panasonic SD2511 but should I have just used a "normal" bread setting? Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

By Mr Ray Nichols

12 Apr 2016 | 23:36 BST

Rating: CakeCakeCakeCakeCake

Old recipe is very good but with the addition of 2 tsp of xanthum gum. The new recipe gives a very dense under cooked loaf.

By Miss Tracy Carr

03 Apr 2016 | 20:40 BST

Rating: CakeCakeEmpty CakeEmpty CakeEmpty Cake

very heavy crumpet like loaf which sinks in the middle. Tried it 4 times now, used more and more yeast every time but still no good!

By Mrs Iza Houston

23 Mar 2016 | 20:58 GMT

Rating: CakeCakeCakeEmpty CakeEmpty Cake

Never mind what I do bread comes out hard, applied a few changes mentioned by others and did achieved a bit lighter bread but please... How do I store it so it doesn't go rock hard the next day? Put it in the bread bin, rock hard. Wrapped it in a cotton tea towel, the same. Bread taste nice but it's like eating old fashion rye bread. Advice please 😔

By Miss Sian Jones

17 Mar 2016 | 08:40 GMT

Rating: CakeCakeCakeCakeCake

Brilliant recipe, first time I'd made it, tastes great, far better than the "cardboard bread" from the shops. Definitely be making this again and again!!

By Mrs Cynthia Brunt

18 Dec 2015 | 14:44 GMT

Rating: CakeCakeCakeCakeCake

I received my Panasonic Bread Maker and could not wait to use it. I had bought all the necessary flours etc and started it. All went well but when clearing away I noticed I used Dove bread flour and not Gluten which Intended. I thought I was going to have to scrap it all out after cooking but it was fantastic bread and husband and daughter loved it. I did another one straight away with my gluten free flour and again fantastic. This recipe and method works on both types of bread. I could not be happier. No waste and new to bread making I am so happy!!!