Gluten Free Pancakes

Makes 6 large, thin pancakes

It is unlikely that anyone will notice that these great pancakes are gluten free. Using our suggested swaps, they could also be dairy free and egg free making them ideal for vegans. These types of large, thin pancakes are traditionally served warm on Shrove Tuesday with lemon juice and sugar. They are also great served with a variety of sweet or savoury fillings.

Free from Gluten, Egg, Soya, Wheat, Dairy
Vegetarian, Vegan, Without crystal sugar


Change Quantities:
  1. Put the flour, eggs (or chickpea flour + water), and half the milk (or vegan milk), into a large bowl or jug.
  2. Beat to a smooth paste then stir in the remaining milk to make a thin batter. Refrigerate the batter for up to 12 hours – otherwise it’s ready to go.
  3. Lightly oil a frying pan, so that the oil just covers the surface, and get the pan nice and hot.
  4. Stir the batter, then spoon or pour some into the hot pan, rolling it out to the edges.
  5. Cook the pancake, loosening the edges, until the base is golden.
  6. Turn it over and cook the other side.
  7. Repeat until the batter is used.
  8. Turn the pancakes out onto a plate and keep warm until you are ready to serve them.
  9. Serve flat, rolled or folded with sweet or savoury fillings.


frying pan, large bowl or jug

Cooking time

15 minutes
I made these and halved the recipe as it was only for me. I also swapped the chickpea flour for a 'flax egg' (1 tbsp of flax-meal mixed with 3 tbsp of water and left to set in fridge for 10 mins) I also added a pinch of salt and used about 100ml less milk . The flax gives it a lovely earthy wholemeal kind of taste which I really like. Will deffo make these again. :)
By sophie carroll
29 Jul 2020
The best pancakes I've ever made.
By lily
14 Apr 2020
Delicious and crispy edges
By Hazel Sisley
10 Apr 2020
I omitted the eggs/chickpea flour, only added 200ml gf plain flour & the milk as in the recipe and added some sugar & salt (all blended in a smoothie blender) and used butter to keep the pan moist. Turned out perfect!!!!
By Zaki
29 Mar 2020
A simple recipe which works really well; nobody can tell these pancakes are any different from normal ones, apart from the fact that they're better! For a really silky texture, I add a couple of tablespoons of full fat yogurt or sourdough starter, and I leave the batter for at least a couple of hours before using.
By Caroline Tracey
25 Feb 2020
A simple recipe which works really well; nobody can tell these pancakes are any different from normal ones, apart from the fact that they're better! For a really silky texture, I add a couple of tablespoons of full fat yogurt or sourdough starter, and I leave the batter for at least a couple of hours before using.
By Caroline Tracey
25 Feb 2020
A simple recipe which works really well; nobody can tell these pancakes are any different from normal ones, apart from the fact that they're better! For a really silky texture, I add a couple of tablespoons of full fat yogurt or sourdough starter, and I leave the batter for at least a couple of hours before using.
By Caroline Tracey
25 Feb 2020
A simple recipe which works really well; nobody can tell these pancakes are any different from normal ones, apart from the fact that they're better! For a really silky texture, I add a couple of tablespoons of full fat yogurt or sourdough starter, and I leave the batter for at least a couple of hours before using.
By Caroline Tracey
25 Feb 2020
Just tried this recipe and it works excellent, i used soya milk as the milk alternative and it worked a dream. I will be trying again soon!
By Sophie
25 Feb 2020
Made this recipe for lunch, once the pancake was cooked both side, I placed on top while still cooking precooked onion, grated cheese and chop up ham fold pancake in half turn over just giving the cheese time to melt, very filling and delicious.
By Kay Jarvis
15 Nov 2019
I swear by this recipe. My family and friends love it when I make these and are always amazed that they are gluten free. They are so lovely and light and are a great meal any day of the week, not just for shrove Tuesday! In fact i'm having them for dinner tonight (it's a random Sunday in June), becuase why not!
By Vanessa powell
16 Jun 2019
Wow! Just made these vegan using the suggested chickpea flour substitute and with 'Koko' milk alternative. I can't believe they actually work! And they taste just like 'normal' pancakes. I did reduce the milk as suggested by others but I don't think it was necessary as a slightly thinner batter would have been easier to spread around the pan. Highly recommended :D
By Kate
05 Mar 2019
Thank you for this brilliant recipe, my grandaughter absolutely loves them so does everyone else. Nice and light just as regular pancakes but without the gluten. I used a little less milk than recipe states and remember to keep stirring the mixture between making each pancake to keep batter mixed together and you would never tell they were gluten free. Well done Doves Farm another success.
By Linda
04 Mar 2019
I am so pleased that I found this recipe. Thank you so much. I used Doves Farm Self Raising Flour as when I found this recipe that was all that there was in the cupboard and the pancakes came out lovely and fluffy and light. I also added a few drops of vanilla into the batter mix as I always find it helps with the flavour. I had a quick look through the reviews as I was whisking the batter and I was worried as it did look a bit too thin so I just gave an extra springle of flour across the top of the batter and whisked again and it looked how regular batter looks. The pancakes turned out seriously perfect. Best pancakes ever! The first pancakes in my whole life that not only tasted great but also did not make me ill (had problems with eggs and various other things since I was around 2 years old) so I am over the moon thank you Doves Farm, for your flour and the recipe. Excellent!
By Lauren
03 Nov 2018
Amazing pancakes! However as mentioned above I did modify the liquid quantities and only added 350ml of milk and this worked a treat!
10 Jun 2018
Good base recipe but batter was a little too runny. Will be adding a bit more flour next time I think
By Good base recipe but needed tweaking
11 Mar 2018
Excellent recipe. I’ve made these with both cows milk and almond milk and both came out really lovely. This receipt is a keeper!
By Jen
21 Feb 2018
Great pancakes. Made loads more than 6!
By Samantha Morgan
09 Dec 2017
Brilliant recipe! So simple and the pancakes are great - just like "normal gluten" pancakes. We used butter in the pan instead of oil purely because we didn't have any left - just as yummy!
By Miss Jennifer Stephenson
01 Mar 2017
I read around several recipes as well as general translation rules for creating a gluten free recipe from a regular recipe. I read that you shouldn't have to leave something to stand as the process that happens when you do that with regular batter is not necessary for holding the result together. I think the extra liquid in this is meant to absorb into some components of the flour in this recipe. However after finding I could make batter for toad in the hole or yorkshire puddings without leaving to stand I tried this one without leaving to stand but I cut the milk to 400ml and then 300ml. Now this is my default recipe, English pancakes are a generous 300ml of milk, 200g plain flour, 2 eggs, pinch of salt, American pancakes are scant 300ml milk, 200g self raising 2 eggs, pinch salt, tsp bicarb soda. I would typically use skimmed milk but find for american pancakes, or toad in the hole a little extra fat is useful. I'll definitely be trying the hot fat from the pan trick tonight to see if it helps sticking.
By Miss Anne Harrison
28 Feb 2017
As a gluten allergic sufferer it is very hard to find recipes that is easy and doesn't require a lot of ingredients.I must say I never baked such delicious pancakes even before I became a gluten and wheat sufferer.It was fantastic 10/10 😋
By Mrs Sandra Du Plessis
10 Mar 2016
I have just made pancakes with this recipe and my husband says the are brilliant, just like his mum yes to make which is a big compliment thanks.
By Mrs Rosemary Stant
10 Feb 2016
Have just eaten three delicious pancakes. Followed this recipe and chilled in fridge for almost two hours. Added a drop of the hot oil from the pan into the mixture because it's what I've always done. Apparently, it stops the pancake sticking in the pan. Fried in sunflower oil in omelette pan. Made 6 but could have made 8 as a couple of them were a bit thick. Even the first pancake cooked perfectly. Will definitely be using this recipe again.
09 Feb 2016
Really tasty pancakes that you couldn't tell the difference between those made with wheat flour. A great hit with my guests.
By Mrs Gill Worth
18 Feb 2015
I am not a coeliac but my wife is, I made the recipe as above and it is very good, you can't tell the difference to regular pancakes. Some notes, generally you always add the oil or "fat" to a pancake mixture so add the 1tbsp of oil to the mixture or melted butter, but this is not critical. I uesed 2 medium eggs, not sure if using large eggs will make a difference? I added 1tsp of cinnamon to the flour for a little extra flavour. I think 500ml of milk is a lot and I'm going to try it again with 350 or 400ml cows milk instead and a pinch of salt, which is also quite traditional. Otherwise a great recipe and one I'll be using again and again and not just on pancake Tuesday.
By Mr Dylan Thompson
18 Feb 2015
First time I've made gluten free pancakes. The mix is very thin but works. You just have to practice a few like any pancake to get thickness right. Lovely and light, fluffy pancakes.
By Mrs Ann Wailing
18 Feb 2015
Nice flavour although I might experiment with using less milk as the mixture was so thin even after leaving it to stand for over an hour and struggled to get thickness right in pan when cooking.
By Mrs Angela Newey
17 Feb 2015
I have just made fantastic pancakes with this recipe, however I used soya milk instead of cows milk. Everyone enjoyed them, no one noticed they were different.
By Mrs nicola wilson
17 Feb 2015
Sue Smith - the oil is for frying them in :)
By Miss Samantha Baker
17 Feb 2015
I have just finished making pancakes, some to take with me tonight, and I have tasted as I am cooking them ...delicious, almost as good as my Dad used to make. Thank you. I will try more of your recipes. Five cakes..sorry stars !
By Miss Pauline Lines
17 Feb 2015
Hi, please can you tell me if I need to add the tbsp oil to the batter? It's not written in the method. Thanks no stars yet as not finished!
By Mrs Sue Smith
17 Feb 2015
I was worried that i would have to go without this pancake day after being diagnosed as coeliac in December last year. Doves Farm to the recue. THis recipe is great. The batter is quite watery but cooks beautifully. Make sure you leave it to stand for an hour though! After the success of this recipe, i can't wait to try out some more from this site, particularly the choux pastry. I've blogged my pancake experience here if you fancy a nose
By Miss Tammi Heals
16 Feb 2015
Thank you so much for this delicious recipe! This is the first time I've made anything using gluten free flour and all my family loved them! They couldn't tell the difference between them and the traditional ones! I will definately use more of your recipes in the future.
By Mrs Donna Sawyer
04 Mar 2014
Halved the recipe because only two of us and used s.r. Gluten free. Delicious with honey,lemon and soya creme.Hubby had honey,cinnamon and soya creme. I like them thin and crispy round the edge.
By Mrs Dorothy Newhouse
04 Mar 2014
Wonderful. The best gluten free recipe I've tried in 26 years. I don't understand how anyone doesn't give it a full five stars! They were light and full of flavour. Mind you I added raspberries. My none GF friends enjoyed them too.
By Mrs Esther Stephens
04 Mar 2014
I tried this recipe today and I tried it on some guests who didn't know it was gluten free and there were no pancakes left so that for me gives the recipe a top score because I thought gluten free would not taste as good.
By Ms Fiona McDonnell
26 Feb 2014
This is an excellent recipe! I used coconut milk instead of cows milk and the pancakes were delicious. Thank you Doves Farm!
By Miss Lucy Elcomb
08 Oct 2013
By Ms Madeline O'Brien
06 Oct 2013
Although a little stodgy I did enjoy them but if there is any advice to change the recipe into a vegan one I would be grateful. I swapped almond milk for normal milk and used a natural egg replacer instead of the egg...not sure of quantities, followed above recipe.
By Dr Emma Gardner
10 Aug 2013
Brill and easy. You can also add in whey power for those that need the extra protein in their diet or for the fitness connisseurs who like me are gluten free.
By Mr David Millar
02 Jun 2013
I have only been a coeliac for a couple of years and this recipe is a must in our house we all love pancakes and my son loves helping me make them
By Miss donna crafter
03 Mar 2013
I have NEVER made pancakes in my life. But I followed this recipe (halved it all though as this was a trial run!) and I made wonderful pancakes!!! I'm so impressed! Have not tasted them for about 8yrs! Don't understand the bad reviews, clearly these people didn't follow the recipe properly as even I can get a good result! Can't wait to make them for the hubby this weekend now! Just call me Nigella! ;)
By Mrs Elena Dixon
19 Feb 2013
My daughter has just made pancakes using a slightly modified version of this recipe. She omitted the sunflower oil, and used 500ml of soya milk, as we can't tolerate dairy. The pancakes were great; not stodgy or slimy, and they browned nicely.
By Mrs Rebecca Stevens
15 Feb 2013
Yay! I'm back as promised and now I can upgrade the rating from 1 to 5. Finally a successful pancake day.
By Mrs Celia Bartlett
12 Feb 2013
This pancakes had no flavour at all. The texture was plastic like and heavy. I would not recommend it to anyone and can not understand how come it has so many great reviews. I am not a professional baker but I do bake very often with great results usually.
By Ms Vanessa Salas
12 Feb 2013
Made these with doves farm bread flour as that's what I had and half soya milk, half water. Added oil to batter by mistake - to be fair listing it before milk is asking for trouble. Came out a bit thicker than I like and with a slightly doughy slimey texture and didn't seem to brown well - this may be due to oil...apart from that tasted ok. Will try again.
By Ms j graham
12 Feb 2013
Made great pancakes today, can't tell the difference.
By Miss Sara Carter
12 Feb 2013
If using whole cow's milk this recipe works much better with 400ml.. Then it's great - very tasty indeed!
By Mr Howard Osborn
12 Feb 2013
Just adding to my previous post, you need to keep stirring the batter in between pancakes as it soon becomes thicker at the bottom, it is a thin batter but works perfectly. Happy pancake day!
By Ms Deanna Latham
12 Feb 2013
It's shrove Tuesday and I have just enjoyed a batch of gluten free pancakes. I have more cooked for a savoury gluten free meal tonight. I prefer them to ordinary ones as the flour makes a very light batter, nice as I don't have the choice, well done Doves.
By Ms Deanna Latham
12 Feb 2013
A few years ago I made GF pancakes just substituting normal flour with Doves Farm flour in my usual recipe. Sadly, they were a complete failure as they appeared not to 'cook' and were really heavy. I put it down to the GF flour. Subsequently I gave up on the hope of ever enjoying pancakes again. However, it is Shrove Tuesday today and I crave pancakes so I will give them another try. Fingers crossed and I will report back! Star rating 1 for now. Hopefully by tonight...5!
By Mrs Celia Bartlett
12 Feb 2013
I love this recipe and do it at the weekend as a treat, with lemon juice and splenda. It's easy to make and the pancakes are very good. I used 0 lactose milk, which is much nicer than rice or soya milk. As others have reported, no one notices that these pancakes are different to the regular ones.
By Mrs Susan Flack
11 Aug 2012
I made this by the 'all-in-one' method with an electric hand whisk. When beaten the mixture was very runny but after standing for an hour at room temp it was really thick. Made 8 frying-pan sized pancakes, my partner did not even realise they were wheat/gluten free until I told him afterwards. Very tasty, without that heavy 'over-full' feeling afterwards!
By Ms Sue Allwood
23 Feb 2012
how many pancakes does this recipe make? many thanks.

Hi Mary, It all depends of the size of your pan and how thick you make them, but this recipe should make approx 8-12 as a rough guideline. Please let us know how you get on if you try them!

By Mrs mary Boland
20 Feb 2012
Made this today but made mistake of putting olive oil in mix (had no sunflower) & then added 300 ml of milk as thought 500 ml wd be too much. Turned out really well, very light and thin.
By Mrs Bridget Matthews
19 Feb 2012
I used rice milk to make the pancakes dairy, gluten and soya free. It did produce a great pancake which my husband and daughter could not tell the difference. I did find you need to stir the batter regularly as the contents did settle a little. I also found that it was easier to use a small rather than large frying pan as my 1st one in a large non-stick frying pan stuck.
By Mrs Heather Townsend
20 Nov 2011
Excellent recipe, couldn't tell the difference.
By Mrs Fiona Taylor
10 Oct 2011
i came here first to find the recipe for these on shrove tuesday, and have used it a few times since, the batter at first seems thin but its like magic :D perfect pancakes with no soggy middle..... so fab stuff... kids and other half couldnt tell the difference and the only difference i found was i wasnt in pain :D yay
By Miss michelle goodall
26 Mar 2011
I googled gluten free pancake recipes and found one on the UKTV Food website which says it was supplied by Dove Farms and matches the ingredients above but also says that it needs 300ml of milk. Hope this helps.
By Miss Liz Box
05 Mar 2011
I second that. How much milk should we use?

Apologies for the missing part of this recipe, it has now been amended and the correct quantity of milk is 500ml. Thanks.

By Mr Dave Straker
04 Mar 2011
How much milk - not mentioned in recipe.
By Mrs Janet Abrahams
04 Mar 2011

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