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This Gluten Free Food Box is convenient way to get hold of all your gluten free favourites in one handy selection box. It contains a useful selection across our gluten free offering, from flours to oat bars, breakfast cereals and pasta.  

While we are unable to specify the exact contents of each box, they will contain the following:

3 x 1kg bags of Gluten Free Flour   

2 x packs of Gluten Free Breakfast Cereal Products

2 x packs of Gluten Free Pasta or Spaghetti

2 x packs of Gluten Free Oat Bars (8 Oat Bars)

1 x pack of a Gluten Free Mix (e.g. Pancake Mix)

Please note that subject to product availability we reserve the right to swap items for a similar product in value and product type – ALL items will of course be gluten free.  The contents of your box therefore may differ from the image depicted.  We are working hard to ensure that changes are kept to a minimum.

Really good! This provided a gluten free lifeline during lockdown when I couldn't get anything else delivered. Delivery was quick and there's a good selection. Just one little suggestion: as many coeliacs (including me) are also avenin-intolerant and can't eat oats, even gf ones, I'd suggest there's either two options for the boxes – one that does and one that doesn't include the oat bars. Either that or it should be made easier to get an alternative product. I'd already ordered a box by the time I got a response (sorry Dove's farm, I know you must have been run off your feet at the time) and still have lots of oat bars in my cupboard as a result.
By Sharon
19 Sep 2020
Our order arrived within two days, we were absolutely delighted with the contents of the box, we will be using Doves Farm again in the future.
By David
10 Jun 2020
This Doves Farm box of goodies has been a life saver for my daughter during this lockdown. She lives 3hrs away from me and she hasn't been able to purchase any gluten free flour or pasta in any of the shops. She was diagnosed with Coeliac 18yrs ago and relies so much on Doves farm products. I went on their website a month ago and bought one of their 'box' of goodies which included flour , pasta, cereal and cereal bars. She was overjoyed at the quality and quantity of the items included. I bought another box for her yesterday and it arrived today!!! WOW!!! Such amazing service. She says there are 3 different types of flour as well as boxes of cereal, pasta and cereal bars. Thank you, thank you. You have made my daughter so happy. Brilliant value for money and super dooper service.
By Eve Morrison
06 Jun 2020
Arrived within two days and provides a fantastic selection! Very pleased with all the products and great to try a couple of new things!
By Karina
30 May 2020
So excited to receive my box full of goodies today... I love it ! Some of my favourite products, and some new products I have never tried before. I will have to be creative with the buckwheat pasta and flour, but I look forward to trying new recipes and enjoy new tastes. Thank you so much Doves farm for ensuring gluten free people can access your products in these challenging times. Will order again, couldn't be happier !
By Sophie
28 May 2020
Fantastic box of goodies, was so happy to receive them!
By Hayley Newall
19 May 2020
Incredibly helpful, thank you! Arrived quickly, given the Corona disruption, and was well packed (everything survived). Have nearly finished all the cereal bars already. It's just so good to be able to get gluten-free flours and other items while isolating.
By Janine
19 May 2020
Just received my first order. Only put it through on Sunday afternoon. Joy of joys BUCKWHEAT FLOUR. Think I cried when I ran out of this precious commodity. This more than makes up for having to pay for items I can't eat i.e. Chocolate Stars and Chocolate Chip Cereal bars, which will be donated through one of the local volunteers. Couldn't be happier.
By Mandy Wilson
19 May 2020
The gluten free box is an absolute lifesaver during lockdown! Very grateful for the service at this time. Will continue to order from the site going forward, very quick delivery.
By Hannah
13 May 2020
My first box and I'm absolutely delighted with the goodies received. I cannot thank you enough! Wonderful service and excellent products. I look forward to ordering another next month.
By Michelle Powell
13 May 2020
An amazing service at these difficult times. Have struggled to get pasta and flour but now know that I can rely on Dove. Just received our second box and have flour to bake my son’s 18th birthday cake! Happy days.
By Tana
13 May 2020
An absolute godsend as we have been unable to source your gluten free range in the current climate and my husband depends on it. The cookie mix was a real hit. We hadn't tried that before but would definitely buy again.
By L J Atack
11 May 2020
The gluten free box has been wonderful at a time when I am struggling to get the usual GF supplies for my two children. I have recommended it to my mother-in-law, who is also coeliac. Lovely selection of products and quick delivery. I will definitely be ordering the chocolate stars and oat bars again when normal service resumes, and the pancake mix (albeit adapted to use the regular plain GF flour packet recipe) saved our weekend pancake day! I'm glad the box will now have more flour packets in it though, as that's what I run out of first. Thanks for doing this Doves Farm!
By R Hathaway
11 May 2020
Ordered 2nd May 2020 received 6th May 2020. Great mix and so happy to get flour - what can I do but bake. Loved the recipe booklet sent with products and am trying new recipe ideas. Thanks
By Chris Greaves
09 May 2020
Well done Doves Farm just received my box - brilliant . One less packet of cereal but an extra bag of flour is great and what a wonderful selection. The pancake mix I had in my last box was delicious. As I am unable to go out this has been a life saver.Thank you
By Carole Wollington
09 May 2020
My gluten free box has helped me so much during lockdown, thank you so much!
By Linda
07 May 2020
Handy for flour, cereal and pasta but would've been nice to opt out of oat products! I'm avenin intolerant like many other coeliac's so paid for a pile of products completely useless to me...also the pancake mix is poor, followed the recipes to a tee but alas my pancakes ended up being given to the crows... Please do an oat free box and improve the pancake mix!
By Inge
07 May 2020
My gluten free food box has just arrived and I am so pleased with all the products. Doves Farm is providing fantastic products and service within lockdown, thank you very much
By Rachael
05 May 2020
Fantastic products and service. For those of us who need to be gluten free, this box is a real help and reasonably priced. Thanks to all at Dove's Farm!
By Robert
05 May 2020
This has been a real help during lockdown when it has been increasingly difficult to get gluten free supplies. Thank you Doves Farm!
By Jen
29 Apr 2020
Absolutely amazing service all round from Doves Farm! Ordered this for a friend's daughter who is gluten-free and who was struggling to source products from local supermarkets without paying a premium too! Could not believe my eyes when I saw this parcel was available and such an amazing price. Ordered online, simple and quick, and then received regular updates on delivery date and even time slot. My friend and her daughter were over the moon when it arrived and sent a picture - it truly was a generous parcel of goodies. Doves Farm you and your staff are truly amazing in these exceedingly difficult trading conditions - thank you! If I could award you 100 Stars I would!
By Antonia
29 Apr 2020
I couldn’t be more delighted with this box of goodies! I’ve found it so hard to buy Doves Farm gluten free flour and now I can enjoy baking again. I ordered on Monday and received on Wednesday. Kept fully informed of where my order was. Arrived in a sensible sized box without loads of unnecessary packaging. I highly recommend and will definitely order again. Faultless service in these difficult times. Thank you so much Doves Farm!
By Lisa
29 Apr 2020
I ordered a box whilst in lockdown, wow!
By Emma
26 Apr 2020
Great idea, arrived earlier than quoted. Selection great, gluten free flour hard to find in these unusual times. Thank you Doves Farm.
By Julie
25 Apr 2020
Very thoughtful assortment of products, all of them utterly delicious. Thank you!
By Stephanie Haldy
23 Apr 2020
So pleased to come across this on your website. My husband is celiac and we've have been struggling to source basic gluten free products locally, particularly flour. The box is a great idea, good selection and arrived very promptly, thank you!
By Jenny Templeton-Sprague
23 Apr 2020
Excellent,arrived swiftly.Great selection,very hard to find gluten free at the moment such a relief to find this .Especially as I eat for health reasons ,and no the consequences of not being gluten free .Thank you
By Sal
22 Apr 2020
Good selection and brilliant service -ordered Monday evening and arrived early afternoon Wednesday. Good variety of items and especially pleased with the flour as haven’t been able to get any locally. Thank you for concentrating on those of us who need to eat gluten free.
By Gill
22 Apr 2020
Got my gluten free box this morning. I must say I’m very happy with it . It’s got everything I need in . It been hard trying to get this in my shop near me . For others just buying even if not gluten free them self . So thank for this I will buy again when I run out .
By Kay Roper
22 Apr 2020
An absolutely fantastic selection & great value. The pasta & flour is the best & automatically my go to choice but the pancake mix was new to me. What a revelation! I used almond milk, being dairy free, and was so impressed with the result. I honestly meant to share them, but......! A perfect box of happiness & a lifesaver as shops began to run out. Thank you so much for moving your focus to gluten free for a time :-)
By Abi
20 Apr 2020
Fantastic box, thank you!
By Jenny Hicks
18 Apr 2020
Amazing value and super happy with all the items in my box, except the buckwheat pasta. This is the most horrible pasta I've ever had, and there were TWO of them in my box!! One I could have lived with but two of these. All the photos I've seen, everyone has a mixture, but not me
By Rebecca
18 Apr 2020
A lovely selection of stuff - working my way through the oat bars as I write this review and improvised a really nice Sour Dough loaf from the self raising flour! Thanks!
By Amanda
18 Apr 2020
Thank you soo much for doing this box, it arrived after the Easter break. Lots of things to try I.e. bread mix and 2 different pastas plus 2 boxes of cereals. I will be able to bake now I have flour!
By Lucy Webb
18 Apr 2020
I can say Thank you enough. What relief it was to receive this parcel. It is hard enough at the moment to get food at the moment - especially when in Isolation - but when you have specific intolerances and cannot get the food you need to keep well life is so much harder. It is so difficult at the moment to get any Gluten free food. Receiving this brought tears to my eyes. There is a really good variety of Gluten free products in here - which will last more than a week!! I thanked the courier who delivered it safely to the door step as requested and very quickly and timely - within the time scale that was given. Communication was great. Absolutely delighted. Thank you
By Sarah Lumb
17 Apr 2020
Thank you so much for the Gluten Free box. As well as the flour, pasta & porridge oats that I normally use there were flapjacks, bread mix and boxes of cereals to try. It was such a relief to receive this parcel.
By Julie Evans
17 Apr 2020
Fabulous! Bought this to split between myself and my daughter as neither of us can eat Gluten and have struggled to get GF products at the moment. Had a great selection. Arrived the next day. Thank you
By Inga
16 Apr 2020
Absolutely delighted with my delivery today. It arrived promptly and the contents are excellent. Impossible to get a supermarket delivery these days and in isolation so I was both relieved and happy . A vey satisfied Coeliac customer. Thank you.
By Jocelyn Chatterton
15 Apr 2020
Thank you very much ! The food box is amazing and was really appreciated at this time, with a good variety of products which I was running out of and can’t get anywhere else at the moment. It also arrived really quickly. Thanks again
By Alison
15 Apr 2020
The gluten free food box is amazing! I had been really struggling to find gluten free flour for my daughter who has severe allergies (the supermarket where I usually order Doves Farm flour from has been out of stock for weeks). My daughter cheered when we unpacked all the lovely items so thank you Doves Farm for putting smiles on our faces.
By Sini
15 Apr 2020
Thank-you SO much for this! I was running out of GF flour and my coeliac husband was worried as we couldn't find it anywhere in-store or at supermarket online shopping sites. Unpacking the box (delivered this afternoon) was like opening a Christmas present - we 'ooooh'ed, we 'ahhhhhh'ed, and my husband feels a bit more secure knowing he's got a good assortment of GF baking and cooking essentials to last a bit longer in these strange times we find ourselves. Thank-you again, Doves Farm for making this available!
By Bianca Mitchell
15 Apr 2020
I have just received my Gluten Free box and was over the moon on opening the contents. Having not been able to find GF flour and with many GF products out of stock in the shops this box has made such a difference both practically and emotionally! Thanks Doves Farm.
By Sally S
15 Apr 2020
Just received my first pack and would highly recommend the contents and service. Great value for money, good dates on products, a lovely selection of items/flavours and due to the current circumstances it’s a bonus to be able to get basic gf foods delivered to your door without being substituted or waiting two weeks. Great delivery communication from DPD along the way with one hour slot given on delivery day. I will happily reorder this pack and would consider a subscription service too.
By Tania Morley
15 Apr 2020
This is brilliant! Very happy with what came in my box and have been able to do so much baking! Kept me busy, will definitely be buying a another box when I run out of everything again. :)
By Emily Smith
14 Apr 2020
Thank you for this service - really appreciated when I can’t get any gf bread, flour or pasta at the moment. Coaeliac disease can make you feel isolated at the best of times so being able to buy products at reasonable prices online is a fantastic offering. Thank you!
By Clare Laughlin
14 Apr 2020
Thank you so much for the speedy delivery of our gluten-free box and for your generous response to the delivery confusion. Truly wonderful customer service which is very much appreciated at this challenging time. We really enjoyed making American Pancakes on Easter morning with the pancake mix a great treat.
By Nicola Stuffins
13 Apr 2020
Thank you so much Doves Farm; we weren't sure what to expect in our GF box but my daughter was really very happy with all your products and I was very happy to have both Plain and Self-Raising Flour! It's been impossible to buy from shops nearby so we've recommended your GF box to our friends too! Fabulous idea and we will be buying from you again. Oh and super quick delivery! :-)
By Ginny
13 Apr 2020
Thank you Doves Farm for thinking about people with Coeliac Disease during this time. Placed my first order today and I am so relieved I can cater for my daughter who is Coeliac. Looking forward to my first delivery.
By Ruth Acton
12 Apr 2020
It's nice to have this option, but the delivery charge ramps the price up from £25 to nearer £30. Haven't found a use for the flour yet though as it's been hard to find eggs recently.
By Nick
11 Apr 2020
Amazing! So, so pleased with my gluten free food box. It came so quickly which was a pleasant surprise in these mad times we are living in. In avoiding supermarkets I am relying on local shops for my food shopping but I cannot get what I need in the way of GF but there you are Doves Farm. Not only a great range but top quality too. Thank you. Fab!!!
By Jayne
11 Apr 2020
I was struggling to find Gluten free pasta and flour anywhere, this is amazing and only took 2 days to arrive! My son loves baking so he will enjoy making the cookies. Thankyou so much!
By Suzanne
11 Apr 2020
Received my fabulous gluten free essentials box, ordered Thursday received by smiley driver Saturday morning. Wonderful service and now I have flour! Thank you Dove's Farm
By Jackie Tattersall
11 Apr 2020
Ordered this box 3 days ago and it arrived today.contents as described. Excellent service, delivery as expected observing present self isolation. This is the first time I have shopped online for gf goods but it will not be the the last ! Many thanks, you have saved my daughter having to go to several shops to find gf ingredients. Thanks again.
By Jan Alder
11 Apr 2020
Such a great idea, thank you so much Doves Farm! I haven't been able to buy any gluten free products in my local shops for over a month, so this has been a life saver. I mainly wanted some pasta, but I'm going to give some baking a go now I have a couple of packets of flour! Brilliant, and as others have said, totally worth the money and really speedy delivery (arrived the day after ordering). Thank you x
By Lou
10 Apr 2020
Ordered Weds eve... first time trying the box. Arrived Good Friday - so impressed with speed of delivery to start! Box exactly as per photo - two flavours of bars, porridge, etc. We have had a nightmare finding flour (for husband) so this box will last this month - he can’t wait to have the pancakes. Great idea and customer focus - thank you so much. I hope you can make a slightly different box in a few weeks to give us a variety! Thanks again and best wishes to your team.
By Claudine
10 Apr 2020
Received this amazing box of gluten free essentials for our coeliac daughter within 2 days of ordering. Brilliant selection of products, including GF pasta and GF flour which are currently hard to come by in our local supermarket. Thank you Dove’s Farm.
By Wendy
09 Apr 2020
I ordered this box yesterday, it arrived today less than 24 hours later! I am so pleased as I have been unable to get any gf flour in the shops and I now have plain and self raising (as well as all of the other items) so I can bake something! Thank you Doves Farm for providing this box for those with coeliac disease and gluten intolerance, keep up the good work!
By Emma
09 Apr 2020
Only ordered this yesterday and has arrived today. So impressed with what’s in this box please keep this going. Very grateful and happy customer.
By Katy
09 Apr 2020
Only ordered my box yesterday and have already received it!! Cannot thank Doves Farm enough for keeping everyone with intolerances stocked up on those must haves! Have already had a delicious oat bar and am making a full roast this evening with cauliflower cheese using my gluten free four!!! A massive thank you again for such a brilliant service and what I think is such a thoughtful and perfect box! Worth the money!! X
By Dawn
09 Apr 2020
I ordered this box as I was really struggling to find gluten free flour in the shops. The service was fantastic, I put my order in on Tuesday and it was delivered on Wednesday. The contents are great for anyone who has to avoid gluten. I am really pleased with the service, contents and the fact that Dove has noticed that people with an intolerance etc were struggling. Thank you Dove.
By Susan Forster
09 Apr 2020
A-MAZ-ING truly brilliant, thank you so much, this will keep me baking and cooking lovely gluten free food for my husband and I for a good few weeks. The oats are an especially welcome addition as they are so hard to find in the supermarket at the moment. The choc chip oat bars were really rich and lovely, it's just a shame we aren't able to chose our cereals as would have gone for an extra two bags of oats or corn flakes / puffed rice to make chocolate nests from. But Otherwise, everything was the amazing quality I would expect from Doves Farm.
By Neil Currie
09 Apr 2020
Thank you so much! It’s been almost impossible to get hold of GF products over the last few weeks. I was so relieved when my parcel of goodies arrived. Thank you thank you thank you!
By Sue
08 Apr 2020
Thank you for creating this GF food box! I had it delivered to my daughter who is staying in Wales with her boyfriend's family until she is allowed to travel home when restrictions are lifted. She is coeliac and this parcel was a wonderful surprise for her to share with the rest of the family who also eat GF food.
By Mrs S Weston
08 Apr 2020
Thank you so much for providing a box of GF staples and treats. I am a coeliac and have not been able to get gluten free pasta or flour anywhere as it has all been cleared off the shelves. Thank you.
By Joan
08 Apr 2020
Thank you Doves Farm for your amazing products. It's a perfect selection of all the product I need.
By Kitti
08 Apr 2020
Really lovely box we was very happy to receive. I also received buckwheat pasta instead of the corn pasta which I was very pleased about. We immediately tucked into the chocolate stars and made blueberry muffins. Thank you so much
By Laura
08 Apr 2020
I can’t thank you enough for this wonderful box of your amazing gluten free products. I am so very grateful.
By Abigail
08 Apr 2020
Cant thank you enough, for this ingenious idea in these strange times we are living in at the moment with CoVid-19. Having difficulty getting hold of Gluten and Dairy Free products in the supermarkets. So excited yesterday, when my parcel arrived , that I can bake again. Will be ordering another box when my cupboards are empty again. Thank you so much Doves Farm xxx :-)
By Ann
08 Apr 2020
Thank you so much Doves Farm for providing the Gluten Free Box. It has been impossible to find GF products in the supermarkets, or an outlet online who has not inflated their prices. Great selection of products in the box to boot. Outstanding job - thanks again.
By Ali
08 Apr 2020
What an amazing and thoughtful idea. I have not received my box yet as only ordered today but have been trying to get hold of gluten free flour for weeks now and it seems impossible to get. I cannot wait to receive my box filled with goodies I can eat and make. Thank you Doves Farm!
By Dawn
08 Apr 2020
Thank you so much for providing us with some amazing gluten free basics and so quickly, especially when it has been so hard to find them in the shops. I was so excited to receive a box of essential staples plus some yummy treats which we’ve not tried before - everything we’ve tried so far has been delicious. As a family we found the chocolate stars were a particularly yummy tv snack!!! I really don’t mind not knowing exactly what is in the box, I’m just so grateful that at least one company is looking after us coeliacs and we’re enjoying the new cooking challenges this brings! Doves Farm you are amazing, I don’t know what we would have done without you!
By Pet
07 Apr 2020
A great and very faIr idea ensuring that everyone gets some essentials. Well done. Thanks you Doves Farm!
By Mairead
07 Apr 2020
We just received our box this morning, full of gluten-free treats and all the stuff we were struggling to get in the shops! This is such a thoughtful and considerate service and we'd definitely do this again. Delivery was quick too. I think further down the line it would be great to specify products you didn't need (for instance, we already had a bag of self-raising flour but no plain flour, and we get through self-raising less quickly than plain, so I would hate to be taking the self-raising away from someone else who loves baking cakes!). Thank you Doves Farm!
By Charlotte Binks
07 Apr 2020
This is absolutely brilliant. Arrived very quickly, only placed the order Thursday night and arrived today with a 1 hour time slot sent beforehand. Like the other reviews I have struggled to find gluten free items, in particular flour. If only I could now find yeast! Thank you Doves Farm, you have just saved my stomach!
05 Apr 2020
Thank you for providing this amazing box. Arrived 2 days from ordering and has been a lifesaver. Its been impossible to get GF foods for me and eating has been difficult. I can’t wait to order another. Keep up the excellent work and stay safe all at Doves Farm
By Sarah
04 Apr 2020
I 'm Coeliac and have been shocked and dismayed at how difficult it has been to get anything Gluten Free. Particularly the Bread Flour and basics like xanthan gum and baking powder. I can't go out shopping and my usual suppliers were cleaned out of Gluten supplies very suddenly,. I rely on friends to search but with no luck. I found this offer of rescue last week and as I haven't quite run out of Gluten Free staples just yet I did not place an order. When I completely run out I will send my order in. So on behalf of Coeliacs and Gluten intolerant persons like myself I want to say a huge THANK YOU for what you can offer us. Good Health to you all at Doves Farm.
By Jessica Rose Hart
04 Apr 2020
It has beecome very hard to find gluten free basics. Well done Dove's farm for creating this box of essentials. Ordering process was simple. Box arrived within 2 days. Contents were as described. Exceptionally happy customer.
By Shay
04 Apr 2020
Really good value and it arrived super quickly. Only very minor suggestion would be that it was a small shame that both packs of the oat bars were the same flavour. They’re very nice but would have been nice that have a different flavour to try. Still 5 stars though!
By Laura H
04 Apr 2020
Really good idea, brilliantly executed. Thank you so much not just for the flour which we really needed but for the other wonderful things. I hope that you can continue to offer this service.
By Elizabeth
03 Apr 2020
Thank you so much! I am just so grateful. With so much gluten free food being unavailable now, and not being able to get my gluten free Doves Farm staples anywhere, I was so relieved and touched to see this box of wonderful things! It means the world to your gluten free customers, thanks for being so thoughtful!
By Alison
03 Apr 2020
Thank you so much! Im a carer for my wife who's Gluten Free. With the current situation this is wonderful as it also allows me to make Gluten free bread. I can continue to provide care without having to leave the house in the hope il find something with no gluten which leaves my wife vunerable. Please continue to do this and make it secure against bulk buyers etc!
By Aaron
03 Apr 2020
This was truly a life saver for me! Faced with bare shelves everywhere and running out of pasta and flour quickly at home I was wondering if I was going to be able to eat, due to the shortage of gluten-free things in the supermarkets! Then came Doves Farm!! Delivered the day after I ordered it - this box is filled with all the essentials you need! 5* service to go with the 5* products. Thank you!
By Lisa
03 Apr 2020
Doves Farm to the rescue!! My box of gluten free goodies arrived the day after ordering and was packed full of all the gluten free essentials. I felt like a kid at Christmas going through everything and can’t wait to tuck into some gluten free pasta for dinner and make cakes at the weekend. Well done Doves Farm - brilliant concept, lovely products and exceptional service. Thank you so so much.
By Marie
02 Apr 2020
This box is amazing, it arrived the day after ordering and is full to the brim of lovely things that I’m struggling to get in shops at the moment. Thank you doves farm! :)
By Erika
01 Apr 2020

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