Supply Chain Policy

At Doves Farm we set ourselves certain aims about how we will interface within the food supply chain and how we trade with suppliers and customers.

We seek to source ingredients from sustainable agricultural systems and where possible on a local basis.

We aim to establish long-term relationships with customers and suppliers and to ensure that fairly priced contract are settled in a timely fashion.

The special circumstances of some Fairtrade suppliers are supported through pre-financing.

Detailed product information is held on all suppliers and a coding system at each control point provides full traceability for every product.

In 2011, Doves Farm Foods is focusing on the following supply chain target:

  • To improve on time and in full delivery to our customers.

In 2010 Doves Farm Foods:

  • Audited and reduced wastage in the supply chain.
  • Aimed to fulfil customer orders in full and on time wherever possible.
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