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Freee by Doves Farm Gluten Free Plain White Flour 1kg

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Our special flour blend milled from naturally gluten free ingredients is a great alternative to everyday wheat flour. Follow one of our gluten free recipes or adapt a traditional recipe by adding a little extra liquid.  

This product is Coeliac UK and Kosher certified.

GLUTEN FREE Plain White Flour Blend

A blend of naturally gluten free flours

Ingredients: flour blend (rice, potato, tapioca, maize, buckwheat).

Storage: to keep your flour at its best, roll down the top after use and store in a cool dry place.  

Packaging material: paper.

Milled in the UK with EU & Non-EU Rice. 

Always cook flour before consumption.

Typical values per 100g
Energy 1498kJ
Fat 1.3g
of which saturates 0.3g
Carbohydrate 80g
of which sugars 0.2g
Fibre 0.8g
Protein 5.0g
Salt 0.03g


Doves farm freee range of flours are the best I’ve tried. I ordered some flours and cereals which were dispatched in good time and I was kept updated on delivery information. Sadly there was damage in transit and the flour bags split, when I contacted doves farm, they got back to me within the hour and dispatched replacements. Super customer service and great products!
By Caragh
25 May 2021
I have been using this flour for nearly ten years and it's a pantry staple. I have successfully used it in cakes, brownies, cupcakes, biscuits and in savory foods too. I have had a few flops over the years but I can't blame the flour mix for that. I'm so happy to have it and I wish some of the other variations were available to buy locally.
By Alex
21 Nov 2020
This is a test review - Doves Farm
22 Apr 2020
Not so much a review, as a request for info. Just made the first loaf as per instructions. The rising went ok, but in the over it started to flatten out as the cooking went on, and was starting to burn on the top after 35 minutes. I took it out and left to cool, top is very crispy but it has now sunk in the middle. Any ideas please advise.
By Mrs Sylvia Flynn
03 Apr 2017
Very disappointed. Made Parkin to usual recipe but with gluten free flour and added water.Result too crumbly to cut.My gluten intolerant , parkin loving daughter will be very dissapointed
By Ms Mary Bryan
04 Feb 2017
Have purchased the Gluten Free White Bread flour many times and happily used it in my breadmaker following the recipe offered on the package. However, this last time, I accidentally purchased this gluten free 'Plain White' flour and I'm wondering if I can also use it for making the same gluten free loaf??? What's the difference between the two? Thanks!
By Ms Tabitha Hrynick
22 Sep 2016
Dear Doves, Thank you for your great flours ! Below I see a previous post asking the proportions ? Whilst not giving the recipe away. I need to know for my friends very sick boy if we are overloading him with rice flour ? As its the first ingredient mentioned I realise it's the highest content. But at a high or low percentage to the others. Because, at the moment we are cutting all rice in his diet and he is missing out on his two favs fried rice and rice pudding. Please please please inform me whether what we are doing isnt necessary. Thank you, Kim

Dear Kim, we are not able to tell you the exact proportions we use but we can say the amount of rice flour in this gluten free flour blend is approximately half. We hope this helps. All the best from the team here at Doves Farm

By Ms Kim Hetherington
14 Jan 2015
I have just used this flour in my bread maker following your gluten free recipe on this site but it hasn't gone to a dough it is still very runny i have tried it twice and now i am getting frustrated, i haven't left it to do a full bake as the mixture looked too runny,help what am i doing wrong?
By Mrs kate bolton
05 Oct 2014
This is definitely by far the best flour blend available. It works 1:1 in most cases. To the person below, i've found that adding 1 Tbsp ground flaxseed aids in structure. If you can handle eggs, try an extra egg white in the mix. Xanthan gum aids in structure but can be verrrry gummy. The flaxseed is my favourite! (a little trick is to replace 1 Tbsp (per 135g) of your flour with 1 Tbsp buckwheat flour. This REALLY makes a difference.) Thanks Doves Farm, you're the best! Can I ask, are all of your flours/flour blends organic and non-GMO? Im pretty sure they are i just wanna be sure!! xxx
By Miss Michelle Kickham
16 Sep 2014
Your flour has been a great replacement for our usual plain flour in our brownies - the taste remains just as good and the brownies moist. however the brownies come out more crumbly and cakey - anything we can do to have a denser texture that holds its shape better?
By Mr Paz Sarmah
28 Apr 2014
Have just used this for the first time following the Victoria sponge recipe on the pack. Very disappointing results. The quantity is nowhere near enough for 8 inch tins, maybe 7 inch would give something more like a cake than a biscuit. I just hope it tastes better than it looked or it will be an expensive disaster.
By Mrs Julia Marsh
22 Apr 2014
What are the proportions of the different flours if I want to mix them up myself to get this blend?

Hi Evelyn. We work to our own special recipe that was developed over many years of trial and error and are afraid we cannot give away our best hints and tricks. We do all the hard work so you don't have to :)

By Ms Evelyn Hwang
14 Mar 2014
ifound your gluten free flours are the best tryed others but yours make great cakes,pastery,bread etc the hole family eats the food i make, though its my husband that canot have wheat,gluten,every one says its the best they have tasted so a big thank you for making the gf flour etc
By Mrs linda kellaway
20 Oct 2013
Dear Dove Farm, I use your gluten free Flours and they are lovely to bake with. I was wondering if you could tell me what vitamins and minerals your flour contain. Elaine

This is not something our Technical Team currently measure. We do not add any vitamins or minerals to the flour, so their levels would be typical of those associated with the ingredients. These will be quite low, typical of flours & starches.

By Mrs Elaine Wynne
20 Oct 2013
I got the best gluten-free pizza crust with this flour. I've used gluten-free flour before, but this one really excels. Great job, Dove's Farm!
By Miss Georgiana Bogdan
17 Oct 2013
This is an excellent flour I make cakes and cupcakes so easily which this which just require a little extra whipping from normal cakes to rise. Flavor is excellent and product is great, I combine all gluten cake recipes calling for flour with 1 part this flour and 1 part rice flour and that is the perfect combo to get a moist great tasting cake. With half this flour and have rice flour substitute in cakes you get the perfect tasting cake no dryness! :)
By Miss Sunie Shah
09 Aug 2013
I discovered this gluten-free flour and I really have to say that it is fantastic for cakes. My customers never notice the difference compared to cakes with gluten flour, great stuff!
By Mr Tom Burgess
21 Jun 2013
I have really enjoyed using this flour for a number of years and have had great results. Recently though I have had the same reaction to it as if I had eaten something with gluten in it - any comment?

Hi Joan, We're sorry it seems you've had a reaction to this product. We can confirm our product ingredients or production method have not changed. We can only suggest you may have had something else at a similar time to consuming something made with this flour which has infact been the product to cause the reaction - Doves Farm

By Mrs Joan Jones
05 Feb 2013
Absolutely the best gluten free flour I have come across. I use it in all my gluten free baking and my customers love the taste of my gluten free brownies. Louise www.havecake.co.uk
By Miss Louise McEvoy
08 Jan 2013
Hah! Tried this recipe in my brand new Morphy Richards 'Daily Loaf' machine (1lb capacity) and the paddle simply whizzed around for an hour and a half without kneading it - at all! Far too much liquid! Can you please give the correct quantities for a 1lb bread pan? I eventually slopped the result into a conventional loaf tin and put it in the oven... Not bad, actually, but very 'cakey'.
By Ms Iona MHJ Brown
01 Jun 2012
This flour mix makes excellent bread, suitable for toasting et all. When the loaf has staled it will make excellent bread and butter pudding. The structure of the crumb is perfect for absorbing the custard and spice mix.
By Mr Ivan Phair
14 Feb 2012
Am I correct in noting this flour now has no xanthan gum in the blend, I am sure it used too...guess I can just add it but not sure about quantity?

Hi there, Our GF Plain White has never had Xanthan Gum in it. If you would like to add Xanthan Gum to a recipe, we would suggest just 1 teaspoon per 200g of flour. We hope this helps! Please do get in touch if you have any more queries. Doves Farm

By Ms Rhoda Baker
16 Feb 2011
I have made cakes, buns and sauces using this flour and it is no different to using a wheat flour. Excellent for wheat free baking/cooking
By Miss Christine Gosling
07 Dec 2010
used this flour for a birscuit making...i now use it for all the biscuits. they are light and crumbly and everyone is always surprised that they are gluten free
By Miss caroline douglas
20 Oct 2010
This is terrific flour and I use it for pretty much all my baking - often ordinary recipes that I just add more liquid to.
By Mrs Colleen Oakley
15 Dec 2009

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