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Gluten Free White Bread Machine Loaf

Makes 1 loaf

This is the original gluten free white bread machine recipe that was on the back of our Gluten Free White Bread Flour packets for many years. If you would like to see our new, updated version of this recipe, visit our Free From Bread Machine White Loaf recipe

You can use any type of milk and any type of vinegar, but it is important to measure these ingredients carefully and not omit anything. 

* Our image reflects the ingredients for a large loaf.

Free from Gluten, Soya, Wheat, Nuts


Change Quantities:
  • For ingredient list, please see method


  Medium Loaf Large Loaf* (3 litre capacity bread pan)
eggs 2 3
milk 310ml 465ml
oil 6 tbsp 9 tbsp
vinegar 1 tsp 1½ tsp
FREEE White Bread Flour 450g 675g
salt 1 tsp 1½ tsp
sugar 2 tbsp 3 tbsp
Doves Farm Quick Yeast 2 tsp 3 tsp

*Fill your pan with water to determine your bread tin capacity.

  1. Break the eggs into a large mixing bowl and beat well.
  2. Add the milk, oil and the vinegar and whisk together well.
  3. Pour this into the bread machine pan.
  4. Add the flour, salt and sugar.
  5. Sprinkle the yeast on top.
  6. Check the pan is locked into position and close the lid.
  7. Select the gluten free bread program if available, alternatively use the basic rapid setting.
  8. Select the dark crust option if available.
  9. Start the machine.
  10. Carefully remove the bread pan from the machine as soon as it has finished baking.
  11. Tip the bread out of the pan and remove the mixer paddle from the bottom of the loaf.
  12. Cool the bread on a wire rack.
  13. For best results wait until the bread is cold before slicing.


large mixing bowl and bread machine
Makes a lovely loaf, however caution to those just learning the gluten free life style life, that adding vinegar adds barley malt and you should consider if that is ok, for my daughter with ceoliac disease its not but I've realised too late in the day.
By Deanne Brettle
04 Jul 2021
This recipe comes out a treat. I am using a Morphy Richards bread maker which has a gluten free program. It surprised me when it mixed well, stopped to rise, then kneaded again before rising a second time. This works a treat. Its so good to have decent bread and not have to pay a fortune for it. I sometimes add seeds (last time was a tablespoon of sesame seeds) or mixed herbs for additional flavour. Works a treat and is really delicious. I just found out I have been using the wrong size for my machine as its a 3ltr size and didnt measure first. I figured try the smaller size first and see what happens. You cant beat bread with a crust that has toasted sesame seeds in it (they toasted in the crust during cooking). Sensational!!!
By John Windebank
24 Apr 2021
I made this loaf today in my very old Panasonic bread maker with your gf flour. I researched and read a lot of the reviews here - the tips were really good! My machine only had a Rapid Bake setting as 20 years old and I was dreading it going wrong but it worked perfectly. We are in the 3rd lockdown and knowing I can now make g.f. dairy-free loaves for my daughter and her partner who live with me has literally made my day! I may try to tweak it going forward (possibly a tbsp less oil). Thank you Doves!
By Helen Dodds
06 Jan 2021
I made my first white loaf today using the new recipe (egg whites only). I made it in an old Panasonic bread maker with a gluten free program. It turned out marvellously . It is better than any bought bread I have tried and also better than Dove’s previous recipe which was cakey. I Would like to try, maybe, 1/2 teaspoon less sugar but am afraid of spoiling the yeast
By Anita Brennan
18 May 2019
The best bread recipe is the Doves Farm recipe for Gluten Free white Bread for hand making, I made it by mistake in my bread maker and it was huge fluffy and soft, it has a 50 ml more water in and I added a teaspoon of xantham gum It’s the best
By Jane Lowry
21 Mar 2019
My first attempt at gluten free bread was an utter disaster! This recipe and method has saved me many more future failed attempts and tastes so much better than loads I have bought from the supermarket.
By Lears
02 Mar 2018
Just recently bought a Tower Gluten Free breadmaker in the sales and so far, baking normal bread its been fine. However, im gluten free so I tried several recipes in it but to no avail. They either didnt rise or didnt cook and that was on thd gluten free setting. I then tried the recipe on the back of the Doves Farm flour i had bought so thought I would give it a try. Result: brilliant! I made a medium size loaf and it was lighter, crisper and just plain healthier than any of the shop bought gluten free breads so im very happy. My only advice would be to add an extra 1 tspn of gx gum to the flour. I did this and it rose quite well. I had read that the gum acts like gluten in gluten free breadmaking and gluten traps the air caused by the yeast. This is why most Gluten Free bread doesnt rise. Great recipe, will use this consistently now.
By Paul
21 Jan 2018
I was not optimistic but I followed the recipe carefully but also added a tsp of garlic powder and a good sprinkling of Italian herbs. What a success, it's beautiful bread.
By Cookiesue
15 Dec 2017

I have bought a Morphy RIchards Fast Bake breadmaker and tried the recipe on the packet of Dove Farm Gluten free Bread Flour. It has turned out raw/soggy/dense/sticky for about 2/3rds of the bottom. I have come onto to the web site with the intention of sending photos to Dove farm to ask advice. I see the recipe is clearer and slightly different on the web site. I used egg whites, and whisked the ingredients together as per instructions on the packet. Maybe if I whisked the eggs only first it would help? On the plus side... The bits that are on the top are quite aeriated, and taste nice. The crust is hard and browned where it was in the tin. I followed another tip and put it in the oven for 10mins and this browned the top off. So it looks good :-) It is inedible and I don't want to waste another set of ingredients before getting some feedback. Any advice appreciated. Thank you.

We are very sorry for the experience you've had. I believe that the recipe that you followed is this one, you can watch this video for step-by-step instructions.  Should you still have problems we advise you contact the machine manufacturer.  Best, Doves Farm

By Janette
20 Sep 2017
I tried this recipe in my Panasonic SD 2500 bread making machine on the rapid programme, as recommended. I measured all the ingredients very carefully. The loaf was a complete disaster! I was very disappointed : ( It should really be zero stars .......
10 Jul 2017
I haven't used this flour before so have a couple of questions: Can this flour be used with coconut flour and/or almond flour in a bread maker? Can the amount of sugar in the recipe on the bag be reduced? Also, could you provide the proportions of the flours for a bread maker? Thank you.
By Mr Gavin Shipley
02 Feb 2017
Following up on my previous post - confirming that using the timings provided by Doves: Mix 15 mins and Bake for 55mins resulted in an acceptable loaf using the Silvercrest SBB 850 B1 twin paddle machine. I increased the rise time to a full hour. For any FODMAPS followers; I use the full fat lactose free milk in the qty specified. You can get those timings with the Silvercrest by first using the Pasta program (No 7) then the Bake program (No 12). DON'T USE the Silvercrest Gluten Free program (No 9). Hope this helps somebody else.
By Mr M Grimleigh
18 Aug 2016
I've used Doves GF Bread flour, Self Raising and plain flour with success when baking manually. I weigh and measure extremely carefully. However, using a new two paddle breadmaker has been a disaster. Reading various forums this seems to occur quite a lot I'm suspecting that there is a lot of difference between breadmaker GF programs. Please can Doves specify the ideal preheat, knead, rise and bake times for use with their "official" recipes? I've read that multiple rise sequences can have unfortunate consequences - my machine has three rise periods, and it seems to consolidate rather than rise with GF flour. Any comments/suggestions? Thanks.

Hi Mr Grimleigh - We haven’t yet come across a two paddle bread maker however I can advise that the bread maker used to verify recipes at Doves is the Panasonic SD-2500. We use the Gluten Free programme which has the following stages:- -No initial ‘rest’ period. -‘Knead’ for 15- 20 minutes (this is effectively the mixing stage to incorporate all the ingredients). -‘Rise’ 40-45 mins. -‘Bake’ 50 -55 mins. It is essential that a programme is not used where the bread is allowed to rise and then kneaded as this will destroy the structure of the loaf. With gluten containing bread the kneading stage is beneficial but with gluten free bread it is not as the shape and structure of the loaf is affected and will not recover.

By Mr M Grimleigh
15 Aug 2016
Hi, we own a guest house specialising in dietary needs, particularly coeliac, and I have been looking for a decent bread recipe for ages and am delighted to say that this recipe is fantastic. The texture is the best I've managed to produce and I'm really looking forward to our next coeliac guest arriving to share it with them. Re previous review - I have a Panasonic 2500 and I used it on the gluten free 11 setting which worked well. I beat the eggs with the vinegar etc with an electric whisk and then stirred the flour etc into the bowl before pouring into the bread machine.
By Mrs Joan Williams
08 May 2016
Hi, can anyone help. I made my first ever GF bread last night but its very sticky in the middle. I used the gluten free setting on my panasonic SD2511 but should I have just used a "normal" bread setting? Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
By Mrs Lee Manning
29 Apr 2016
Old recipe is very good but with the addition of 2 tsp of xanthum gum. The new recipe gives a very dense under cooked loaf.
By Mr Ray Nichols
12 Apr 2016
very heavy crumpet like loaf which sinks in the middle. Tried it 4 times now, used more and more yeast every time but still no good!
By Miss Tracy Carr
03 Apr 2016
Never mind what I do bread comes out hard, applied a few changes mentioned by others and did achieved a bit lighter bread but please... How do I store it so it doesn't go rock hard the next day? Put it in the bread bin, rock hard. Wrapped it in a cotton tea towel, the same. Bread taste nice but it's like eating old fashion rye bread. Advice please 😔
By Mrs Iza Houston
23 Mar 2016
Brilliant recipe, first time I'd made it, tastes great, far better than the "cardboard bread" from the shops. Definitely be making this again and again!!
By Miss Sian Jones
17 Mar 2016
I received my Panasonic Bread Maker and could not wait to use it. I had bought all the necessary flours etc and started it. All went well but when clearing away I noticed I used Dove bread flour and not Gluten which Intended. I thought I was going to have to scrap it all out after cooking but it was fantastic bread and husband and daughter loved it. I did another one straight away with my gluten free flour and again fantastic. This recipe and method works on both types of bread. I could not be happier. No waste and new to bread making I am so happy!!!
By Mrs Cynthia Brunt
18 Dec 2015
I'm now on the FODMAP diet & initially not a happy bunny, but we are where we are. I've tried different wheat free flours in the bread maker and produced either inedible things or not that great tasting cake bricks. Tried this flour for the first and it's very good. I can now eat bread again and although it's not exactly like "real" bread, it's certainly a very acceptable alternative. My tip is to use olive oil for the recipe.
By Mr Ian Kergel
06 Nov 2015
Can you tell me where I can find the original gf recipe for bread machines? It was my favourite bread and was perfect every time.

We have been working hard to perfect our gluten free bread recipes. We recently updated this recipe to match the recipes found on our new packaging, which we believe gives you a better result. However, we are aware that some customers might prefer the old recipe, so we have since reverted our old recipes back to the original, and created new pages for our new and updated versions. This page is now the original recipe you were searching for – our updated recipe can be found here https://www.dovesfarm.co.uk/recipes/free-from-bread-machine-white-loaf/ . We apologise for any confusion. Many thanks, Doves Farm

By Mrs Joan Ball
02 Oct 2015
Today I made a loaf of gluten free bread that tastes good, you can spread butter on it without crumbling. I am so happy. Hopefully now my family will eat my bread and I will cut down cross contamination in the kitchen. Thank you, and also advice from other reviewers.
By Mrs Gilly Bowler
29 Sep 2015
First attempt used old recipe on back of flour packet. Total disaster. Didnt mix and ended up with something like an egg custard on the bottom! Now used recipe above which just uses egg white. Started to rise well but then collapsed to half a loaf. What is going wrong. Costing me a lot in eggs and flour!
By Dr Jillian Williams
19 Sep 2015
This makes fantastic bread that is almost as good as 'normal' bread. Much better than shop bought wheat/gluten free bread. I use warm water as I get a better result than with cold water from the tap.
By Mrs Shelley Jebb
15 Sep 2015
I am attempting to make this in my bread maker but the first one overspilled and turned into a lump of solidness. At first I thought I used too much milk as I measured 12oz according to my measurer so I'm now trying again by using less milk (and actually weighing 12oz on a weighing scale - which actually equates to 9oz in my measurer (go figure!) but yet again it's overspilled..... not sure what the consistency is like as it's still cooking. I'm using the recipe for a medium size. Looks like I may have to try again and halve the actual ingredients to stop the overspill? Can you suggest what I may be doing wrong? I'm using the gluten free setting on the machine!

Dear Jola, we have never had any problems with either the medium or large recipe in our Panasonic bread machine (model SD-2500). It sounds like the capacity of your machine is perhaps not sufficient for the this recipe (the capacity of our machine is 600g flour maximum and 8g yeast maximum). The only other possible cause is an inaccuracy of the ingredient weighing. We suggest you double check the quantity of yeast added which should be 2 teaspoons, which is 7g of quick, dried yeast. We hope this helps. You could also look at our fabulous new video on YouTube on how to make Gluten Free Bread Machine White Bread https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qszNdcuNMdo. All the best, Doves Farm

By Mrs Jola Stencel
24 Aug 2015
I made this today after getting a new Bread maker,I am a ceoliac and decided to make my own bread, it was great. Probably the best bread I have had since being diagnosed. Thank you.
By Mr alan foley
04 Aug 2015
I made this in my bread machine for the very first time and it come out like a brink my husband said it was like a Madeira cake not like bread. Friends at work think it was because of the eggs more like a cake mixture than bread. What did I do wrong ???
By Mrs Diana Lincoln-Price
25 May 2015
Wow. I was given a bread machine by a parent in school, I used this recipe the first time I used it and it is amazing. The house is full of delicious bread smell and the bread has turned out so good. Better than any bought loaf so far. Thank you Doves.
By Miss Erica Nolan
15 Apr 2015
I have just made this bread today in my Morphy Richards Fast Bake bread maker and the bread has come out fantastic. I have been diagnosed Coeliac for 3 years now and this is the best bread I have had to date. I Followed the recipe to the letter using wine vinegar and baked on the basic setting. Fantastic well done Doves. Just two questions. Is the loaf ok for freezing and if so for how long. And roughly how long will this loaf stay fresh after baking. 5 Stars
By Mr Anthony Graham
13 Apr 2015
I've tried to make this 2 times in a Panasonic bread machine. I believe size, texture etc is all as it's meant to be, but there is a really off putting smell. I've tried using egg white instead of full egg, but that's not made a difference. Any ideas what is making it smell odd. It's so off putting I can't eat the bread which otherwise would be ok. I'm using all fresh ingredients. I'm using white wine vinegar however as the Panasonic booklet said it didn't matter what type you used. Could that be it? Anyone else had this problem? Thanks.
By Mrs Hannah Walker
02 Apr 2015
I've tried to make this 2 times in a Panasonic bread machine. I believe size, texture etc is all as it's meant to be, but there is a really off putting smell. I've tried using egg white instead of full egg, but that's not made a difference. Any ideas what is making it smell odd. It's so off putting I can't eat the bread which otherwise would be ok. I'm using all fresh ingredients. I'm using white wine vinegar however as the Panasonic booklet said it didn't matter what type you used. Could that be it? Anyone else had this problem? Thanks.
By Mrs Hannah Walker
02 Apr 2015
i made a loaf of bread for my three year old grandson who thoroughly enjoyed it. It was the first bread he eaten since he was diagnosed with a gluten allergy. I tried it myself and was impressed with both the taste and texture. Carol Read
By Mrs Carol Read
17 Mar 2015
I've only recently gone on to a wheat free diet and as a bread lover I was beginning to despair because shop-bought wheat/gluten free bread has all the appeal of recycled cardboard. Then I tried your recipe. Three things amazed me: your flour is sold in Jersey; I made a pretty decent loaf; it tastes great! You mention it is more like cake which it is and it made me wonder if that's what bread really tasted like before we started messing around with our wheat and perhaps what prompted Shakespeare to say in Twelfth Night "What doest thou think if thou art not virtuous there will be no more cakes and ale?"
By Mr Allan Watts
27 Feb 2015
I'm very interested in making this loaf in my breadmaker, but is it possible to switch soya milk for cows milk as i have a dairy allergy?

Dear Linda, yes, you can use any type of dairy milk alternative in this recipe. Many thanks, Doves Farm

By Ms Linda Perez
26 Feb 2015
You don't state what type of flour in your recipe I used Dove's gluten free plain flour as unable to buy the bread flour locally I assume the recipe needs gluten free bread flour. The result was edible and flavour good, but a bit like a brick! Will try and get hold of the bread flour

Dear Elizabeth, thank you, we've updated the recipe as the recipe uses Gluten Free White Bread Flour. Good luck with your next bake! All the best from Doves Farm

By Mrs Elizabeth Macgregor
17 Feb 2015
Dear Mr. Northey (below)The way to measure 310g of milk is to put a jug on your scales, set them to zero and grammes. Pour milk in the jug until the weight says 310g. Regards, Jennie xx
By Mrs jennie dunn
15 Feb 2015
OMG!!!!! I have been making gluten free bread for the past 10 months in my breadmaker without success. Since being diagnosed with Coeliac disease I have greatly missed normal bread. I found this recipe and it is AMAZING!! Better than shop bought gluten free bread. I am over the moon that finally I can eat bread again that tastes wonderful. It is light and fluffy as bread should be, not like the crumbly, dry concrete bread that my breadmaker recipe says to follow for gluten free. The only thing I didnt have was vinegar so I used white wine vinegar instead. I followed the recipe to the book otherwise. I have been dancing around the kitchen and will use this fantastic recipe every time from now on!! I used the basic bread setting on my Russell Hobbs breadmaker. Thankyou Thankyou Thankyou Doves Farm!! You have won me over!!
By Mrs jennie dunn
15 Feb 2015
I have just bought a bread maker, and needed to make gluten free bread. My very first attempt using your above recipe produced excellent results. It turned out much better than I was expecting and tastes much better than shop bought gluten free bread. One point I would like to question though. I did not understand how to weigh milk! So I used 310ml of milk instead and it worked beautifully.
By Mr D William Northey
05 Feb 2015
So good!!!! Nice to find a gluten free recipe that doesn't rule out dairy too!
By Mrs Denise Reid
24 Jan 2015
I have just been bought a bread maker for Xmas (fastbake Morphy Richards) and attempted the recipe on the side of your white flour 3 times now. Each time it has been disgusting - completely sunk in the middle and more like yorkshire pudding! I tried reducing the amount of milk, then the oil but it turns out the same. (The bread maker booklet says to just cook it on a normal loaf bake). Any ideas except give up!?
By Miss Clare Baker
03 Jan 2015
Perfect first time! I've got the panasonic SD-2501 bread maker, but rather than trust it's similar recipe, I went with this one, but followed the manual for my bread machine to get the programme number right. (In this case, programme 12) The loaf is firm, cuts without crumbling and has a lovely texture. So much better than shop purchased GF. The only problem is it needs to be eaten within 2 days ... then again, not sure that's really a problem :)
By Mr Matthew TROW
20 Dec 2014
I love this recipe but I made a few things differently. Instead of milk I added almond milk, as a vinegar I used balsamic vinegar and separately I had beat the eggs with the sugar until very fluffy mass, and I added the rest of the ingredients. Once I added seeds, other time garlic and oregano or coconut flour... works every time.
By Mrs Klementyna Netrowska
13 Dec 2014
help needed !!! just tried this for the first time in my new bread machine, so many things wrong with it :-( it had not risen very much, was very stodgy, and had lots of flour all gathered around the bottom. the only thing i did different to the recipe was replace the eggs with egg replacer as my little boy is allergic to egg as well as wheat. any help and advice would be much appreciated. thank you

Dear Laura. Gluten free bread is a very different product to wheat bread. Many commercially available gluten free breads contain chemical improvers to facilitate bread making using gluten free flours. We do not wish to do this. As a result the ingredients in our recipe are not ‘traditional’ bread making ingredients but they are natural. This does create a batter like “dough” and a denser textured, almost cake-like, loaf. All our recipes available on our packet have been tested by us. Our recipes are guidelines and sometimes find out customers wish to adapt them to suit the individual. Bread baking is a highly variable process depending not only upon the baker, but the bread machine or oven. Some bakers add more xanthan gum, however the gluten free bread flours already contain xanthan gum. You could also try adding more liquid, this may help. However, too much liquid and the loaf will collapse and sink. Also, if you whisk the eggs before adding the other wet ingredients this may help with the aeration of the loaf. Also during the mixing stage carefully scrape down any flour that is on the sides of the bread tin to ensure everything is incorporated. We also recommend that you put all the ‘wet’ ingredients in first, followed by the ‘dry’ ingredients and then the yeast. We hope this advice is useful. All the best from Doves Farm

By Miss laura jenkinson
25 Nov 2014
Linda, try using almond milk.
By Mr Chris Kenway
21 Nov 2014
Hi just getting started and quite excited by the reviews thanks everyone for the tips. I am also dairy intolerant what milk should I use? I saw one review uses Almond milk does that work as well as dairy??? Really keen to start so a reply would be much appreciated Thanks
By Mrs Linda Templeton
14 Nov 2014
When I mix all the liquids I use a hand blender to give them a good mix, pour that into the breadmakers pan then make the flour mix with 400gm of GF flour, the sugar and salt. Pour over the top of the liquid then add 265gm of GF flour and finally sprinkle the yeast on top. This stops the yeast from coming into contact with the salt. I let the machine then do all the mixing. You get a more consistent texture this way. I also make a focaccia type bread by adding 1 1/2 tsps. of mixed herbs and 1 tsp of garlic salt to the flour mix and using olive oil instead of sunflower oil. If you want a denser structure add a tsp of Xanthan gum
By Mr Peter Hindley
13 Jun 2014
I made bread and followed the recipe and the top was soggy and the sides was hard and crispy and didn't taste as good as I hoped.
By Mrs Maria Kilgore
22 May 2014
I have to use the yeast fast acting or the normal one?
By Miss Manu Biru
22 May 2014
My husband has decided he may be gluten-intolerant and we are trying to cut it out. I don't like shop-bought gluten-free bread so I bought a bread machine (Morphy Richards)and some flour and tried this recipe. To my surprise the first loaf was actually like "real" bread, so I made another bigger one which looks even better.
By Mrs Carol East
14 May 2014
I agree entirely with Mrs Lynn Hounsome, On the net I can see recipes for SOFT gluten free bread using other brands GF flours. Dove Farm please find a recipe for us.

Sorry you're struggling. All bread machines are slightly different. We do have a range of them to develop recipes with at Doves Farm but by no means have one of each available on the market. Try contacting your machine manufacturer and checking which setting they suggest when using our flour. They will often have their own recipe to suggest too.

By Mrs Patricia Sully
01 Apr 2014
I have made this white load twice, one large one medium, both have turned out lovely. In the medium one I did add a couple of pinches of zantham gum and it perhaps was slightly better but both nice especially warm. Don't forget to use bread flour :)
By Mrs Julie Rees Davies
28 Feb 2014
I have a Panasonic bread machine with gluten free programme, yet this bread is very heavy and dense. I have tried several times, making various adjustments - such as mixing it all together in a food mixer before placing the dough in the bread machine, which was marginally more acceptable in that the bread rose a little, but it is still very heavy and dense. I had hoped to be able to make gluten free bread as good as the bread available at any supermarket - its soft and can be eaten as a sandwich whereas this is really only edible as toast! I am very disappointed and wondered if anyone in the Doves Farm Research and Development team has any ideas? Its costing me a lot of money to fail to produce soft, edible bread for sandwiches!

All bread machines are slightly different from one another. Even those with gluten free settings may work better with our flour on an alternative one. Try contacting your machine manufacturer and asking which they suggest when using Doves Farm gluten free flour. They may even have their own recipe to suggest.

By Mrs Lynn Hounsome
19 Feb 2014
Ive not yet made bread, and am trying to find a suitable recipe for my breadmaker, it only makes a 1lb loaf, what size does the medium recipe turn out? Will I need to half the amounts? Please help! Heather

The medium recipe will produce a loaf of around 1kg/2lb, so you may need to halve this recipe for your machine. All bread makers are slightly different, so we advise you contact the manufacturer of your machine to ask which setting they suggest is most suitable.

By Miss Heather Morris
24 Jan 2014
I have a Russell Hobbs breadmaker. Tried the recipe exactly to instruction (except soya milk for regular milk) on the gluten free setting on the machine. It was a disaster! The bread didnt rise at all. Any advice? I could try sweetened soya milk or rice milk, or perhaps the regular fast setting whihc takes an hour. Any thoughts greatly appreciated!

Altering the milk will make a small difference. We suggest you contact the manufacturer of your machine to check which setting is best when using our flour. They should be able to assist. Alternatively, it is very easy to make gluten free bread in the oven (see recipe to right of page).

By Mr D Collins
14 Jan 2014
I tried this recipe as my daughter as we did an intolerance test for my daughter who has severe eczema. Turns out she cant have gluten, milk, eggs or soya amongst other things. I am not the best when it comes to baking, even with a bread machine. I used hemp milk and orgran egg replacer. This did not turn out well, it was really heavy and stodgy. Please could I have some advice.

Adapting this recipe will be difficult as it needs the eggs to rise, however you could try using a dairy free milk alternative in our gluten free soda bread recipe: www.dovesfarm.co.uk/recipes/brown-soda-bread/ Hope this helps! ~ Doves Farm

By Miss Sara Cope
17 Dec 2013
I would say this was more like 4 and a half stars but not quite 5. I was given an old SD206 Panasonic machine and have just made my first loaf. Decided to make half of the large size recipe as that tied in better with the quanties in the manual. Overall I am very happy with it. It is possibly slightly too moist and may have benefited from cooking a few extra minutes. It also may also dry out a bit as the day goes on. I will tinker slightly with the ingredients and post again if I find a better mix.
By Mrs Lesley Lynch
29 Nov 2013
Got the Panasonic 2502 today and tried this recipe - it was fantastic! My partner comes from a bakers family so not being able to have fresh, nice bread has been a nightmare. This provided a loaf so delicious and with a brilliant crumb that his family are considering converting to Gluten Free bread!
By Miss Harriet Brandwood
17 Nov 2013
I have made this bread several times for my coeliac mother in law, successfully. I now have a friend staying who can't eat egg either. What can I add to replace the egg?

Egg can be replaced by several mixtures, including the following (which are all suggested to replace 1 medium egg): 1 tbsp gram flour mixed with 1tbsp water OR 80g plain yoghurt mixed with 1/2 tsp oil OR 2.5tbsp ground flaxseed with 3tbsp water OR 1tbsp white/cider vinegar mixed with 1tsp bicarbonate of soda. Remember that they will have a small effect on the texture of the finished bake.

By Mrs Lyn Thomas
26 Oct 2013
I've now tried this recipe twice, once with brown and no yeast and in turned our like sweet bread. Second time with white and yeast and the bottom of the loaf didn't cook and the top didn't and the top of the bread breaks. I don't know what i'm doing wrong? I've just bought my machine and am getting a bit frustrated.

This recipe may not be suitable in a bread machine without yeast. Contact the manufacturer of your bread machine; they will be able to advise you on the best setting to use for gluten free bread recipes.

By Mr Mario Demetriou
22 Oct 2013
can I use white spelt bread for this in a bread machine please?

For best results follow the machine bread recipe on the back of the spelt flour pack. Check with your machine manufacturer for the best setting to use.

By Mrs brenda hughes
18 Oct 2013
Trawling through the 'free from' supermarket shelves to accomodate my newly acquired gluten allergy, I discovered Xantham Gum. I do not see it's use mentioned in these reviews. I haven't started to bake yet but is it likely to be beneficial?

We add xanthan gum to our gluten free white and brown bread flour blends so you may decide not to add extra, but in general it helps improve the texture and crumb of gluten free baking ~ Doves Farm

By Mr les carman
15 Oct 2013
Just a quick question..I am in the process of making this bread..But i purchased and i am using this flour "Gluten Free Self Raising White Flour" is this all going to go wrong? the ingrdients at the top didnt actualy state which flour? but i see on the side theres a "Gluten Free White bread flour" also?

You will get best results using the Gluten Free White or Brown Bread Flour blends. It is possible to use the plain flour, but it may not achieve the same desired crumb structure etc.

By Mr Carl Hawkins
09 Sep 2013
I made this loaf for the first time today, was well pleased with the results, i used a Fastbak Morphy Richards breadmaker machine, and used the speciality setting, and medium crust button. Turned out lovely. I used white Doves farm bread flour. Cant wait to try the brown bread now lol
By Ms Jacqueline Merry
02 Sep 2013
I want to make this but which flour do you recommend for use in the bread maker? I see Gluten free Plain White & G.Free White bread? Please advise so I can order... Many thanks... R.P.

The gluten free white bread flour and gluten free brown bread flour blends are both suitable for use in a bread machine. Contact the manufacturer of your machine to ensure you use the best setting for a gluten free loaf ~ Doves Farm

By Mr Richard Page
02 Sep 2013
This is the second recipe I have tried to make gluten-free, wheat-free bread - having recently been told by my doctor to remove wheat and gluten from my diet - and having the first attempt end rather unedibly. This bread was surprisingly pleasant, particularly in comparison to shop- bought or prescription bread available. I did find that my bread came out a bit stodgy, however, I did add xantham gum to the recipe having been told that it was essential for the elasticity needed in bread. Next time I shall try it without the gum to see if it improved the quality.
By Miss Samantha Inglis
19 Aug 2013
Absolutely amazed by this bread! Used the recipe as above with full fat milk, balsamic vinegar and vegetable oil. Used the large recipe in half for my morphy Richards 48230 fastbake which produced the equivilent of a small loaf (250gm of "normal" bread mix and water) which the machine labels as 1lb or 450gm. I cooked mine on the fastbake setting (as per the advice on Jules Gluten Free Blog "3- For breadmakers without a gluten-free setting — read your manual to find out how to override the pre-programmed settings. Program the machine for 1) a mix cycle 2) a rise cycle 3) a bake cycle. Do not allow the machine to do a “punch down” or second rise! Those are settings specific to gluten breads, but they will damage your gluten-free loaf.") and it came out beautifully, except for having to cook it a little extra in the oven as I couldn't get my extra bake function to work. My mother in law who is coeliac loved having fresh baked bread for the first time in years. Try it!
By Miss Nell Nottingham
10 Aug 2013
Absolutely thrilled with the results from this recipe ! Small loaf quantity used in my small Lakeland Breadmaker. Rose like a dream, beautifully light and very tasty. It was my 5th attempt so I am delighted. I stuck exactly to the instructions apart from reducing the salt to just over half a teaspoon.
By Mrs Sarah Akehurst
05 Jul 2013
I have tried the various recipes suggested here but each time my bread sinks when baking. It rises well during the process but sinks on bake and leaving me with a crusty rim but the top of the bread still white. Flavour is good and texture not bad. Any suggestions please ?
By Mr Steven Lovett
28 May 2013
I have done this twice now, I am not sure if I am doing it wrong, I have a 1lb machine and I have been doing the median recipe. However this is still spilling over the edge. If I cut the recipe by half would this work or would this give me a less of a loaf in reduced size? Could anyone help please.

Sorry to hear it's not quite going as planned. You could try halving the large recipe to offer a smaller quantity and see how this works in your machine. Unfortunately all machines are different and will need small adjustments from time to time. Best of luck! - Doves Farm

By Miss Kelly Lindley
23 Apr 2013
Just made this recipe in a Panasonic SD-255 on the gluten-free cycle - perfect result! Well risen, sliceable, soft and tasty. BUT when weighing the milk on digital scales I note that 12oz is 340g NOT 310g. I used 310g and result was fab - using 340g might not have worked so well!
By Mrs Annie Newbury
23 Apr 2013
I used half milk half water, and the egg whites but no egg yolks.. It came out a lot lighter than when I stuck completely to the recipe!
By Miss Tiffany Keep
16 Apr 2013
1st attempt turned our great, followed this recipe which was the same as on the packet and used the GF programme on my Panasonic breadmaker, my newly coeliac daughter said it was the best bread she'd ever had, happy mum!
By Dr Elizabeth Stewart
03 Feb 2013
I use phil vickery's recipe instead
By Ms alison dunnett
30 Jan 2013
Third attempt, still can't get it right :-(

We suggest you might like to try baking this bread by hand instead Sharron. It is very simple and does not take the effort of traditional bread making as only vigourous mixing rather than 'kneading' is required. Try this for a brown loaf: http://www.dovesfarm.co.uk/recipes/gluten-free-oven-baked-brown-bread/

By Ms sharron hudson
22 Jan 2013
I have a new Logic bread maker,it doesn't have a wheat/gluten free program. several disasters so far. some recipes suggest looking baking on a 3 hour program, others a rapid setting. I'm completely baffled. I prefer Brown bread to white.can any one help with timings? and I will try the recipe on the pack. thank you

Hi, We suggest that you of course give the recipe on the packet a go, but the results may differ from different machines/setting etc. Unfortunately, we do not have one of those specific machines here to test ourselves, so we suggest you contact the manufacturer and ask for their advice on Gluten Free recipes. Thanks, Doves Farm.

By Ms sharron hudson
19 Jan 2013
I went with Kevin's suggestions and adapted the recipe and only used 3 tbsp oil, and 1 tbsp sugar. Added a little more yeast and did half milk half fizzy water. Brilliant bread! So much better than the store bought stuff. Think I will add more yeast next time and only egg whites, as he also suggested, as it was a little cakey, but still, for gluten free bread this is AWESOME.
By Dr Kathryn Newns
31 Dec 2013
I have just baked an excellent GF loaf of bread in my bread maker by using your recipe on the packet. It tasted really good,had the right texture and could be easily sliced. Thank you for a wonderful recipe, will definitely bake more bread.
By Mrs Mary Rose Camenzuli
22 Dec 2012
Can anyone recommend a setting to use for the Hinari HB174 breadmaker please?
By Mrs Carole Johnson
14 Dec 2012
This recipe is incredible. I used an all purpose gluten free flour mix. I then added 3 tsp. gar-gum and 1 more tsp. of yeast to the large batch recipe. I then put my machine on the the gluten free setting. This is the first bread that I can cut and make sandwiches with and toast is wonderful. Thank you for this recipe the measurements are perfect.
By Ms Kathilyn Anderson
17 Sep 2012
I have just used this recipe in my bread maker. I didn't realise until now, that my machine actually has a gluten free programme. I used this and it has come out really well. I used full fat soya milk in the recipe too.
By Ms Beth Waller
09 Sep 2012
I can see promise... I'm trying to find a bread recipe for my dad, as this not eating bread thing is making him miserable and I'd like to buy him a breadmaker so that he can experiment with a basic recipe that is successful in a Panasonic. First attempt with this recipe gave me a loaf that smelled fishy... I'm figuring the egg yolks may be something to do with it, plus I forgot to add the vinegar. I also added a level teaspoon of xanthan gum, thinking I'd be clever, so it may be that - going to wet some and smell it to check. I also reduced the sugar which may have prevented the yeast from activating properly. I usually add dried milk powder which has sugar in it, but I also forgot that - did well, didn't I? The loaf didn't rise very much and it was very pale crustwise and had the look of madeira cake with very little air in its body. Next time, I will use the milk powder, only egg whites and some extra yeast to see if i can produce something that looks less like a murder weapon and more like a loaf should look. And, if I can find it, I'll add some potato starch as well to help the dough swell in size to fill the tin. Great fun experimenting though - and a better texture than the usual third-of-a-tin biscuit thing that comes from gluten-free bread recipes.
By Ms Jackie Kane
08 Jun 2012
Please can anyone recommend a programme for a panasonic SD251 machine?
By Mrs victoria Rees
26 Mar 2012
Ahhh I make the best GF bread ever with Doves GF bread flour (In fact I use it for everything!)! I follow the recipe on the back of the packet (using my panasonic bread making machine), except I usually add a little extra milk - I use rice milk - I also add a teaspoon of extra xantham gum and some ascorbic acid to help with rising. I do also use a bit of GF baking powder, but you have to make sure it's well mixed with the flour or it can cause air pockets! As an extra I like to include poppy seeds! Yum!
By Miss Julia Crellin
24 Mar 2012
Just got a logik breadmaker and after a couple of dreadful attempts using different recipes, I tried the Doves Farm recipe on the back of the GF white bread packet and it is definitely the best GF bread I have tried - far better than the shop bought loaves....will definitely use the recipe and Doves Farm flour again! It was brilliant being able to eat bread that was probably as close to real bread as you can get GF - far nicer than the stuff from the supermarkets!
By Mrs Teresa Crook
23 Mar 2012
I decided to buy a breadmaker as my PCT is about to withdraw gf foods; the one I bought is Morphy Richards Daily Bread which bakes a very small (1 lb) loaf. First attempt was disastrous, like a housebrick which even the birds wouldn't touch - I'd used the maker's recipe after having rung them for advice, which they weren't able to offer. Second attempt using Doves recipe but half quantities has come out a lot better and is fairly tasty, toasted. It didn't brown on top though, and is stodgy, heavy and a little bit "bouncy". I'll try some of the tips other reviewers have given, and hope the next loaf is lighter. After 42 years of eating gf bread from the doc, I'm pretty excited to be baking my own ! Should've tried years ago... any words of wisdom?
By Ms Maggie Plant
02 Mar 2012
Having had my prescription for G/F mix(which used to make the best G/F bread ever) withdrawn by the local PCT I have been looking for an alternative for some months. I do not like any of the bread that can be bought in the supermarkets so I thought I would try this recipe. Not too bad although a bit sweet so I will reduce the sugar next time. I will also try it with extra yeast so hopefully it will rise more. I will review my next loaf and see if I can increase the stars. I use an old Panasonic SD-206 on the rapid bake.
By Mrs Judy Rands
10 Feb 2012
I read these reviews and without much hope and after previous failed attempts with other recipes I embarked on another gluten free bread making mission. I can only say that the bread I made first time was perfect, far better than any I have tried from shops. I have not eaten bread regularly for coming up to ten years but with this recipe I can make easy, cheap and perfect bread for my daily morning toast with marmalade. If it helps anyone else I added an extra teaspoon of yeast, used very good balsamic vinegar (its the only vinegar I had!) and vegetable oil. My bread machine is an old Breville compact breadmaker that a friend gave me. Thank you Doves farm for returning me to the happy world of morning tea and toast.
By Dr Sarah Brand
08 Feb 2012
I bought a bread machine in the hope to make WF bread for my son. I tried this receipe twice and failed both times. It was very soggy/raw in the middle. The 2nd time I baked for a bit longer which resulted in a hard outside and still soggy middle as well as not rising despite following receipe to the letter. I dont want to give up so will try Tonys receipe. If that fails I will try it in the oven.
By Miss Debby McCreath
24 Jan 2012
Made the loaf to Doves Farm recipe....it was like a heavy block of rubber...then tried Tony Dunnes amendments to the recipe....just like a large crumpet only firmer...think it would bounce on the kitchen floor. Decided to buy ready made wheat gluten free bread and try to forget the money I wasted, and use our breadmaker for wonderful bread that I make for my family.
By Mrs Elaine Palmer
09 Jan 2012
I tried this recipe and found it didnt rise as it should. I didnt use the gluten free setting though so am going to try it again following Tonny dunnes changes and see how it works.
By Mrs Susan Morris
18 Sep 2011
It's not the worst gf bread I've eaten. Did anyone else find it a bit oily? Hmm. Bit more tinkering I reckon
By Miss Laura Mitchell
08 May 2011
This was by far the best loaf of bread I have managed to bake. I've since bake this recipe by adding 100g cheddar cheese and a tablespoon full of dried onions and again it was great. Thank you
By Mrs Georgina smith
21 Dec 2010
3rd time lucky 1. Use half milk / half sparkling water 2. Only use the egg whites 3. Use 4 tablespoons of oil not 6. 4. Only one tablespoon of sugar 5. Add a little extra yeast. Makes it rise more, lighter texture and less crumbly.
By Mr tony dunne
16 Oct 2010
I have found this recipe very stodgy and the bread has not risen very much. My second attempt involved a bit extra yeast and less sugar, so not so sweet tasting. Perhaps someone has come up with a lighter recipe?
By Mr tony dunne
27 Sep 2010
First time ever I have managed to make a successful loaf by using your flour and the recipe which was printed on the packet. It tastes divine and it's a real treat to have a true tasting piece of toast! It looks exactly like your picture! Moist and cuts well too. I used extra virgin olive oil in mine.Can't wait to try your other recipes now I've found your products. Thank you.
By Mrs B Bugg
08 Aug 2010
I have only recently been diagnosed with Coeliac's disease. I cook a little but have never tried baking bread before. I followed this recipe and added 1/4 tsp dried vitamin c powder to help make it rise. I used a Panasonic bread making machine and the resultant loaf was fantastic! Best gluten free bread I have tasted yet - and at my first attempt!
By Mr Kevin Auden
25 Apr 2010
I have been using the above recipe for sometime and it is very good to eat on the day you bake it, For longer use I slice and freeze, then toast as required. overall a good recipe though occasionally wish i could make a sandwich.
By Mrs Jennifer White
24 Mar 2010

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