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Everyday Shortcrust Pastry

Makes pastry for the top and base of an 18cm/7" pie or 24 small tarts

Work quickly with these simple ingredients to make versatile shortcrust pastry that can be used with a wide variety of sweet and savoury fillings.

Free from Egg, Soya, Nuts


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  1. Rub a little butter around your pie dish or tart tin and pre-heat the oven.
  2. Put the flour and butter into a large bowl.
  3. Use a fork or pastry blender to work the butter into the flour until the mixture resembles breadcrumbs.
  4. Stir in the water.
  5. Using your hands gather the mix together to form a smooth ball of pastry dough.
  6. Put the dough on a floured surface, or between two pieces of cling film, and roll it out to the desired thickness and size.
  7. Transfer the pastry to the prepared dish or simply press it into the dish using your fingers.
  8. Cut away any pastry that hangs over the edge of your dish and bake according to your recipe.


18cm/7" pie dish or tart tray


180°C, Fan 160°C, 350°F, Gas 4

Made this a few times, the best shortcrust pastry recipe for gluten free. I roll it on an icing sheet, folded over, it doesn't break and is light.
By Amanda
14 Jun 2018
tried it today, exactly as per the recipe and it was perfect for mince pies!
By Miss Tracy Carr
21 Dec 2016
I find if I follow the Recipie but use a capful of vinegar in the water and leave it in the fridge for a good hour, it comes out well. I don't use any flour when rolling, but do so between two sheets of clingfilm
By Mr Ben Mawson-mole
12 Dec 2015
I found that ghe best way to make the pastry is: 150g of plain flour 50g of corn flour 1 egg Zanthium gum 100g of butter Mix all dry ingredients together first then rub in butter and add egg. Add enough water to bind. Remember that the pastry is wetter than regular pastry. Cover in cling wrap and refridgerate for around 20 mind before rolling. Use plenty of flour when rolling.
By Mrs Victoria Maddison
17 Oct 2015
I followed the directions to the letter, goodness knows what I could have done wrong, but after bringing the pastry together into a ball to roll out it broke into lots of pieces, I re gathered it up and tried several times, and it would roll out but when you needed to transfer it over the pie it broke into lots of pieces, well it's a jigsaw chicken pie now. Pastry wasn't to dry, board and rolling pin, slightly floured to prevent any sticking...
By Mrs Angela Barclay-Brown
01 May 2015

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