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Gluten Free Hot Cross Buns

Makes 12 buns

Homemade hot cross buns are a real treat and can be enjoyed by the whole family. This recipe will make 12 hot cross buns which are best served warm or toasted, split and spread with butter. Freeze any you do not use.

Free from Gluten, Soya, Wheat, Nuts


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Preparing the Bun Dough

  1. Put the flour, quick yeast, sugar, and mixed spice into the bowl of a kitchen mixer and stir to combine.
  2. Break the egg into the bowl, add the milk and softened butter.
  3. Mix into a smooth paste.
  4. Cover and leave for 6 -12 hours or overnight.
  5. Put the currants and glace peel into another bowl.
  6. Add the orange juice, stir, cover and leave overnight.


  1. Line a large baking tray with parchment.
  2. Add the prepared fruit to the dough and stir until it is combined.
  3. Spoon out 12 piles of dough onto the prepared baking tray.
  4. Cover and leave the dough to rise in a warm place until doubled in size (1 – 4 hours).
  5. Pre-heat the oven.
  6. Put the egg yolk into a small bowl, add the water and stir to combine. Brush half the egg mixture over the buns.
  7. Bake for 15 minutes.

Adding the Cross

  1. Meanwhile, put the plain flour into a bowl and add the water to form a paste of just dropping consistency but not runny. If necessary add another drop of water.
  2. Remove the buns from the oven and brush the remaining egg mixture over the top of the buns.
  3. Take a teaspoon of paste and dribble it over the buns to form a cross on each. Continue to make a cross on each bun.
  4. Return the baking tray to the oven for 5 minutes.
  5. Transfer the buns to a wire rack to cool.


large baking tray, parchment paper, saucepan, kitchen mixer and mixing bowl


200°C, Fan 180°C, 400°F, Gas 6

Cooking time

15 minutes + 5
Apologies for last comment. I realised I didn't use bread flour previously. I made them again today and they are delicious.I like Dove farm gluten free. I buy these ptoducts and the recipes are good. Love the chocolate cake one. Thank you.
By Jan
07 Apr 2018
I think the flour quantity is incorrect. Didn't form a dough, too liquid.
By Jan
30 Mar 2018

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