Ethical and Responsible Sourcing Policy

Doves Farm Foods is a major supplier of a wide range of speciality flours, biscuits, cookies, flapjacks, pasta and breakfast cereal products to Marks and Spencer, Asda and leading flour product manufacturers.

We are committed to ensuring that our goods are produced without exploitation of others and that our employees or workers, whether directly employed, contract or agency workers, are treated fairly and honestly, with respect, basic human rights and dignity.

Doves Farm Foods are members of Sedex, the Supplier Ethical Data Exchange, which is a member organisation for businesses committed to continuous improvement of the ethical performance of their supply chains.

Our Ethical and Responsible Sourcing Policy demonstrates our commitment to maintaining, evaluation and continuous improvement of standards as set out in National and International laws, the International Labour Organisation conventions/recommendations as well as our own customers’ codes of practice. 

This policy addresses key areas such as employment of children and young people, security, working conditions and benefits associated with employment, equality of treatment, representation as well as environmental considerations.

We have created a management system in order to identify and communicate our codes of practice within our own business.  It is also our intention to apply these codes of practice and this process to as much of the supply chain as is practical, including our suppliers of items such as raw material, ingredients, packaging or other services.

We believe that by adopting and communicating our codes of practice we, in partnership with our suppliers and customers are taking practical steps towards improving the issues of ethical and responsible sourcing.

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