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Gluten Free Oven Baked White Bread

Makes 1 loaf

Kneading is not necessary for this gluten free white bread recipe which uses a batter method. For a vegan version swap chickpea flour and water for the egg whites.

Free from Gluten, Soya, Wheat, Nuts


Change Quantities:
  1. Rub some oil around the inside of a 1kg/2lb bread tin.
  2. Put the egg whites (or chickpea flour + water), sugar, salt, three spoons of the oil, vinegar, and water into a bowl and whisk together.
  3. Add the flour and yeast, whisking to a smooth and thick batter.
  4. Drizzle the remaining three spoons of oil over the sticky batter and, using a spatula turn the mixture a couple of times in the bowl to encourage the formation of a doughy mass.
  5. Tip the dough into the prepared tin and smooth the top.
  6. Invert a large mixing bowl over the tin and leave until the dough has risen to 7mm/¼” below the top of the tin, about 60-90 minutes.
  7. Pre-heat the oven.
  8. Bake for 55-60 minutes.
  9. Turn out the cooked loaf to cool on a wire rack.
  10. Allow the bread to cool completely before slicing.

*For a vegan version of this loaf swap the egg white for 20g FREEE Chickpea Flour + 40ml water


1kg/2lb bread tin and mixing bowl


220˚C, Fan 200˚C, 425˚F, Gas 7

Cooking time

55-60 minutes
I have now perfected this for an old Morphy Richards Fastbake bread machine. Use 1/2 the ingredients (you can do a bit more but when I used the full amount, the loaf rose to overflowing and went over onto the element and stuck to the lid. The bread was fine but it took ages to clean the machine). Add the sugar to some of the water (warm if possible) and dissolve. Mix in the yeast and leave until it's foaming (10-20 minutes). Add all the other ingredients to a bowl (or to the bread machine pan) and mix a bit. I use 233ml of water in total and 1 sachet of dried egg white instead of real egg white. Add the yeast solution to the other ingredients and put in the bread machine pan. Use the basic programme (1) for a dark colour and 2 lb loaf. In 3 hours you will have a perfectly formed small loaf that toasts really well and tastes delicious.
By Shona Blakeney
09 Apr 2021
This recipe works well with the basic programme of my very old bread machine. It come out a bit empty at the very top but otherwise excellent. I do mix the yeast with a bit of sugar and warm water to start if off before adding to the mix though.
By Martha Murphy
25 Mar 2021
I made half the quantity of this recipe and cooked it for 40mins in a small loaf tin. It turned out very well despite the fact that both flour and yeast were well past their "best before" date! The bread is dense but moist and makes yummy toast. Well worth the effort, as it was easy to make, and works out a lot cheaper than bought gluten-free bread, which can cost as much as £5 a loaf. (I cooked other stuff in the oven at the same time so not too extravagant on electricity!)
By Rosie Head
24 Feb 2021
If I mix the yeast with a bit of of the water and sugar for about 10minutes until it's frothy and then mix with the other ingredients, the loaf rises well.
By Shona Blakeney
13 Feb 2021
Made this recipe for the first time ever yesterday. Literally tried so many different types of gluten free bread and was looking for something that was dairy free too! This is the best bread Iv had that’s gluten free, it’s light and has a fluffy texture, doesn’t taste like vinger like some and doesn’t break apart when your eating it as well. It taste fresh, like you would expect at a bakery. Iv wrapped mine in some grease proof paper to keep it fresh. Really impressed with this, the recipe was simple to follow and I trusted in its method (although I did panic when it looked like cake mix) however I trusted the method and it came out beautifully. Looking forward to more bread making ☺️
By Elizabeth Pratt
13 Feb 2021
I make this bread regularly, I used to buy all sorts of gluten free bread some £3 for a very small loaf but this recipe from Doves farm using their bread flour is the best I have ever tasted. Fresh or toasted. It really is amazing. Going to try the American pancakes now.
By Barbara
04 Feb 2021
I added just one teaspoon of sugar and it came out very well. Also cooked in a Dutch oven covered baking tin with a cast iron pot which I had warmed in the over first) to stop browning too quickly and that worked too. First gluten free loaf and a great success.
By Anna
17 Jan 2021
Great recipe, love it and even better that this flour doesn't have maize. Please Doves Farm can we have more recipes with the corn free GF flours. Lots of people sensitive to it. Many thanks.
By Kate
15 Jan 2021
I’ve been making this bread for my husband. My advice would be to use a much larger tin than you think you will need for the proving process. I find that it rises so much that it overflows. Might try splitting it into a 2lb and a 1lb loaf next time
By Denise
09 Oct 2020
Have made this twice now , my husband in the past has been a bread baker, and would highly recommend this bread . Kay Jarvis
By Kay Jarvis
28 Sep 2019
Simply the best gluten free bread I have ever had, so simple and stays fresh.
By Donna
02 Mar 2019
Simply the BEST gluten free bread recipe I've made. So delicious and light, that even my gluten tolerant son will eat it. So, I only have to bake one type of bread for us!
By teresa h
29 Jul 2018
I made it into rolls by spooning the mixture onto a baking sheet. I also added a little bit of baking powder, which might not have made any difference. They were really spongey and light and had no powdery after taste at all. Really nice
By Rosie
27 Mar 2018
I have never even made normal bread, and had plain gluten free flour not bread flour. I added xanthum gum accordingly, added mixed seeds and followed this recipe exactly. The resulting bread was great, held itself together when slicing; great for making sandwiches.
By Priyanka
16 Dec 2017

I followed the measurements of this recipe to the letter but my dough was quite wet, not like conventional bread dough and now looks like cake mix while proving in the bread tin?! I might be hasty in posting my query and perhaps should wait the requisite proving and baking time.....perhaps it will turn out fine?! Have I done something not quite right?!

Dear Amanda, with the absence of gluten within this bread recipe, means in turn that no kneading is required.  The dough will have a wet consistency, more like a batter than an actual dough.  We hope this helps further. Best wishes, Doves Farm. 

By Amanda Graham
17 Sep 2017
I came across this recipe while looking for vegan gluten free bread recipes. However this has eggs listed as an ingredient, it is tagged as Vegan though... Is there an egg replacer for this recipe, has anyone tried making a Vegan version? Thanks!
By Zoe
09 Jun 2017
I followed the video for the gluten free white oven baked loaf, and it came out exactly as in the video. I sliced it and froze the bread in slices of two. Defrosted a couple of slices this morning. Fantastic. Have bought some more flour to try the bread machine GF loaf and the GF biscuits.

Thank you so much, we are so pleased to hear you love this recipe for our bread. Happy Baking!

08 Apr 2017
Just started making this bread recipe for my Husband , I also add mixed fruit , cinnamon & black treacle ! Next best thing to fruit malt loaf which my husband loved.

Thank you so much for your lovely feedback, always great to hear recommendations - happy baking :) Doves Farm.

By Mrs Doreen Yorke
27 Mar 2017
I have been making this bread for a few years now, and find it much tastier than shop bought gluten free bread and it cuts nicely, without breaking up. To some loaves, I add olives and dried mixed herbs or sun dried tomatoes. I would recommend this recipe. In recent months, I have been making it in my food processor and this makes a lighter loaf.
By Mrs Alison Stockwell
15 Jan 2017
Stuck precisely to the recipe (used Almond Milk) and it came out delicious. So chuffed! Surprised at all the people having troubles.
By Mr Matthew Ingram
14 Jul 2016
Stuck to recipe and it has come out like a house brick, anyway haven't actually cut into yet so can not comment on the taste or texture, not sure if its supposed to be this hard though! we'll see.....
By Miss yvonne clarey
30 Mar 2016
Argh!!! So this is my second ever attempt at bread making, in the hope of reducing the cost of gluten free bread for my gluten intolerant boyfriend... And so far, I've made what I can only describe as a house brick with a recipie I found online, and a half house brick with this recipie... I followed the instructions exactly, I let the dough rise with the cling film in the pan (which it did, I was very impressed) I put it in the over, took it out after and hour, cut it open, and the top centimetre looked a bit airy, but the rest was pure stodge... What am I doing wrong???

Hi Catherine- if you could email with your query then our Technical Team will get back to you directly. Many thanks, Doves Farm

By Miss Catherine Orton
29 Feb 2016
I have used this recipe many times and it has always worked well especially with the addition of some seeds. It does form a very sticky "mess" unlike wheat recipes. I mix everything in the container I use for baking ( a pyrex round container) and leave it as a sticky mess and it rises beautifully although not with a typical smooth bread crust. Bread is wonderful and stores well in its cooking container. prefer this to replacement recipe.
By Mrs Lynda James
05 Feb 2016
I have just made a gluttenfree white bread loaf. Used the recipe on the packet. Couldn't have been simpler. Theresult was a very tastey loaf.
By Mrs Jan Williams
23 Jan 2016
Someone needs to correct this recipe. It mentions eggs in the ingrediants but in the method it doesn't. It also mentions to add the flour twice.

Hi John, thank you for pointing this out - this recipe has now been corrected.

By Mr John Smith
03 Jan 2015
I just did a loaf of bread.. The recipe was for a sticky dough.. Well mine come out very runny that I had to add more flour. I followed the measures correctly so that isn't the problem. I never used this Dove recipe before, I hope the taste will be good .
By Ms Margaret Cachia
20 Aug 2015
Hi, I have been making bread for years,but never gluten free. I make pizza base, cup cakes,so I thought I would give bread a try. I read the comments, but decided to stick to the recipe on the side of the flour packet. I was quite impressed. The only thing I do find a bit disappointing is the lack of information given on the package or this page. I would post a picture but not sure how or if I can.
By Ms Kim Mackintosh
11 Aug 2015
I am very impressed with this loaf. Looks just like the photo, albeit with a darker crust. I mixed by hand then transferred to my kitchen mixer to add the oil and mixed for 5 mins. Cooked through and sliced like a shop bought loaf.
By Miss Kelly Leal
05 Aug 2015
This is really nice bread but is there a substitute for the oil. I tried using butter but it was a bit dry
By Mrs Hanne Hooton
15 Jul 2015
I used the recipe on your packet of white bread flour blend. I have cooked bread for 40 years, this is my first attempt at gluten free. Followed instructions to the letter - oh dear. Temperature at 200 in fan assisted obviously too high for my oven, produced a greasy, heavy bread which the day after cooked was brick like and inedible. What did I do wrong?
By Mrs Penelope James-Lucas
01 May 2015
Have mixed up a batch of this although halving the recipe as I only want 1 loaf just to see how it turns out. I definitely agree that you need more flour otherwise you just have a runny paste instead of a dough! I used closer to 750-800grams of the flour as kept adding in more flour whilst my mixer was going. It was still sticky when I went to knead the dough into a ball so just added in more flour whilst doing so. Have yet to put it in the oven but hoping for a good result!
By Miss Hayley Rodber
25 Apr 2015
I've tried this twice now, once in the oven and once in the bread machine, and I can't decide which was the bigger disaster. The mixture is like a very wet cake batter! Impossible to work and smells horrible. Far too much liquid. I tried resting the mixture to aid absorption but made no difference. Is a duff recipe a cunning ploy to make me buy more flour?!
By Miss Victoria Underwood
03 Jun 2014
I tried this exact recipe and my bread was very heavy and only 3 inches high, would it be better if i did it in a bread maker or would i have to change the recipe for that
By Ms Jill Elliott
11 Mar 2014
I amended the recipe a little. I warmed the milk before adding it to the flour. I divided the mixture I to two tins and put the mixture straight into the preheated oven without proving. I also put a tray of boiling water at the bottom of the oven to create a moist environment while baking. By doing this my loaves rose well and the crust on top was not too hard. This was my best effort after trying out the original recipe that resulted in a much denser loaf and hard crust.
By Mrs Susan Moore
25 Feb 2014
The recipe above is incorrect. If you put 700ml of milk in with 1kg of this flour, you end up with a huge bowl of liquid - like a very runny cake batter. Forget about "bringing it together into a ball of dough". I suspect you're meant to use 1kg of flour with about 350ml of milk. I'm told the package has a different recipe (my package had different recipes), so maybe that one works. Anyone else try to use the recipe above?

This recipe, as stated in the top notes, is an adaptation of the on-pack recipe. The dough should not resemble a traditional stiff wheat bread dough, and instead should be soft pliable dough. TIP: Once mixed, leave it to rest for a few minutes to absorb some more of the liquid before bringing together and transferring into your bread tin.

By Mr Dan Gissendanner
24 Dec 2013
Very impressed with the excellent crust (the best bit of my loaf). I am aiming for a good savoury bread, which I have missed for years. The texture needs attention and I will try the Xanthan gum suggestion by Evelyn. My 1st loaf based on the recipe on the back of the packet. I changed the recipe slightly, using oil from sun dried tomatoes in oil, plus 6 of the sun dried tomatoes chopped up, plus dried thyme and dried oregano. Also I used a round loose based deep cake tin. I don't normally use salt in my cooking, but I kept this part of the recipe in and next time I would use double. This recipe really needs some flavour as the fermentation of this flour mixture does not produce the same flavours as with the fermentation using wheat flour.
By Mrs Bernadette Cass
14 Nov 2013
I also baked my first gluten free loaf today following recipe on the flour packet, and it turned out amazingly ! The only bread I've ever made that has turned out so well. Also, uses less eggs, which are expensive. Lovely bread, a little like brioche.
By Mrs Amanda Bradbury
12 Oct 2013
We made this bread for the first time today and it looks just like the photo! Tastes good too. We took Evelyn's advice and added a bit more xanthan gum. Tastes really good toasted. Thanks!
By Ms Anne-Marie Isaacs
29 Mar 2013
I have found this recipe to be so easy and scrummy at the end of it all! My first batch I found too crumbly and cake like so decided to try adding a couple of teaspoons of xantham gum and this improved it greatly giving a better bread texture.
By Miss Evelyn Bowden
29 Aug 2011
I have just baked my second loaf and it is just as good as my first attempt, thouroughly enjoyed my ham sandwiches. An excellent recipe. Thankyou xx
By Mrs Lorraine Rodgers
23 Jan 2011
i just made the bread recipe that is on the flour packet and was delighted to see it looking gorgeous with a nice crisp all around it. I found it came out too moist though. Has anyone else had this problem? When slicing it just squashed down and it seems little heavy. Any tips?
By Miss Gluten Oid
28 Sep 2010
I have just baked my first gluten free bread and it is delicious. However the recipe I used was the one in the packet, with less flour (16oz), eggs (2), oil than the above, why the difference?
By Mrs Magdalena Davis
19 Aug 2010
I like to use 4oz Olive margarine rubbed into the flour to start instead of the oil, and substitute water for half of the milk. Very good.
By Mrs Rosie Andrews
25 Apr 2010
This is a great recipe and i've enjoyed my first attempt at lunch today. The only thing I would like advice on is what is the best oil to use. I used an R oil but it is slightly too pungent so i'll try sunflower/vegetable oil next time. I also added 1/2 tsp of xanthan gum despite it being in the flour.
By Miss helen lovell
15 Apr 2010

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