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Freee by Doves Farm Gluten Free Brown Bread Flour 1kg

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NEW RECIPE! We have improved our popular naturally gluten free Brown Bread Flour blend to give an even better rise and lovelier texture. Now including gram as well as buckwheat flour, use this flour blend as an alternative to bread flour made from wheat. Follow our recipes on the back of pack to make brown bread in your oven or bread machine.

This product is Coeliac UK and Kosher certified. 

GLUTEN FREE Brown Bread Flour Blend

A blend of naturally gluten free flours

Ingredients: flour blend (rice, tapioca, potato, gram, buckwheat, carob), sugar beet fibre, thickener (xanthan gum).

Storage: to keep your flour at its best, roll down the top after use and store in a cool dry place. 

Packaging material: paper.

Milled in the UK with EU & Non-EU Rice. 

Always cook flour before consumption. 

Typical values per 100g
Energy 1443kJ
Fat 1.2g
of which saturates 0.2g
Carbohydrate 74g
of which sugars 0.3g
Fibre 4.8g
Protein 6.5g
Salt 0.04g
I have used this gluten free brown bread flour twice now, followed the recipe exactly and let it rise in the tin with a large plastic bowl covering it. The bread is really delicious and I would thoroughly recommend. It is a treat to eat bread that is quite light, similar to wheat based bread and better than any shop gluten free bread I have tasted. The only problem is that I find it difficult to source. Doves gluten free self raising flour makes excellent cakes and my family cannot tell the difference.
By Sue
08 May 2020
Switched to the brown flour from the white bread flour after experimenting with our (very old!) bread machine. White loaves worked a dream and were delicious. Have found that the brown flour does not make such a light loaf (which I don't mind) - but it often rises excessively around the edges and sinks hugely in the middle, making for a very strangely shaped loaf. Not sure if it was coincidence but I was 100g short of flour for the last loaf I made so substituted with 100g of the pizza base mix. Worked a dream and best brown loaf so far - better texture, better taste and a more conventional shape!
By M L
22 Jan 2020
Husband really happy with this! I followed the basic recipe on the packet exactly, weighing everything carefully and letting it rise for 90 minutes in the loaf tin under a large mixing bowl. It rose like a dream. Cooked for 55 minutes on 180 fan. End result?. Light, not heavy with a crunchy crust. Even I liked it and I normally eat regular bread. Will be buying again.
By Jane
30 Nov 2019
Love the new recipe brown bread flour, always enjoyed the bread I have made but prefer the texture with the new flour. Long ago tweaked the recipe, it does not rise like a commercial loaf but would not expect it to, very quick and easy to make by hand - great results everytime. Happy to share my recipe if anyone wants it....
By Sandra Hinde
09 Aug 2019
I make a really easy soda bread with this flour from the recipe book The sensitive gourmet. It has ground linseeds in it, so along with the fibre in the flour, has some substance but also tastes delicious
By Amanda B
05 Jan 2019
This makes a really good loaf, both taste and texture in a bread maker. I follow my own recipe as i do not eat eggs. I substitute with extra milk and water, 2 tablespoons of olive oil and 1 teaspoon of xanthan gum. perfect results every time.
By Andante
06 Nov 2018
If your bread is like a brick, add water. I had to try more than one time.
By Water is the key
14 Dec 2017
For GF flour I was shocked that the bread tasted far away like GF bread, I made lots of GF breads and never once I loved it as this one. But I do not follow the recipe on the package, I make it as I would usually do my other bread and its lovely. One star off as its not organic.
By Kinga
16 Sep 2017
Following two failures noted below I have tried two more times. Small adjustments like one egg white, extra xanthan, baking powder, milk and water mix, playing slightly with the flour: liquid ratio. Results? Just the same as before, unrisen bricks. As I do not have this problem with the white flour, my conclusion is this brown flour is unfit for purpose.
By Mr Steve Downing
25 Jan 2017
Makes great bread if you tweak the recipe. For me the MAGIC MISSING NGREDIENT is a teaspoon of guar gum - this helps the dough stick together rather than being a sloppy mess. Also I don't use any vinegar (personal preference), only use 1 egg, 4 tblspns olive oil and only 1 teaspoon sugar. Instead of milk I use a 50/50 milk/water mix. Hope this helps!
By Mrs Sandra Putnam
16 Jan 2017
A complete waste of time and ingredients. Used recipe supplied with Panasonic 2500 [water and one egg] and today recipe on packet [milk and two eggs] followed to the letter, fresh yeast, everything at warm room temperature. Results two un-risen bricks. With so many people having this problem Doves should be offering compensation. Do the maths these very old reviews do not equate to 4 stars.
By Mr Steve Downing
07 Jan 2017
The first time I used this flour I followed the recipe on the packet - disaster. I don't understand why you would put eggs in bread? I just followed my normal bread making recipe and added a teasp of bicarbonate of soda to help the rising. Simple and works - loaf is denser than non gluten free but at least it is edible.
By Mrs Claire Rabanal
01 Jan 2016
Wheat free baking is more tricky than baking with wheat flour, so it is easier to have a failure. Here is an example of a loaf baked in the past two days, following the recipe to the letter. http://transcendental-kitchen.blogspot.co.uk/2016/07/wheat-and-gluten-free-brown-loaf.html If the loaf isn't rising properly, use a stronger yeast, and it is good advice to use an oven thermometer for reliable results.
By Mr Philip Hunter
20 Jul 2016
oh dear, just like the results with the white bread flour, I've made another loaf that is only suitable for holding open the back door. I followed the recipe carefully, and have ended up with very dense slightly underdone loaf of bread with an armour plated one cm thick crust. I will be throwing the remainder of the flours away and not wasting any more time and expense on this bread.
By Mr Rod Duggan
31 May 2016
I should have selected a one star rating but as I was typing my computor timed out so I refreshed my page, lost my review and had to re-type, forgetting to re select the star rating, I wish I could select a zero star rating.
By Mr Malcolm Smy
21 Feb 2016
Doves,your gluten free brown flour is a joke, this is the second batch of 6 pks that I have purchased from you, I thought I would give you the benefit of the doubt based on your "new recipe" but no, still a complete waste of time, ingredients and money.
By Mr Malcolm Smy
21 Feb 2016
average baker I would say and have always baked my own bread coming from a family of bakers by trade I bought this flour and thought sounds nice and so miss baking my own bread. I did it twice and what a waste of money time and ingredients both results were like bricks and could be used as a weapon. Very disappointed. Back to making my own recipe
By Ms karran minchinton
13 Feb 2016
I've just made the recipe with the white bread flour and it came out great!! I haven't made this one yet but I'd just like to say that it makes a difference to have all ingredients at room temp and use tepid water. Also, I put mine in the microwave with a cup of boiling water. It rises really well.
By Mrs Kim Douglas
19 Dec 2015
First time making this bread from Doves gluten free brown flour. It is very similar to others I have made in its texture, which I don't dislike. However, it's like eating fried bread. Is there ever a good reason to put 6tbspns of oil into a recipe?
By Mrs Caroline Gill
15 Dec 2015
I have followed this recipe twice and empathise with those that find they have a brick as the end produce. This is a real shame because the test is really good a bit like German rye bread. I use a breadmaker for making the bread. Any advise on how I can get it to rise and be less 'grainy' and bricklike.
By Ms Mary Hadland
01 Nov 2015
I am still having to throw away the bread I have made with this disastrous new form of Dove's flour. I've spent hours trying to get the dough to rise, and then ages to cook. I've wasted eggs, oil, and oven gas. The previous brown bread flour was successful every time. I hope Doves can reintroduce it.

Hi. The recipe's on the back of our flour packs have been improved and updated, but our flour blend itself has not changed. We believe that the new, improved recipes give a more successful loaf. However, we understand that some customers might prefer the original recipes, so although the recipes on the packets have changed, we have left our original recipe online so everyone can enjoy their favourite. You can find the original recipe here: https://www.dovesfarm.co.uk/recipes/gluten-free-brown-bread/ .

By Mrs Sarah Hunt
07 Oct 2015
I was really looking forward to making the bread recipe on the back of pack because the reviews had been pretty good. The result was dreadful, though. The first loaf came out like a brick - it didn't rise at all. I tried again the next day, exactly following the recipe and using different yeast in case that was the problem, and it came out just as bad. Tough, dry, didn't rise. The most annoying thing was wasting all the other ingredients on the bread twice.
By Mr Ben Brooks-Dutton
13 Sep 2015
I have used this flour alone and mixed with the white bread flour and found both make a truly wonderful loaf of gluten free bread delight! The recipe on the packaging is perfect. This bread toasts like a dream and fills my home with the smell of...home! x
By Mrs Pippa McKinnon
29 Aug 2015
My son has a very serious wheat allergy and since I would like to make him bread, I would like to know the xanthan gum source before I buy this flour. Thanks.

Dear Sara, apologies for not getting back to you sooner. Our suppliers have declared that both non GM corn and soya are used as a starting product, but are stated by the factory as not present in the finished Xanthan Gum product. We are however changing our supplier in the near future and intend to supply the product derived purely from non GM corn. With best wishes from Doves Farm

By Mrs Sara Freeman
27 Mar 2015
I used this product to make a plain brown loaf and a mixed fruit loaf. My friends loved the taste and texture of both. The loaves sliced very well, no crumbling or falling apart.
By Mrs Rachel Kelly
05 Aug 2014
I also wanted to add that I use Dove Farm Gluten free flour for all my baking now and everyone is always amazed at how light everything comes out - tray bakes, sponges, etc. I use all my old favorite recipes (Mary Berry, Delia Smith) and just adjust the baking power by half. Very happy with Dove fluten free flour!
By Mrs Wendy McKenzie
10 Jul 2014
I use a Panasonic Breadmaker on the quick 2 hour setting. I follow the receipe on the packet but cut the eggs down to 2 and add a little extra milk to compensate (approx 3 tablespoons). I did this by accident as I only had two eggs when I needed to make some bread! I also pre mix a little in a bowl first before putting in the breadmake and then put the yeast in the hopper as normal. I will not be using 3 again again (large loaf)as it turns out just like old fashioned Hovis and you really would not notice the difference. I use the bread fresh on day one to make sandwiches, and then either slice and freeze the rest or on day two it is great as toast.
By Mrs Wendy McKenzie
10 Jul 2014
A brilliant recipe - the bread is soft on the inside with a good crust and tastes delicious. WIll be making this again
By Ms Juliet Cochrane
12 Dec 2013
A great flour blend. I have used this flour in many different gluten free bread recipes with great results
By Mr chris wright
14 Oct 2013
I followed the recipe on the packet & made a gluten free loaf of bread which all my housemates and friends enjoyed - however I couldn't eat it as I tried a tiny bit and had an allergic reaction! The culprit ingredient was the Carob in the flour - I am allergic to peanuts and soya and Carob is a relative to these, a legume. So if you're allergic to peanuts or soya I would avoid this! Otherwise it is a brilliant flour and brilliant recipe! I will be buying the white version as I believe there's no carob in that one.
By Miss Imogen Sullivan-Bell
04 Sep 2013
utterly superb flour, the bread made from this using the recipe from my panasonic breadmachine , is superb. Delicious. after trying most of the commercial gluten free breads, there's nothing like making your own. I do eat wheat grains, and such but want a rest from it for a while.
By Mr nicholas fowler
07 Jun 2013
Tried the recipe on the back for bread machine after not baking brea for a while and followed it to the letter. Awful results. Very stodgy, horrible texture and it just fell apart not at all like I remember it used to be. Has the recipe been changed? Feel will have to tinker with the recipe to get decent results. Quite disappointed
By Miss Alexandra Pearman
03 Apr 2013
Used this flour and recipe on the packet for the first time. Very pleased with the result. I add some seeds and used plain yogurt and milk instead of buttermilk.I will make it again adding other ingredients such as nut, fruit, olives, onions etc. Tried freezing some so will let you know the results. Regards Lady Anne Walker
By Mrs Anne Walker
19 Jul 2012
These came out perfect. Used recipe as written with slight modifications: used coconut oil, 1/2 the salt, let rise in warm place for almost 1.5hrs. Absolutely delicious with a slight coconut flavour!
By Mr james sitter
30 Jun 2012
Really good brown bread with a superb taste and texture. It would be better if the flour could be supplied in 16 kg sacks. Marketing guys take note.
By Mr Ivan Phair
14 Feb 2012
VERY DELICIOUS.it looks like normal bread and can be eaten with tomatoes,salty or spicy food.this bread is not boring.
By Ms fr schilstra
23 Nov 2010
I've tried this twice now- and both times it has come out like a brick, barely rising at all. I followed the recipe almost to the letter- the only thing being, I had to use an egg substitute and soy milk as I am making it for someone with a dairy allergy. Could these account for the lack of success?
By Ms Jasmine Fyve
26 Aug 2010
Excellent flavor, delicious! Our customers noticed a real improvement when we started using this flour in our g free loaf.
By Mr Christopher Pollen
11 Aug 2010

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