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Gluten Free Homemade Pasta

Serves 3

Make your own fantastic gluten free homemade pasta by following this simple recipe.

Free from Gluten, Soya, Wheat, Dairy, Nuts
Vegetarian, Without crystal sugar


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  1. Put the flour and egg into a bowl and mix into a stiff dough.
  2. Cover and chill the dough for 30 minutes.
  3. Knead the dough then cut it into 8 pieces.
  4. Dust the pasta machine with flour and pass each piece of dough through the wide flat roller several times. The dough will be a little crumbly the first few times but gather it up and pass it through the rollers until it starts to hold together. Lay dough pieces on a flour dusted surface.
  5. Decrease the roller width a little and pass each piece of dough through a couple of times.
  6. Reduce the roller width again and roll the dough sheet thinner.
  7. Use thin dough sheets to make lasagne or cut into strips for tagliatelle. Dust raw pasta with flour to stop it sticking together.
  8. Put the water and salt into a large saucepan and bring it to a rolling boil before adding the pasta. Cook for 3-8 minutes, depending upon the size and thickness of the pasta.


Pasta machine

Cooking time

3 - 8 minutes
Hi all! Iused the gluten free plain white flour: 250 g/3 eggs, I made the dough rest 30 minutes in the fridge and made tagliatelle with my Imperia machine. The result was really good!
By pf
30 Mar 2020
Use Buckwheat flour to make GF pasta and get much better results. 1 medium egg to 100g of flour. Add a smidgeon of Xanthum gum for making filled pasta. Mix the dough and allow to rest well wrapped in cling for about an hour. Then take it out and kneed by stretching it then bending it over until it will stretch without breaking. Then roll in the pasta machine, folding in half and rolling on the thickest section until smooth and not raggy. Turn it 90degrees for smooth edges. Roll to second thinnest setting only and use for lasagne sheets or let it rest before using the cutters for spag or tagliatelle etc. It will dry well on a frame as well. I only make pasta with buckwheat flour it works so well and it's yummy too.
By PeterA
16 Sep 2019
Dreadful results using this recipe. The pasta went through the machine about 50 times before it started to come together and even then the sheets were so fragile they were no good for anything and certainly not edible. Waste of flour but good exercise with the pasta machine.
By Charlotte Allsop
24 Jun 2018
This really didn’t work at all this recipe. I ran it through the machine close to 15 times and it was still as crumbly as when I started. Made a fresh batch a week later using 4 eggs but same thing. Sadly I’ve wasted over half a bag of flour with no end product. Would be good to know what’s gone wrong here Doves Farm Team!
By Ollie
24 Mar 2018
Thank you so much for this recipe. It is simple and easy. Today I used my new pasta machine for the first time and made ravioli from the sheets of gluten-free pasta. This is the first ravioli I have tasted in 23 years and it was delicious! I served it with your rich tomato pasta sauce which is also great. I kept the trimmings to add to some home-made soup tomorrow. This quantity made enough pasta for 3-4 people so I have frozen the extra to enjoy another day.
By Ms Margaret Johnson
12 Sep 2013

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