Gluten Free White Bread Rolls

Makes 6 rolls

Bake these useful white bread rolls for lunch boxes, picnics or freeze them as a handy standby. Also delicious are Brown Bread Rolls and Olive and Feta Bread Rolls.

Free from Gluten, Soya, Wheat, Nuts


Change Quantities:
  • 1 egg white
  • 2 tsp sugar
  • ¼ tsp salt
  • 2 tbsp oil
  • ½ tsp vinegar
  • 200ml milk
  • 250g FREEE White Bread Flour
  • 2 tsp Quick Yeast
  • oil, for tins
  • flour, for dusting
  1. Rub some oil around the inside of 8 Yorkshire or muffin tin holes.
  2. Put the egg white, sugar, salt, 1 spoon of the oil, the vinegar and milk into a bowl and whisk well.
  3. Add the flour and yeast, and mix into a smooth thick batter.
  4. Cover with an upturned bowl and leave in a warm place to double in size for 1-2 hours.
  5. Sprinkle the last spoon of oil over the batter and use a spatula to turn the mixture a couple of times in the bowl, to form an oily, doughy mass.
  6. Divide the doughy mass between the holes of the Yorkshire or muffin tin.
  7. Leave to rise for 35-40 minutes.
  8. Pre-heat the oven.
  9. Sprinkle some flour over the top of the rolls and bake for 15-20 minutes.
  10. Transfer the rolls to a wire rack and allow to cool completely before slicing.


12 cavity Yorkshire pudding or muffin tray and 2 x mixing bowls


200°C, Fan 180°C, 400°F, Gas 6

Cooking time

15-20 minutes
First time I’ve ever made bread (gluten free or otherwise) the recipe was easy to follow, the dough doubled in size in 90 minutes & rose again after putting them in the muffin tin. They baked well and are very tasty. Thanks doves farm!
By Emma
03 Jan 2020
3rd time I’ve made these and each time they have come out fine. Just for a laugh I’veused a Teaspoon of turmeric in my last batch. Lovely colour, highly recommended.
By Steve Hatfield
22 Dec 2020
This recipe is okay for the basics of the gluten- free bread (it is more spongy and slightly more moist) however lacks flavour, I too would recommend adding slightly more salt or sugar depending on whether you want it to be sweet like a cake or savoury. the texture of the crust is not very pleasant for the tongue however is not repulsive
By sarah
06 May 2020
I used the recipe and put the ingredients in my breadmaker on the normal dough setting (90 mins) (I used 1 spoonful chickpea flour and 2 tbsp water instead of the egg and slightly warmed soya milk being dairy intolerant) This produced a very sticky wet batter but I put spoonfuls into cake cases and cooked in the oven straight away for 20 mins. 8 lovely white soft rolls were produced. Will definitely do again.
By Daphne
12 Jan 2020
I wasn't expecting much from these given some of the poor reviews, but they turned out surprisingly good! I upped the salt to 1tsp on the advice of previous reviewers and used a muffin tin to make 9 'rolls'. They were light and fluffy... not quite bread, but pretty good really and it was a relief to make a gluten free bread that didn't have copious amounts of sugar in. We'll definitely make them again... I might try large Yorkshire pudding tins next time, to see if I can get a flat 'burger bun' type of roll, rather than something muffin shaped.
By Alison
01 Aug 2019
I followed this recipe to the letter and the buns were a total disappointment. They didn't rise well and were hard on the outside and dense on the inside and totally bland!
By Hilda
23 Jun 2018
I just spent all afternoon making these rolls, following the recipe to the letter. The 'dough' didn't rise and the rolls are like Yorkshire pudding on the outside and dense cake on the inside. They taste very bland too. Disgusting when filled with cheese. Very disappointed.
By Kirstie
05 Jun 2018
As I've now managed to get my gluten free bread down to a tee I thought I'd give this recipe a go. Complete failure! Followed the recipe to the letter, the batter didn't rise at all in the first 90 minutes and it only started rising when I put them in the oven on a warm 50 degree setting for the second 35 minutes. They just came out flat and more like overgrown biscuits than anything. This was the second time I'd tried this recipe so I'm not going to bother again and I'll just stick with the bread which I know I can get right.
By Sharon
18 Feb 2018
Tried this recipe today, after trying a different one several months ago (put me off making them - dreadful recipe). I must say I am impressed. They have worked very well. Took most of the morning, but hey ho as long as they are edible, who cares. Can recommend this recipe. Excellent.
By Sue Kempster
12 Feb 2018
First time I've made these and so easy. Due to me using dried yeast out of date 🤔 they didn't rise much but I'm perfectly happy with the taste and a great alternative to the bought.GF rolls I'm the shops. Also they were soft and light and not doughy.
By Mrs June Hemstoc
27 Mar 2017
I made these for the first time havjng first read the comments. I added a teaspoon of salt & held back some of the fluid. The buns look unusual, but a imagine that is how gf bread looks & is obviously very different to handle in comparison to regular dough. The buns are ok but quite dense in the centre. I'll attempt another batch, but am not particularly impressed with the overall result. It's surprising to read the varying experiences despite following the recipe!
By Mrs S B
18 Mar 2017
I made these on Thursday and they were easy to make and tasted delicious. They were soft and light. We had the last two today and they were still good, just starting to get dry but were good with our soup.
By Mrs Amanda Tidey
12 Feb 2017
These are just awful!! Had high hopes for these reading the reviews and was so looking forward to eating a home made roll, but they are disgusting quite frankly. No taste, followed the recipe to a T and they have not risen at all despite the times being followed and near the radiators.What a waste of an afternoons baking :(
By Miss Emeli Gleed
15 Oct 2016
Excellent! I followed the recipe exactly and the rolls are lovely, soft and tasty. I polished off three! Next time I shall make my pinch of salt bigger, and attempt to bake them in my yorkshire pudding pans which are not as deep as my muffin pans. I guess I shall have to use a wet knife to spread them around to get a flatter roll, my muffin pans are a bit deep. Best gf bread recipe so far. Thanks Dove's Farm.
By Mrs Jennifer Veitch
22 Jan 2016
Hmmm don't think I got them right. First attempt at gf. Don't suppose there are any pictures of what the "dough" should look like? Mine was runny as other people have also mentioned. They didn't turn out too bad but nothing like the pic above. Pretty sure it's my inexperience and not the recipe. Help :)
By Miss Laura Walker
06 Nov 2015
My 1st atempt today very runny mixture. Have rissen slightly, used cocunut milk as all got allergy to cows milk, think the cocunut milk is very runny. How much should I put in next time of the cocunut milk.
By Miss laura sumner
21 Sep 2015
Just started eating gluten free food but I was missing bread. My first batch I made in a six whole muffin pan. Thought the mix looked awful and hard to paint water on the tops. Turned out fine and tasted great with cheese filling and simply devoured one in no time at all. When you haven't eaten bread for days these are a great substitute. Second batch I did 12 mini loaves in a 12 hole cake tin. Cooked for only 15 mins. Used low fat spray oil rather than water after putting in pan. Excellent. I'm off to try and make pastry now!
By Mrs Alison Samways
22 Jul 2015
I made these today, 1st time baking GF. I forgot to let these sit for 90min before I added the oil, however they rose and still turned out fab! I will def be making these again! So much better than store bought.
By Ms Ange Thomasen
16 Jun 2015
I made these rolls today not thinking for a moment that they would be edible ! I thought they would taste like the shop bought rubbish that I've had to buy. well I couldn't be more suprised they are fantastic , they have 5 stars from me.Made small mistake and stirred the oil in too soon but don't think it mad much difference, I used desertspoon of olive oil and left them to rise over 2 hours to reach top of tin.First time ever made GF bread,will never buy again
By Mrs christine mansoor
16 Apr 2015
Was really excited about making these but unfortunately they did not come out very well. Followed the recipe correctly and spooned into a muffin tray making 9. They did not rise and tasted awful. Non of our family liked them. New to gluten free baking but these made me want to urge :(
By Miss Claire Barnicoat
25 Feb 2015
Excellent rolls, easy to make and a great bread alternative. They do taste a bit eggy and I might look into using an alternative. I also found that they needed 5 minutes more in the oven. I fund that I made 12 using a non stick fairy cake tin.
By Ms Claire Clark
07 Feb 2015
Brilliant! First time I've ever made bread and after my botched first attempt, trials two and three were great. I added dried basil, garlic puree and used olive oil. I think it would be well served by a little topping of cheese. Can't wait to try more experiments out with this :)
By Miss Louise Gale
15 Oct 2014
Would make these every week if I had time! Taste; lovely, similar to an English muffin, I thought. Consistency; again similar to an English muffin, quite substantial/dense but not heavy. Drier than wheat-based bread, but nowhere near as dry as shop bought GF bread! Recipe; 20 minutes was perfect. I too added a tsp of salt instead of a pinch. I also used Lactofree milk. I got 5 muffin-tray sized rolls, and 2 larger rolls (baked in non-fluted mini tart cases. Fab!
By Miss Emily Webster
27 Jul 2014
The best GF recipe EVER, much better than store bought and so fresh. I added 1 tsp of salt as suggested and used coconut milk to make dairy free. Defo gonna make once a week :)
By Miss Carla H
26 Mar 2014
Tried this recipe out increasing the salt to 1 tsp. Used both a muffin pan and yorkshire pudding pan, both results were great! Really moist bread. Was inspired to try a sweet bread, so added 1 1/2tsps cinnamon to the dry ingredients and exchanged the milk to coconut milk. Added an extra tsp of sugar and 1/2 cup of raisins when adding the oil. Sprinkled with a tiny amount of demerera sugar just before popping in the oven............and........WOW! Absolutely delicious gluten free sweet dough! Nom nom!
By Miss Tara McCarthy
11 Mar 2014
My daughter has a grain allergy, she is nine-years old. We have played around with various bread recipes, but none have been that great – until now. We made this bread yesterday using a mixture of GF-flours and both the bread rolls and bread came out beautifully. My daughter is thrilled and that makes me a happy mum! She wants to give this recipe a 10 star rating
By Mrs Jo Pearce
23 Feb 2014
Just made some of these using the tweaks recommended on other reviews - use a yorkshire tin to make 4 big rolls and a little more salt. Perfect!!! Way better than shop bought,
By Mrs rachel sutch
05 Feb 2014
First time at trying gluten free bread and I'm pleasantly surprised. Although didn't rise too well they taste delicious even my incredible fussy 9yr old (whose gluten free) loves them, says they taste better than the shops. Used a Yorkshire pudding tray (the kind with 4 medium size) as suggested in someone else's comments and it makes the perfect size rolls. Excited to try out more Doves recipes at the wk end
By Mrs Karen Roberts
30 Jan 2014
Tried the recipe, gorgeous, thought it was to wet but no. My partner has been a coeliac for 42 years and he rated them the best.
By Mrs Jo Cooper
11 Jan 2014
Fantastic! I can now have burgers with cheese and onions etc. etc. Heaven. I made mine in Yorkshire pudding trays, so got 4 nice large 'baps'. I took other peoples advise and added 1 teasp salt for the taste.
By Mrs Linda E. Brown
22 Oct 2013
I have made these twice now and like them very much as they're so much nicer than the shop GF breads that taste like bath sponge! I did find the mixture very runny but it rises enough and the texture is light and fluffy almost like a savoury sponge cake. I added a little extra salt for taste. Great recipe.
By Mrs Kate Thompson
13 Sep 2013
1st good recipe!!! Only been GF for a few months and missing bread so much. The stuff in the shops is so expensive and rubbish. Started making my own and this recipe is great. you have to get over the fact the GF flour / products are very different. this recipe is quite wet, but resist the temptation to add more flour...... it works, you just have to work out how to make it work. iv used a piping bag to make rounded good shapes buns. more recipes please :)
By Mr David Thomson
09 Sep 2013
This a great recipe! It was first attempt at baking rolls and I am so happy with them! I have tried many brands of shop bought GF rolls and each time they have gone too waste as tasted so awful. These are perfect - the only criticism I have of the recipe, is it needs more salt, so my second attempt I shall be adding 1tsp! Also, I find you get a better sized roll if using two tablespoons of dough per roll, and mine required an extra 5mins cooking time than the recipe suggests as they were too doughy in the middle
By Miss Lindsey Davies
03 Mar 2013
I made these for my gluten sensitive family and they loved them. They do taste a bit of egg but were light and fluffy and really nice. I'd suggest adding 1 teaspoon of salt to balance the flavours even if you're using the bread with sweet items such as jam.
By Mrs Karen Barton
25 Nov 2012
First time making bread. Followed the recipe from my bread flour packet. Seemed very strange ingredients and looked very weird when making it. Verdict? Not bad for first attempt! Certainly better than the GF bread sold in shops and a lot better value too! Think I need more practice!!
By Miss Lisa Rivers
09 Oct 2012
My first attempt at any sort of GF bread, I was pretty pleased! I made this super cute mini rolls, the batter is more like a thick muffin batter, so don't be surpised and the texture of my bread was somewhere between bread and a muffin, but I had one warm with butter and jam and it was super delicious. Also, they didn't rise much, but I expected that anyway. Pretty easy, despite the long amount of rising time!
By Mrs Natalie Holland
06 Aug 2012
These were excellent. We needed them to be milk free too, so substituted the milk with rice milk, which works well. Both those with allergies and without scoffed them. In fact, nobody noticed they were "special" in any way until told. Thanks!
By Mrs Sheilagh Stewart
13 Mar 2012
It certainly is a very sloppy mixture, I'd recommend making the dough in a bread machine and then spooning the mixture into a muffin tin to make rolls, that worked well. lovely rolls!
By Miss Michelle Wroblewska
12 Dec 2011
This recipe was an epic fail. I followed the ingredients exactly and very carefully, the yeast was not bad, it just looked like soup. Had to keep adding flour - then ran out of flour, had to go get more flour from shop and come back to try to repair it. Waste of ingredients, and I did try to fry a piece of it to see if it was okay and it was really terrible. Won't be trying this one again.
By Miss Maddy James
15 Nov 2011
This recipe was simple and worked properly! The rolls are light and fluffy- almost like real non GF breads! The only complaint would be the lack of rising, but I suppose that is common in GF baking.
By Miss Gillian Hunter
12 Aug 2011
Tried recipe as free from vinegar - I am sulphite sensitive as well as gluten free. Used GF brown bread flour - worked well - doughy! Nice warm with butter.
By Dr jenny argyle
06 Nov 2010

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Change Quantities:
  • 1 egg white
  • 2 tsp sugar
  • ¼ tsp salt
  • 2 tbsp oil
  • ½ tsp vinegar
  • 200ml milk
  • 250g FREEE White Bread Flour
  • 2 tsp Quick Yeast
  • oil, for tins
  • flour, for dusting

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