Allergen Policy

In accordance to the FSA guidelines on allergen management, Doves Farm Foods recognise the following as allergens & where possible have transferred the guidelines to our product:
1. Celery
2. Crustaceans
3. Eggs
4. Fish
5. Gluten
6. Milk
7. Mustard
8. Nuts
9. Peanuts
10. Sesame
11. Soybeans
12. Sulphur dioxide
13. Lupin
14. Molluscs.
The only allergen that has a legal maximum limit is Gluten. Doves Farm Foods' gluten free flours comply with this limit < 20ppm.
The remaining allergens have no defined maximum limits and no other allergens are used on site.

We continue to foster ethical and Fairtrade trade relationships based on the follows principles;

  • Doves Farm Gluten Free Mill does not handle any of the above allergens
  • Doves Farm Grain Mill does not handle any of the above allergens except GLUTEN, in the form of wheat, barley and rye
  • Doves Farm Flapjack Bakery does not handle any of the above allergens 
  • Doves Farm Cookie Bakery does not handle any of the above allergens.
Product formulation is defined by GMP, where we at Doves Farm Foods responsibly source ingredients from reputable suppliers whose allergen status is known & we actively avoid introducing new allergens to our site. 
We have procedures & training for all our staff to prevent any cross contamination occurring on our site. Our suppliers of raw ingredients & packaging are risk assessed to determine the probability of unintentional presence of allergen. In addition to this we test our raw materials at intake for the flapjack bakery and cookie bakery for the allergens gluten, milk, peanut, egg and soya & declare this on our packaging.
Our site also has a ‘nut free’ status, which includes stringent controls to ensure that no nut containing products are brought onto the site including training for all staff, visitors & contractors on site.
The FSA guidelines also express “warning labels should only be used where there is demonstrable & significant risk of allergen cross contamination... it should not be a used as a substitute for GMP”.
As a result we at Doves Farm Foods continuously assess, monitor & test for allergens in our products. We constantly review our allergen labeling & with the above quote in mind try and give our consumers the clearest view on the likelihood of allergens in our product. Doves Farm Foods retail packaging have allergen information declared as appropriate.


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