Environmental Targets

Doves Farm Environmental Targets
Every year we set ourselves certain aims to reduce the impact we make on the environment and to follow our core beliefs. Here is a summary of the targets for 2014, as well as our targets and achievements since 2009.

For further information, please see the Environmental Policy.


2015 Targets
2015 Achievements
Raw Material Supplies

We will continue to press raw material suppliers for their environmental policies.

We will continue to monitor the packaging used for incoming raw materials, exploring the options for incorporating recycled, recyclable and bulk materials.  
Installation of low energy lighting in new process and warehouse buildings.  
We are committed to achieving a zero to landfill status by the end of  March 2015.  


2014 Targets
2014 Achievements
Raw Material Supplies
We will continue to press suppliers to provide us with a copy of their own Environmental Policy.
All raw material suppliers for their environmental policy and that 36% have supplied this.
We will explore the possibility of using more recycled packaging.
25kg paper bags have been replaced 1 ton bulk bags on three raw material lines. The empty bulk bags are then recycled.
We will record total energy consumption per month and identifying the areas of significant energy consumption.
Generation of power from PV cells exceeded our targets. Electricity use per unit output is verified through our participation of the Climate Control Levy.
We are committed to achieving a zero to landfill status by December 2014. Finalising processes to achieve a zero landfill. Objective unchanged but time slippage on internal implementation.


2013 Targets

2013 Achievements

Raw Material Supplies


Request 100% of suppliers have an Environmental Policy of their own, andwhere possible meet our standards regarding ethics, packaging and transport.

 48% have been requested

Recycling & Waste


Analyse all types of waste to ensure that the % apportioned to landfill is less than 10% of total waste produced by calendar year end.

 Mill Production Product to landfill waste - max 2%



Reduce “food miles” in supply chain through the active pursuit of backhaul and consolidated delivery arrangements. 

 Doves Farm Foods lorry running at 95% capacity. Approximately 22,000 miles saved using current backhaul arrangements


2012 Targets

2012 Achievements

Quality Assurance


Develop procedures and signage to improve understanding about allergens.

Gluten Free Bakery dedicated allergen free zone. April 2012.



Deliver training to improve colleague understanding about Fire, Health & Safety and Allergens

Validation training developed for Fire, Health & Safety and Allergens. May 2012.

Ethics & Values


Review consumer and transit packaging with the aim of reducing overall packaging usage.

New cereal bar display & transit unit makes old outer case redundant and reduces packaging. March 2012

Review stock and storage management systems to reduce vehicle movements.


Introduce monitoring of carbon use and units sold.

Solar Panels installed. March 2012.



Encourage the use of electronic data storage and reduce reliance on printed documents.

New inter-departmental IT system introduced, further implementation required to reduce reliance on printed documents.



Review waste in all areas with a view to reducing overall manufacturing waste.

KPI’s introduced to all areas where waste is generated.               

Monitor of the types of food waste generated

Waste monitoring has enabled the reduction of some types of waste.


2011 Targets

2011 Achievements

Food Targets


Improve consistency of product quality

Product benchmarking applied

Reduce food manufacturing waste

Performance monitoring introduced

Ethical Targets


Develop training opportunities for work colleagues

Encouraging uptake of national proficiency training

Increase engagement with and support for the local community

Supporting cookery opportunities at local schools

Environment Targets


Create opportunities for connecting with food supply chain

Hosted mill & bakery visits for local farmers & bakery

Reduce the use of paper

Encouraging the use of digital archiving

Packaging Targets


Review packaging materials

Following Soil Association packaging guidelines

Provide information about recycling of packaging materials

Packaging & recycling information now on retail packs

Supply Chain Targets


Improve on time and in full delivery rates

Supply chain reviewed and monitored


2010 Targets

2010 Achievements

Food Targets

Monitoring systems established for the bakery and mill

Monitor of the types of food waste generated


Review production methods to reduce the amount of food that is sent for disposal

Additional controls were established to manage waste more effectively

Review food waste recycling

All food waste recycled

Ethical Targets


Improve staff colleague facilities

Staff facilities in changing room and canteen upgraded

Review and develop colleague training and documentation

Staff sent on external training courses

Colleagues will enjoy subsidised supply of goods

Work in progress

Increase awareness of Fairtrade

Fairtrade sales promotions and staff events were held in February and March

Environmental Targets


Separate paper waste from the office so that it can be sent for recycling

Separate recycling bins used for paper

Reduce the use of office paper

Scanning used instead of copying

Reduce the amount of food waste generated

Food waste more controlled due to new methods used in bakery

Encourage consumers to reduce waste and recycle

Packaging labels on some products reviewed to help customers manage their waste

Packaging Targets


Separate and recycle the packaging from incoming goods

Boxes and inner packaging recycled where possible

Recycle outer packaging materials

Outer packaging used in internet shop

Reduce bulky packaging materials

Packaging design reviewed

Transport Targets


Vehicles will run at full capacity to reduce delivery costs

Hauliers work at full capacity where possible

Empty pallets will be collected and returned and recycled

Empty pallets collected by Doves Farm transport or recycled where possible

Encourage car sharing among staff colleagues

Many staff now share transport

Pesticide Targets


Support the work of the Pesticide Action Network

Donated raffle prizes for the PAN Rachel Carson memorial lecture

Highlight the danger of pesticides to staff colleagues


 Focus on Food Safety

2009 Goals

2009 Achievements

Review allergens and reduce salt in baked goods

Reviewed allergen status of all products, and monitoring programme. Buckwheat and salt removed from all gluten free cookies.

Develop new training materials about allergens for staff

New training materials compiled for staff colleagues.

Continue to foster Ethical and Fair

Ran activities to increase staff colleague awareness; Fairtrade Film day;concert and organic food event. Free fresh fruit and wholemeal bread for staff colleagues.

Trade relationships based our principles

All suppliers paid promptly.

Separate paper waste for recycling

Used paper sacks now baled and sent for recycling

Focus on improvements in packaging, transport, pesticides and genetic engineering


Work towards chlorine free packaging

Audited all packaging used. Paper sacks are chlorine free.

Testing Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) to power delivery vehicles to reduce vehicle emissions

Not found to be suitable.

Support ban on Neonicotinoids which are presenting a real danger to bees

The ban was supported and organic agriculture promoted.

Press the UK Government to adopt policies to protect organic food and farms from GM contamination

Supported campaigns and events seeking to highlight the danger posed by GM

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