Environmental Policy

Doves Farm Foods Ltd, is a specialist miller & baker, supplying a range of ambient foods suitable for Gluten free and organic Diets. We maximise use of renewable resources and recycling, and to minimise pollution and waste.

Raw Material Supplies  We work closely with farmer suppliers around the world. The company supports and encourages organic farming and certification as these methods employ sustainable agricultural systems which avoid reliance on fossil fuels and work in harmony with natural resources, minimising damage for the environment and wildlife.
Power  We subscribe to the climate change levy system. Office and staff lighting is provided on demand in response to movement sensors. The company heats its offices using a 3 pipe system heat exchanger. Where possible solar energy is utilised.

Recycling and Waste  Paper, Cardboard, Scrap Metal and Husk are recycled by a contractor. Animal Feed is extracted during our operation according to FEMAS standards. Relatively little waste is generated usually through maintenance and hygiene operations. The company has appointed a refuse disposal contractor

Ground Conditions  Details of the water and drainage systems are documented, no water or liquid effluent is discharged into water courses either directly or indirectly.
Packaging  The majority of packaging is paper based. Natural and recycled materials are chosen wherever possible. The name of the packaging material is printed onto retail packs. The company plans to continue reducing its use of oil and plastic based packaging materials, to increase the use of recycled material where possible.

Transport  There is a cost attached to transporting and distributing our products to the consumer. Vehicles ensure maximum load & mileage efficiency. Vehicles are reguarlarly serviced to reduce emissions.

We set and review annual targets to maintain our Environmental Policy.

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