Gluten Free Brown Bread

Makes 1 loaf

Follow this recipe to make a great wheat free and gluten free alternative to ordinary wheat-based bread. You can use any type of milk and any type of vinegar and for best results weigh the ingredients where indicated. This is the original gluten free brown bread recipe that was on the back of our Gluten Free Brown Bread Flour packets for many years.

Free from Gluten, Soya, Wheat, Nuts


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  1. Brush the inside of 1kg/2lb bread tin with a little oil.
  2. Put the flour, salt, yeast and sugar into a large bowl and stir to combine.
  3. Break the eggs into another bowl and beat them together. Beat in the milk and vinegar.
  4. Stir the milky liquid into the prepared flour.
  5. Add half the oil and mix well.
  6. Pour the remaining oil over the dough and use it to bring together a soft doughy mass. 
  7. Tip the dough in the prepared tin and smooth the top.
  8. Cover with oiled cling film and leave to rise in a warm place for 90 minutes and pre-heat the oven
  9. Bake for 40 - 45 minutes.


1kg/2lb bread tin


220˚C, Fan 200˚C, 425˚F, Gas 7

Cooking time

40 - 45 minutes
I used the recipe on the back of the brown bread flour packet which is a bit different from the above and it is perfect. Its the first time I've made gluten free brown bread and will not look back.
By Sue
23 Apr 2019
I really do like these bread flours and find they work well provided you realise that the proving will vary depending on the warmth of the day. I usually allow a couple of hours for proving but wait until it reaches the top of the tin before baking. I have even used it to make pizza bases and my husband has enjoyed it too.
By Sally Smith
21 Sep 2017
I followed the recipe to the letter (using egg replacer as directed) It barely rose during proving, didn't rise to top of the 2lb tin it specifies. It produced an inedible loaf which was so dense and stodgy but dry and rock hard on the outside. It had to go in the bin! I had really high hopes for this I'm gutted. Can anyone maybe suggest where it's going wrong. (I can bake regular bread from scratch without a problem so I'm able to bake, I am not used to gluten free baking and thought this would have been as easy as following the directions)
By Amy
16 Aug 2017
I made this bread today and it was great, followed the exact recipe for the half dose!! Proper homemade bread
By Irene
16 Jul 2017
This recipe works well but I found there was too much dough for a 2lb tin so I reduced the recipe by 20% the second time. I also like to add seeds to my mix for some texture; I add about 50g of mixed seeds and replace one egg with a tablespoon of chia seeds stoaked in 3tbs of water.
By Fairy-Fran85
06 Jun 2017
I'm currently making a brown bread loaf using the Dove Farms flour mix for the first time. According to the recipe on the pack I'm to use egg whites only, although the recipe on here states just eggs. Is this a mistake on the pack recipe and should I have included the yolks too? Many thanks. I have rated neutral as I have no result yet.
By Mrs Lynda Pilling
16 Oct 2016
I agree with other cooks who have found this recipe to produce a very dense loaf. I don't know why this is happening, unless the flour has now got different ingredients. I have been making white and brown bread from Dove's farm gluten free flour for about 6 years, and since the package changed the results have been disappointing. I am moving to Mrs Crimbles bread mixes, because quite honestly the results are much, much better. It is also true that there is an error in the Fruit Bread Recipe. Disappointed in Doves Farm.
By Mrs Diane Antone
15 Feb 2016
Perfect first time! Followed the recipe exactly, and proved the dough in the airing cupboard as I have a very cool kitchen. It makes fab sandwiches and toast, delicious!
By Mrs Sheila Pinney
10 Jan 2016
We have made several loaves from the brown bread mix which does have an excellent taste. However whether made in the bread maker, or a tin, with egg whites or chick pea flour it never rises well. This makes for a very dense low rise loaf. We have tried adding an extra teaspoon of yeast but the results are no different. Howe can we improve the rise please Doves Farm?
By Mr Ian Standing
29 Nov 2015
I've tried this recipe with your white gluten free bread flour and was very happy with the result. I found a pack of Doves Farm yeast in my pantry which was over a year out of date but it still works well. I used egg whites. If not using egg whites or chickpea flour is it possible to use an extra 20g of the same flour plus the water?
By Mrs Suzanne Tharani
27 Sep 2015
This is good but a bit dry as can't have milk and tolerate much oil. Tried substituting milk with water and replacing oil with butter (80% of oil used in your recipe). Would welcome suggestions for appropriate substitutes and quantities.
By Mrs Hanne Hooton
12 Jul 2015
I made this for a friend yesterday following the recipe and it turned out really well! However! I didn't realise she can't have sugar either! What can I use to replace it? She can't have absolutely any kind of sweetener natural or not. What does the sugar do, and what will happen if I don't put it in? Thank you!

The sugar helps to feed the yeast, and give the loaf a little flavour. If she cannot have anything like honey or fructose syrup, which would be suitable substitutions, you can make it without. It just means your loaf may take longer to rise, or may not rise quite so much.

By Miss Anna McAndrew
26 Feb 2014
I thought when reading the recipe that 1kg of flour was too much, especially as the recipe on the packet is a lot less but I thought I'd try it anyway. It did rise which I was pleased about but after it cooled I picked it up and it is the weight of a brick and is far too dense, also instead of being a nice brown bread colour it came out grey.
By Miss Cat Milburn
01 Sep 2013
You need to proofread your recipe on your packaging. Here on this page, you say to use 1kg of flour to the 6tbsp of oil. On your packaging you say 450g flour to the 6tbsp of flour - so what's it to be? For the fruity brown loaf variation, you don't even mention the oil inclusion all together! Seriously, consistency is the key to recipes and your inconsistencies are very poor indeed. Bread has been a disaster the two times I've attempted to make it. Doesn't rise at all.

Thank you for your comment. The oil in our gluten free bread recipe is always added last. It helps to bring the dough together as a mass and improves handling and transferring to the baking tin. It is not always necessary to double the oil when you double the flour quantity, which is why it stays as 6tbsp here. ~ Doves Farm

By Ms A Hilton
07 Mar 2013
We have tried making this twice now and both times the loaf has not risen properly,we know it is not the yeast as we have used the same yeast with other gluten-free bread recipes. Any suggestions of where we are going wrong?

Hi Rosanna, your bread rise will be limited by the sides of the tin you are prooving it in. For best results, fill the tin only half full of the bread mixture and allow to rise in a warm place. Then pop it stright into the preheated oven. This should decrease the chances of it sinking afterwards also.

By Miss Rosanna Magee
20 Apr 2012
It is scary when making this as it is much stickier that when making normal bread but it turned out tasty and quite well for the first time!
By Mrs grace gilpin
13 Feb 2012
First time I have ever made bread. Very pleased with the result but a bit heavy. Any advice?
By Mrs Sue Rayner
08 Feb 2012
Just tried the new loaf. It is delicious - my partner took a second slice! It is rather dense in texture but the flavour is very good.
By Mrs janet upward
05 Jun 2011
I've made this recipe twice now - it uses a lot of eggs! It didn't rise very well . in fact I tried my yeast on some ordinary flour to make sure it wasn't the yeast that was at fault. Also the proportion of yeast to sugar disn't the same as for gluten flour. but it does have a good flavour. In your recipe instructions its easier to add the liquid to the flour than the way you suggest and you forgot to say oil the pan. I baked mine in two smaller tins. But great to have the recipe.
By Mrs janet upward
05 Jun 2011
This was a lovely bread! It had a yummy texture and flavour and was moist - which was refreshing for a gluten free bread!
By Mrs Gemma Horsley
27 Aug 2010

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