Gluten Free Hot Cross Buns

Makes 12 buns

Homemade hot cross buns are a real treat and can be enjoyed by the whole family at Easter. This recipe will make 12 hot cross buns which are best served warm or toasted, split and spread with butter. Freeze any you do not use.

Free from Gluten, Egg, Soya, Wheat, Dairy, Nuts


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  1. Put the bread flour, quick yeast, caster sugar and mixed spice into a large bowl and mix well.
  2. Measure the milk into a jug, add the egg (or chickpea flour and water) and mix to a thick batter.
  3. Pour the batter into the mixing bowl and mix well.
  4. Add the currants, mixed peel and juice and stir until the fruit is well combined.
  5. Cover and leave in a warm place to double in size (about 2 hours).
  6. In another bowl, mix together the plain flour and butter to form breadcrumbs then add drops of water to make a pastry dough. Roll the pastry between two pieces of parchment until 1mm thick and cut into 4mm/⅛” strips.  Set aside.
  7. Line a large baking tray with parchment.
  8. Sprinkle the oil over the dough, gently turn it once or twice in the oil then spoon out 12 piles of dough onto the prepared oven tray.
  9. Moisten the pastry strips with water, lay them across each pile of dough to form a cross and leave in a warm place to rise for 20 minutes.
  10. Pre-heat the oven.
  11. Bake the buns for 20 - 25 minutes.
  12. Gently heat the apricot jam, mashing any lumps, and brush it over the buns as they come out of the oven.


large baking tray, parchment, saucepan


200°C, Fan 180°C, 400°F, Gas 6

Cooking time

20-25 minutes
Apologies for last comment. I realised I didn't use bread flour previously. I made them again today and they are delicious.I like Dove farm gluten free. I buy these ptoducts and the recipes are good. Love the chocolate cake one. Thank you.
By Jan
07 Apr 2018
I think the flour quantity is incorrect. Didn't form a dough, too liquid.
By Jan
30 Mar 2018

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