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How to Change Cake Tin Sizes

If you don’t have the exact size of cake tin specified in a recipe, you may be able to use another in your cupboard. This reference table offers some square and rectangular tin options which should be the same depth as the tin you want to replace.

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Round Tin Square Tin Rectangular Tin
10cm/4” 7.5cm/3 x 3”  -
15cm/6” 12.5 x 12.5cm/5 x 5” 10 x 15cm/4 x 6”
18cm/7” 15 x 15cm/6 x 6” 12.5 x 18cm/5 x 7”

18 x 18cm/7 x 7”

15 x 20cm/6 x 8”
23cm/9” 20 x 20cm/8 x 8” 18 x 23cm/7 x 9”
25cm/10” 23 x 23cm/9 x 9” 18 x 30cm/7 x 12”

25 x 25cm/10 x 10”

23 x 28cm/9 x 11”
30cm/12” 28 x 28cm/11 x 11” 25 x 30cm”/10 x 12”
35cm/14” 30 x 30cm/12 x 12” 28 x 33cm”/11 x 13”

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