Packaging Policy

Doves Farm Foods is committed to ethical sustainable trading. Reducing the impact we make on our environment is one of our core beliefs.

As part of an ongoing effort to improve our standards, we regularly review the packaging materials used, with a view to reducing waste and ensuring we comply to current labelling legislation.  In addition:

  • Our packaging complies with the Soil Association Packaging Standard for organic food, which includes such requirements as using products from sustainable sources, maximising the amount of materials that can be reused or recycled (e.g. by not mixing paper and board with other materials) and minimising the amount used.
  • The majority of our packaging is paper based.  
  • Where possible, packaging is made from renewable as well as recyclable materials.
  • The name of the packaging material is printed onto retail packs to enable recycling
  • All of our products have ingredients, allergen advice and a nutritional breakdown clearly displayed on the packaging and this information is updated regularly to meet changing legal requirements
  • Our packaging waste is monitored through the Valpak programme
  • Consideration is given to packaging waste as part of the NPD process and efforts are made to minimise it, as much as possible 
  • We provide information to staff and customers about the recycling of packaging materials.
  • We reduce packaging waste by separating and recycling the packaging from incoming goods, recycling outer packaging materials and reducing bulky packaging materials 
  • We are committed to ensuring that all packaging is totally chlorine free (TCF). 
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