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Gluten Free Chocolate Brownies

Makes 12-16 brownies

When you make these delicious chocolate brownies nobody will guess they are gluten free! This has been one of our most often requested gluten free recipes that first appeared on our flour pack back in 2000. For brownies that are squishy in the middle use a short cooking time for firmer brownies simply cook for longer.

Free from Gluten, Soya, Wheat, Nuts


Change Quantities:
  1. Pre-heat the oven.
  2. Rub some butter around the inside of a 15x20cm/6x8" baking dish or insert a baking liner.
  3. Gently melt together the chocolate and butter.
  4. In a bowl mix in the sugar, flour and baking powder.
  5. Break the eggs into a large bowl, beat to combine then beat in the flour mix.
  6. Stir in the melted chocolate and butter.
  7. Pour into your prepared dish.
  8. Bake in a pre-heated oven for 22-30 minutes.
  9. Cut into squares or slices before serving warm or cold.


15 x 20cm/6 x 8" baking dish and mixing bowl


180˚C, Fan 160˚C, 350˚F, Gas 4

Cooking time

22-30 minutes
Fabulous Delicious Brownies! Made these 17th January 2021, perfect remedy for these difficult times! I needed a chocolate boost and had been craving chocolate! Easy to make and I didn’t have quite the right size pan so used what I had, 7in x 10in. Worked perfectly! Lovely depth of soft slightly fudgy brownie. Left in the oven for 20mins at 165C fan. Tester came out with no crumbs but they were perfect, not too dry at all. I didn’t add nuts either. I don’t think these will last tomorrow and there is only 2 of us! Other half is supposedly not a chocolate fiend, but these are so delicious he can’t resist! Gluten free but you can not tell! Thank you Doves! I am actually in France and bring your flour back, have ordered too when possible. I have Multiple Sclerosis and gluten doesn’t like me I have discovered! So Doves flour very welcome as I love cake! Stay safe Lulu
By Lulu
17 Jan 2021
I made thise recipe multiple times and they have never disappointed me. The brownies are full of flavour, beautifully rich and I love that the top goes a bit crisp and then crumbly. I tried other gluten free recipes but none of them compares to this one. Absolutely love it. The only thing I did differently is leaving them in the oven longer (might be my oven being a bit weak though).
By Evdokia
25 Dec 2020
Im in love with these brownies at the moment. Make them at least once a week, but end up finishing it in like 2 days. Sooooo yummy. Definitely recommend.
By Lucy.x
11 Dec 2020
Such a wonderful recipe, they taste so good. The only thing I've started doing is putting a pan of water in the preheated oven to crisp up the top! Perfect brownies everytime, thank you.
By Cara
03 Dec 2020
The best brownies ever. All my non gluten free friends want them too.
By Meg
16 Nov 2020
Tasted perfect! Used green and blacks chocolate and baked in a shallow dish for 25 mins. Will make again and serve warm with vanilla ice cream as a dessert. Thanks Doves Farm!
By Helen
17 Oct 2020
Absolutely perfect, decadent yet light. Served straight from the oven warm with a scoop of ice cream for dessert & will be heading into lunchboxes tomorrow as a lunchtime treat! Will be using this recipe time and time again. Thanks Doves farm!
By Jenny
11 Oct 2020
i made these brownies and the are absolutely amazing. would definitely recommend.
By Lorna Moore
15 Jul 2020
I use this recipe all of the time. I have the ingredients memoried. If you want them fudgy and gooey, cooke them at a higher temperature in a deeper dish. If you want them spongey cook them at a lower temp in a shallow dish. Perfect every time.
By Ruth
20 May 2020
These were amazing! Absolutely delicious and super easy to make. You wouldn’t even know that they were GF!
By Amy P
27 Apr 2020
Wow I’ve just made these brownies, they are so light and moorish
19 Jan 2020
Great recipe but I had to increase cooking time as 25 minutes left them still raw in the centre.
By Sally Gregory
20 Dec 2019
Amazing brownie recipe! Would never be able to tell they’re gluten free. But the oven timing was way off for me. It took closer to an hour than 25 mins. The best indicator for me was to test with a toothpick in the centre - if the batter sticks to the toothpick like choc sauce, it’s underbaked. If it comes out clean, it’s overbaked. If it comes out with some crumbs stuck to it, it’s done. The brownies also cannot be immediately eaten, you HAVE to let them sit for a few hours to completely cool! I left mine overnight and the next day they were absolutely perfect.
By Hannah
01 Nov 2019
Lovely brownies. My husband said they don’t taste like gluten free.
By Jan
27 Oct 2019
These are the best brownies I have ever made/eaten. Everyone loves them. I always come back to this recipe. Thank you!
By Rosaline
27 Aug 2019
Brilliant brownies! They are really easy to make vegan and are a favourite at birthdays! Delicious!
By Me
12 Mar 2019
I absolutely love this recipe. There are always chocolate brownies on the cake stand especially for the kids after school. Although they're not coeliac they love these brownies!! If you haven't made them yet, give it a go!! You won't be disappointed!
By Cheryl
10 Nov 2018
Amazing, and really easy quick to make!
By Carol
09 Apr 2018
Absolutely gorgeous - easy to make and tasted lovely - whole family enjoyed them.
By Eve
10 Feb 2018
Delicious, melt in your mouth. Easy to bake. Just about to make my 2nd batch.
By Valerie
03 Feb 2018
Made this today for upcoming visit by my gluten free son-in-law.. using organic milk choc. DELICIOUS!!! Best brownie recipe I've ever tried. Will be using it from now on for brownies for the whole family!!! Thanks DF!
By Liz
25 Jan 2018
I love this recipe, and you wouldn't even tell they are gluten free. I substitute the plain flour for Freee rice flour as that's what I tend to have in the cupboard! Makes a lovely gooey brownie!
By Cheryl
17 Jan 2018

They taste too much like egg and have more of a cake texture

By Natalia
27 Dec 2017
great recipe
By Alina
16 Dec 2017
By gabriel farias
16 Oct 2017
Made these, everyone loved them hot or cold! Will definitely be making these again.
By Andy
26 Sep 2017
Fantastic Brownies to make I add ground almonds to give them extra depth also chop chocolate chunks and butterscotch pieces for an extra kick Even chopped cherries
By Mumma bear hugs
18 Jun 2017
Tasty recipe thanks. I was surprised something almost entirely comprised of liquid could set & rise like that! They are more cakey than a cafe brownie tho, I might add chunks of chocolate next time to try to get them more dense? Or maybe soft brown sugar?
By Ms Emma porter
14 May 2017
These brownies are so yummy, it's my husband who is the Coeliac so I'm very happy to enjoy these too! Try warming them and serve with vanilla ice cream...heavenly!
By Mrs Sue Stone
16 Jan 2017
Only putting 1 star as I have a question, Why are my brownies cracking on the top so hard to cut them without them falling apart? I do put in less sugar and chocolate so not sure if that is the reason....
By Ms Val Mann
24 Nov 2016
I have made these so many times, very easy to make. I use doves GF self raising flour though and still they taste delicious.
By Mrs julie Woodcock
22 Aug 2016
I made these last night for my daughter who is gluten free. The whole family enjoyed them (8 in all). we had then with strawberries and creme fraiche.
By Mrs michelle stokes
20 May 2016
As I use pretty cheap choc which is low in cocoa solids (e.g. Sainsbury's basics), I also add a couple of tablespoons of cocoa powder to make it a bit darker and more chocolatey
By Miss L
18 May 2016
I'm a student and so often there's not much real butter in the house. Instead, I substitute in vegetable oil with whatever Flora or whatever I can find. Probably not ideal health-wise, but it still makes for an amazing brownie!
By Miss L
18 May 2016
We had all the family here at Easter but only one grandchild has to be gluten and lactose free. I made these brownies and nobody realised that they were gluten free and they disappeared like snow on a summers day!
By Mrs Margaret Tracey-Bower
02 Apr 2016
Have been making these for years, but substitute the sugar for either honey or maple syrup, they're divine !!! Changing the type of chocolate used is also nice for a change :-)
By Mrs Kerry Mackey
04 Mar 2016
Followed recipe to the letter but they were virtually liquid in the middle. Put back in for extra 10 mins and let cool, but still far too runny. Any advice please?
By Mrs Rachel Patterson
19 Feb 2016
The first time I made these I used granulated sugar and reduced the amount to 150g. As I am allergic to nuts, I used chocolate chips but it was missing some texture. This time I used 150g of soft brown sugar for that extra flavour and I retained about a quarter of the dark chocolate and broke it into rough chunks, adding them to the batter at the same time as you would add the nuts. This gave the brownies the texture I was looking for. I also added a dessertspoon of cocoa powder to the dry mix to make up for the missing chocolate in the batter. After just over 20 mins they were lovely and gooey and the brown sugar made all the difference. The problem now is how to keep them all intact to take away on our holiday tomorrow!
By Mrs Helen Taylor
11 Aug 2015
I used doves farm bread flour!. Well.... It is absolutely GORGEOUS!! Baked for 20mins and left in the glass dish for 20minutes on the worktop then removed from glass and left to cool!.. Just right if you like a tiny bit of gooe in the centre!.. I used 85% dark chocolate.
By Miss Rebecca Mayers
08 Aug 2015
Ruined the atmosphere at a family ranch holiday by covering the entire ranch in ABC powder from a fire extinguisher. Made these brownies to apologise for the distress caused, would recommend
By Mr John Mulligan
03 Aug 2015
Love this recipe and the brownies are much lighter than brownies made with a standard plain flour. Very quick and easy to make. Make them for my sons maths teacher (who is gluten intolerant) and for my other sons rugby team...all love them!
By Mrs Denise Carter
27 Apr 2015
In my son's class there are a number of children with allergies and every cake I made with gluten free flour was just dry and crumbly. I have to use what I can find in Germany - so I did not use Doves Farm. These were wonderful - very moist. I made 3 times the amount on a deep oven tray and cooked it for 45 minutes for school - the nuts were replaced with cookie chocolate drops due to allergies. They were so good I had to make them again for us - just 1 portion at 22 - 25 minutes is perfect.
By Mrs Nicola Weinhold
20 Apr 2015
Absolutely fantastic! My family can't believe they are gluten free as they are so good.
By Mrs Elaine Lowden
16 Apr 2015
These are the best brownies ever. I use this recipe for everyone GF or otherwise and nobody has guessed they are gluten free!
By Mrs Pamela Grinnell
13 Apr 2015
Made these for a coeliac 5 year old daughter of a friend. they were fantastic. I used Doves Farm GF SR flour and added some white chocolate chips. I do not normally like brownies but these are something else! Do not know if they keep, these didn't!
By Mr Alan Birchall
04 Apr 2015
These are amazing. I omit the nuts and add 50g chocolate chips. They melt a bit but add extra yummyness. I find these are a bit soft to eat the same day as making them (maybe because of the extra chocolate!) so we have them the next day. They keep moist for a few days. Lovely!
By Ms Helen Megann
15 Feb 2015
After reading some other reviews, we have decided to put forward a suggestion. Instead of using gluten free plain white flour and baking powder, we used gluten free self raising flour. It was much easier and still tasted wonderful! Therefore if you do not have baking powder or gluten free plain white flour you can still make the recipe and not miss out on these fantastic brownies!
By Mrs Jo Booker
16 Jan 2015
Wow! My family and I absolutely loved the brownies. Such a simple recipe that's easy to make, we couldn't even tell they were gluten free. Exquisite! By Alice age 9.
By Mrs Jo Booker
16 Jan 2015
Brilliant recipe! So simple to make and couldn't even tell they were gluten free, so yummy! Thank you!
By Mrs christina Russell
21 Dec 2014
These are very good. I only had 100g chocolate so did 85g flour/15g cocoa powder and used dark muscovado sugar (150g) and they came out delicious.
By Mrs Victoria Johnston
13 Oct 2014
Love these. Reduced the sugar to 120g but will reduce more next batch. Added more chocolate and sprinkled the top with choc buttons - wrapt thanks.
By Mrs Lorraine Paterson
07 Aug 2014
This is a very easy recipe, but the cooking time is far too long: hence 4 stars rather than 5. After seeing other reviews saying theirs were overcooked, I baked my first batch for 35 minutes but even then they turned out more like cake. I baked the second batch for 30 minutes and they were better, but I think 25 mins would be about right if you want that lovely fudgy texture. I reduced the sugar to 150gr and added walnuts to one batch and chopped dark chocolate to the other. Both worked very well.

Hi Maggie, many thanks for your feedback. We test-baked the recipe again and we too like squidgy and have reduced the cooking time to 22/25 minutes. We also found the recipe works with less sugar. Happy baking! Doves Farm

By Mrs Maggie Coles
07 Jun 2014
I substituted glace cherries for the nuts, as I cant eat nuts. I also sustituted 50 g of white choc chips for 50g of dark chocolate, as that was what I had in the cupoard. Super easy recipe,came out perfectly and impressed my friends,particularly the 2 Americans who didn't believe it was GF and also don't believe British people can cook American food!
By Miss Carolyn Hickmott
23 Mar 2014
Just made these and they are yummy :-) I messed up the chocolate the first time but I turned it into a delicious topping for my brownies lol I used milk chocolate cos I can't eat dark choc and it worked great :-) Great recipe I know I'll be making again
By Miss Laura Wildsmith
04 Feb 2014
It is amazing! Recipe is quick to do and extremely easy to do! I loved them and they just melt in the mouth and are just awesome and amazing
By Miss grace cadzow
18 Jan 2014
Really lovely brownies - will definitely be using this recipe again! I echo some of the other comments about the amount of sugar, and if making them again, I might reduce it down to 150g, though these were still very nice. I cooked mine for about 25 minutes, and in the very centre they were goey and lovely, and the outer bits were a bit more cakey, but also very good! For me, I probably wouldn't have left them in for much longer than that, but obviously it depends on your oven/preference!
By Miss Annie Bruce
09 Jan 2014
Gorgeous brownies!! Made them for the first time for dh last week and have another batch in the oven as we speak. I am using higher content dark chocolate this time to really enhance the flavour. I am also using muscovado sugar instead of white granulated to add further richness. I'm going to serve 2 portions immediately with some vanilla ice cream and chocolate sauce!
By Mrs Gemma Lonsdale
31 Dec 2014
These are the best brownies i have ever made.... And ever eaten. Will be making again for sure
By Mrs Selina Valentine
22 Dec 2013
P.S. My DH loves them with either greek yoghurt or (sin of sins) creme fraiche!!!!!!!
By Mrs Diane Antone
26 Nov 2013
This recipe is foolproof and everyone who eats it says they can't believe it's gluten free!! (As if everything gluten free is inferior....) I made four batches, and added the following (one per batch): chopped walnuts, toasted almonds, preserved ginger, hazelnuts. All gorgeous. Thanks Dove's Farm!!!!!!!!!!
By Mrs Diane Antone
26 Nov 2013
Really lovely recipe very successful. I used 1/3 soft brown sugar & pecan nuts which were lovely with the mixture. They lasted really well too
By Mrs Sarah Akehurst
21 Nov 2013
I've done it! It is awesome!! Next time will try to bake it shorter, but it's amazing with goats cheese :)
By Mrs Agnieszka Gloc Birecka
20 Sep 2013
can You make it with goats butter?? Can't wait to make it :)
By Mrs Agnieszka Gloc Birecka
20 Sep 2013
They're a big hit with my family, friends and work colleagues too! I cook them for around 15-20 minutes to ensure they have a 'squidgy' centre. Like others, I've varied them on occasions by adding white chocolate buttons, raspberries and orange zest.
By Mrs Andrea Pollard
30 Aug 2013
I made these for the first time and they are great. I don't have a very sweet tooth so I used less sugar and will cut down a bit more next time. I think they need slightly less time in the oven as they were not as moist as they should be in the middle. I like the idea of adding some chocolate chips.
By Mrs Lesley Silvester
24 Aug 2013
I've made these a number of times. Lovely taste and texture - try using orange flavoured chocolate - it's delicious. They also freeze very successfully.
By Ms Sue Sadler
19 Jul 2013
Do you need to use caster sugar?? I only gave 1 star as I haven't made them yet!

Brownies are very forgiving.. You could use caster, brown or ordinary granulated sugar. - Doves Farm

By Mrs Lizzie Law
10 Jul 2013
The taste was yummy but I really overcooked mine; I took them out after 30 mins and it was already like a crumbly cake so I would say definitely check yours before then! Also the cake tin size seems a bit wrong, 15 x 20cm is really tiny, I tipped my mixture into a tin that size (I had bought it specially!) and half was still left in the bowl! So maybe the tin size was where I went wrong...
By Miss Kate Palmer
10 Jun 2013
Fantastic! I bought Dove Farm gluten-free flour by mistake, so was happy to come across this brownie recipe to use it up. My boyfriend was extremely happy with these as they are very moist and quite rich, exactly what he looks for in a brownie.
By Miss Suzanne Vernon
31 May 2013
Really good with honey and grated coconuts
By Miss Renate Schiefler
05 May 2013
Hi I made some brownies today & I was disappointed. I didn't use any nuts but the brownies turned out like cake. They weren't wet & moist like they should have been. Any suggestions?
By Mrs Denise Horrocks
21 Apr 2013
do they freeze well?
By Mrs Linda Wynne
02 Apr 2013
I added slightly less sugar and these were FAB. They are lighter than normal brownies and just as tasty, even more tasty even! I added chocolate chips to mine.
By Miss Saras Jones
21 Feb 2013
I added 2 tablespoons of cocoa powder because the mix was far too sweet and I wanted a richer chocolate taste. Omitting half the sugar would probably do the same! Also left 50g of chocolate as chunks, delish!
By Miss Olivia Magill
13 Jan 2013
Unfortunately, you haven't specified that the baking powder must also be gluten free.
By Miss Lucie Rogers
16 Dec 2012
Brilliant used dairy free spread, self raising gf flour, cut down on the sugar and it was great :)
By Mrs Lindsay Mccann
25 Oct 2012
Such a good recipe. Made them many times and they always work. I add some roughly chopped dark chocolate to the mix for an extra-gooeyness! All my work colleagues love them and you wouldn't know they were special in anyway.
By Miss Stacey Bartlett
10 Sep 2012
Yum Yum Yum!!!! Really lovely brownies, I added the walnuts and it made them even nicer.
By Miss Kay Edwards
04 Sep 2012
I'm making my second batch of these Brownies today and I'm so excited as they are amazing. I gave them to my friends who were surprised that they were gluten free. They keep really well, if you can resist not eating them all immediately. Recipe is fab, I'll probably leave them a few minutes less this time as would have liked them a bit gooey, but never the less they were excellent.
By Mrs Joanne Mears
02 Sep 2012
Re: Mr Adam Mccabe - We like our brownies rather gooey and soft in the middle. If you prefer yours a little firmer, simply leave them in the oven for an additional 5 or 10 minutes. Use a cocktail stick to assess the texture of the inside, but remember they will continue to cook slightly as they cool.
30 Aug 2012
I made these today but I had a few problems I followed the recipe to the key but the inside was still very runny and uneatable. But I tasted the outsides and they were superb can anyone help me ? Thanks
By Mr adam mccabe
29 Aug 2012
Great recipe - produces rich and fluffy brownies. I would err on the side of 30-35mins and as I like my brownies quite gooey. They were lovely and the best GF recipe I've found yet!
By Miss Emma Murray
03 May 2012
I use the Doves Organic Gluten Free Flour in all of my Gluten Free & Gluten Free & Vegan Brownies, and everybody always loves them! www.havecake.co.uk
By Miss claire mcevoy
06 Apr 2012
Always looking for puddings to satisfy my gluten and wheat free customers here in my pub and this one is a real winner, so easy to make too.
By Mrs Michelle Powell
05 Mar 2012
I've never had a brownie before. Now I know what everyone raves about! These are delicious and they do not taste gluten free. I am so pleased that there is something yummy I can make for all the family to share. Thanks! I made mine with cooking marge as it's much cheaper than butter and they still tasted Fab.
By Mrs Claire Smy
04 Feb 2012
My Son and I made these lovely Brownies. Enjoyed by the whole family. Very easy to make. We also used 100g of Sugar, which is enough. I've recommended this recipe to friends. Thanks for sharing. Victoria and son James.
By Miss victoria morcher
29 Jan 2012
I always make this for my gluten & dairy free son's birthday cake! Its such a treat... definitely only needs half the sugar though.
By Miss Paula Mason
31 Dec 2011
Having just turned gluten-free, I was devastated about not being able to eat brownies anymore! Someone passed on this recipe to me and let me tell you, they turned out AMAZING! These brownies are probably better than 'gluten-full' brownies. I added a homemade vanilla icing which topped it off so well, although maybe a bit too sweet. I would definitely recommend this recipe.
By Miss Gillian D
08 Dec 2011
Best brownies ever. I've made these for so many people and they've been amazed to see me eating them as well, as they'd not guessed they were gluten-free. And so easy to make!
By Mrs Allie T
21 Nov 2011
Have just made these wonderful brownies today. I've never used gluten free flour before and was very pleasantly surprised by the result!
By Mrs Moira Lewin
17 Nov 2011
Have made these brownies today with the grandkids one small change we used dairy free butter so grandad could have some they are yummy
By Ms christine jackson
13 Nov 2011
Just made these Brownies and the whole family really enjoyed them, so much so that I have had requests to make more! They taste delicious with chopped hazelnuts! Very easy to make too!
By Mrs Vanessa Flewitt
12 Jul 2011
Just made these brownies with my 3 year old. Absolutely lovely, moist, chocolatey, and gooey. Everything a brownie should be. Absolutely would never know that these are gluten free! Delicious, Looking forward to making more Doves Farm recipes now!
By Mrs Tracey Bourne
21 Jun 2011
These brownies are so easy to make and taste wonderful. I adapted the recipe slightly by using only 100g of sugar as I felt 200g was a bit too sweet. I also added some chopped up chocolate too.
By Mrs Sarah Gaskell
01 Nov 2010
I loved the brownies they were delicious. They were fanastic and so chocolatey. They're brillant for Coeliacs because you can just use gluten free flour and pure butter.
By Ms Catherine Colston
28 Jul 2010

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