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Gluten Free Blueberry Cupcake Muffins

Makes 6 muffins

The fresh blueberries added to these muffins become juicy, fruity mouthfuls nestling in the sweet soft muffin sponge.

Free from Gluten, Soya, Wheat, Nuts


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  1. Pre-heat the oven.
  2. Stand six paper muffin cases in the holes of a muffin or tart tray.
  3. Put the oil, yoghurt, sugar and egg into a large bowl and beat together well.
  4. Add the flour and stir to combine.
  5. Stir in the blueberries.
  6. Divide the mixture between the prepared muffin cases.
  7. Bake for 20-25 minutes.
  8. Sieve a little icing sugar over the muffins before serving.


paper muffin cases, 12-hole muffin or tart tray and mixing bowl


190°C, Fan 170°C, 375°F, Gas 5

Cooking time

20-25 minutes
Made these last week for the first time and they were amazing. As I needed to use the yogurt I doubled the recipe and froze some, and on defrosting were just as delicious. As there is just me this is ideal. Thank you Dove ,
By Jane
10 Aug 2021
These came out absolutely perfect first time. So simple to do and so tasty. Will only use this recipe going forward!
By Abigail
11 Mar 2021
Made them today in my airfryer, absolutely delicious
By Jacquie
10 Dec 2020
Made these today absolutely yummy
By Jacqui
10 Aug 2020
These muffins definitely do not taste like your typical gluten-free stuff, they are soft and squishy with lots of flavor. Would recommend to any coeliac.
By Lewis
23 Jul 2020
Made these today , yummy
By Lynn Hillman
02 Feb 2019
Fantastic muffins, which last for a few days. I reduce the sugar to 75 grams and usually add 150grams of blueberries (1 small tub). They have become a family favourite.
By Sarah
15 Jun 2017
Followed Maddie James' advice for gluten free and they were wonderful. Will definitely do them again.
By Mrs Sheila Niven
01 May 2017
Came out too oily with the suggested amount of oil I'm afraid. Have to try using less, 100g-s is too much I found.
By Ms Viktoria Szabo
07 Oct 2016
Wow, I am in the process of being diagnosed with Coeliac Disease and felt quite down about not being able to eat various foods. I bought some Dovesfarm self raising flour this morning and set about making these muffins. WOW! Fantastic. So easy and wonderful to eat. I can't wait to experiment as other contributors are doing and Looking forward to trying out some more recipes listed on the site. Happy baking everyone.
By Mrs Sandra Constable
23 Mar 2016
I made this dairy free by using Alpro coconut yoghurt. Delicious and light but I too found they needed at least 30 mins to be golden.
By Ms Debi Evans
29 Oct 2015
I bought some Dove's Farm gluten free flour, as I have family members who are gluten intolerant. The recipe I used to make my muffin loaf was similar to this one and a tried and tested recipe with ordinary flour (mostly wholemeal) so having read all the comments, I tweaked it to bring the two somewhere in line. My recipe to make a one pound muffin loaf is 1 egg, 100g caster sugar, although I usually use demerara, 125ml milk but in this case I used half milk and half yoghurt, both goat as I am intolerant to cow's milk, 62ml veg oil, 200g flour, if not self-raising add 1.5 tsp baking powder, 0.5tsp salt. I mixed the wet ingredients and sugar with a whisk, then added the flour and stirred a few times to moisten. I left it for about 10 mins to rest, couldn't wait any longer, I have bread on the go, and then put the mix in the loaf tin and pushed the berries into the top of the mix as I had frozen them. I gave it 30 mins at 190c. It looks beautiful and has risen really well. I'm just giving it another 10 mins on a lower heat to make sure, as the top looks a bit pale and wobbled a bit when I turned it around. I hope this is of use to someone, Mine's going to Portsmouth with me on Saturday to share with my family!
By Mrs Bett Plummer
20 Aug 2015
I just made theses using Doves gluten free flour and they're lovely. I didn't have any plain yoghurt so used an Activia one with blueberries at the bottom. As I just tried one straight form the cooling rack Im not counting those calories!
23 Apr 2015
Hi, I baked these yesterday and what a fabulous surprise, I have been on a GF diet for 20 years and have tried all sorts of recipes for muffins without much success, but this recipe is great, I used the tips from Maddy to reduce the oil, as I am also dairy free I swapped the natural yoghurt for plain soya yoghurt, and they were soft and moist. Even today they were still soft and tasted exactly like I remember blueberry muffins tasting. Yippee! a must for future baking sessions
By Miss Maggie Dunne
22 Jan 2015
Hello all! I've been low-carbing it so I've been avoiding baking for a while. I just made a batch with the intent to get rid of the oil completely and to minimise the sugar as much as possible. My mod is: 2 Overripe medium-medium large bananas (when mashed mine filled up about 2/3 of a standard coffee cup) 40 g Fructose sugar (sugar from fruit) 1 tbls of honey (if needed, don't add until you've tasted the mix) 2 tbls yogurt (have more on hand if mix seems dry) 1 Egg 150 g Self Raising White Flour 100 g Fresh Blueberries pinch Sea salt (really helps bring out the flavour!) combine everything but the honey. Combined dry together, combined wet, combined them all, left to sit for 20 minutes to absorb (seriously, this makes a difference). taste a bit of the batter, if it doesn't taste sweet enough, add the honey (more if need be, but less is more!) and then bake at same temperature. a couple of things: because of the banana, this will change the texture dramatically. For some people, this is great, for other people, they don't like the texture. So just be aware of this and make your own mind there. The inside is definitely squishier and some people don't like that. I personally love the creamy texture, but you know what you like. If you don't, give it a try and find out! also, It may take a little longer to cook, so don't be alarmed. Because of the banana, if you pull out the tooth pick to check and it's not completely clear, don't be alarmed; if they're brown on top they're probably done. I think mine probably took about 30 minutes. If you put in berries (I used cranberries the first time, the second I used a mixed forest berry), directly around the berries will look and taste a little doughier. This is just because of the banana, it is cooked through even if it tastes a little softer. This firms up a lot when the muffins cool down, but if you've cooked it for at minimum 25 minutes and they're light brown all the way around, chances are it's cooked through and this is just part of the texture. Lastly, I've done this variation twice now. In the first run, I used less sugar and more yogurt. I was equally happy with both runs, but if you're avoiding sugar, feel free to subtract some of that sugar for another scoop of yogurt! So this is the variation I'm happiest with and the one I'm going to stick with, just because I like to avoid sugar and oil. For those who don't mind sugar and oil, I suggest giving this variation a try, but if you don't like it, revert back to the original tweaked recipe to cut down the oil with an extra scoop of yogurt. For vegans and those wanting to replace the egg, if you add just a bit more of banana, you should be able to do that easily (though, again, it will change the texture with more banana and no egg, if you're happy with it, this is easy to do!) To make it vegan, just replace the yogurt with soya yogurt!
By Miss Maddy James
25 Jul 2012
I've just made these and I also tweaked the recipe to cut the calories. I used 50g rapeseed oil, 50g sugar and 4 tbs vanilla fat free yogurt. They were lovely, usually i'm happy to share with the rest of the family but not these, they are all mine!!!!!
By Mrs caroline lee
12 May 2012
My daughter loves these muffins, I do however use Maddy James adjustments, less oil more yoghurt. I also use 100g white choc chips & 75g raspberries, the whole family eats these, so no more baking 2 different batches!
By Mrs Louise Broady
06 Feb 2012
I used this recipe as amended for my contribution to the cakes stall at a fete and they went down really well.
By Mrs Linda Gearing
10 Aug 2011
Turned out very well. I used raspberries because I have a glut of them at the moment, I'll certainly make them again. Used the reduced oil as suggested with more yoghurt, also added a little more milk as the flour soaked up the liquid.
By Mrs Linda Gearing
11 Jul 2011
This is a great recipe but needs tweaking. First off, it has WAY too much oil. The first time I made these to the recipe and the oil was literally dripping off paper cups. No good. I made it with a tablespoon more of yoghurt and 75g of oil which seems perfect. Also, as with all gluten free baking, I let the mixture set for about 20 minutes. GF flour has a weird absorption rate and I find it tastes much better if I let it sit for about 20 minutes, mix it one more time and then cool it. I replaced the blueberries with cranberries because I prefer them and they came out really well. However, to answer Mrs. R Burrage's question, I did not have success with the egg replacement last time I made these. I might try flax seed to replace the eggs next time, and someone else might have luck with the egg replacement, but I did not. :) Once the recipe is tweaked, 5 stars! But do mind to cut down the oil, it's just too much.
By Miss Maddy James
10 Mar 2011
Was wondering if egg replacement can be used instead of whole egg?
By Mrs R Burrage
26 Sep 2010

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