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Organic Flour & Baking

Organic Flour has always been very important to Doves Farm. We've expanded our range of organic flours from when we started to 21 flours in the home baking range. We have 13 organic flours available and they shown below. We also have a wider range of 25kg sack commercial flours. Using the best grains and blending techniques gives our organic flour its superior quality and beautiful taste.

Why should you chose organic flour over regular flour?

There are a number of reasons why we use organic flour and think you should too. First off we think that it tastes better and makes a better loaf. An organic lifestyle benefits the user, the environment, and it helps to protects the welfare of animals. We've been milling organic flours for over 30 years now and know how to do it properly. For more information on the benefits of organic foods click here.

In this section we have laid out our organic flours so that you can learn more about them and what each is best for.

To purchase organic flour in larger quantities click here. Sacks & Bulk

Organic Emmer Wholemeal Flour 1kg

Emmer, Triticum dicoccum, is one of the first grains cultivated by mankind and was one of the main cereal foods of pre-history. Today Emmer has been re-discovered and is popular in many parts of Europe.

With a deep earthy flavour, this flour is creamy in texture and produces delicious loaves of bread, but can also be used in place of your usual white or wholemeal plain flour, with raising agents added, for cake and biscuit baking.


£3.25 (£0.33/100g)

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Organic KAMUT Khorasan Wholemeal Flour 1kg

KAMUT® grain is a khorasan wheat, triticum turgidum. Said to be the wheat of the Pharaohs, the crop produces bold golden ears of grain with striking long black awns or whiskers. 

This wholegrain flour is excellent for making pasta and bread and has a unique and subtle taste.

This 1kg pack will suit home bakers for a variety of baking occasions, such as bread, pasta and a whole range of other tasty treats.


Learn more about KAMUT® Khorasan here.

£3.39 (£0.34/100g)


Organic Malthouse Bread Flour 1kg

A special blend of wheat, rye and barley malt flours with malted wheat flakes. Ideal for oven baked yeast cookery and in bread machines.

Using this 1 kg size pack you can bake two good malthouse bread loaves.

£1.55 (£0.16/100g)


Organic Pasta Flour 1kg

A fine white flour for making traditional pasta by hand or with a pasta machine. Use in recipes that call for 00 grade flour. 

This is a 1kg pack of pasta flour.

£1.65 (£0.17/100g)


Organic Plain White Flour 1kg

Fine white flour milled from soft wheat varieties. Ideal for biscuits, scones, pancakes, sauces, and everyday home cooking. 

This is a 1kg pack of plain flour.

£1.39 (£0.14/100g)


Organic Plain Wholemeal Flour 1kg

Fine milled, whole grain,100% flour stoneground from soft wheat varieties. Ideal for whole wheat pastry, sauces and everyday cookery.

This 1kg pack will suit home bakers for a variety of baking occasions, such as scones, pastry, tarts and quiches. 

£1.25 (£0.13/100g)


Organic Self Raising White Flour 1kg

Fine white flour milled from soft wheat with added raising agents. Ideal for deliciously light home made cakes.

This 1kg size is perfect for baking cakes at home.

£1.45 (£0.15/100g)


Organic Self Raising Wholemeal Flour 1kg


Flour finely milled from soft 100% whole wheat grain, with added raising agents. Ideal for baking light, whole wheat sponges and cakes.

This 1kg pack is ideal for the cupboard of all home bakers.

£1.35 (£0.14/100g)


Organic Strong White Bread Flour 1.5kg

Milled from strong hard wheat and sieved to make a fine wheat bread flour. Ideal for use in bread machines, for oven baked yeast cookery and profiteroles.

This 1.5kg pack of white flour is ideal for baking at home with recipes on the side of the pack.

£1.89 (£0.13/100g)


Organic Strong Wholemeal Bread Flour 1.5kg

Flour milled from organic strong hard 100% whole wheat grain. Ideal for oven baked yeast cookery and bread machines.

This 1.5kg pack is suitable for home bakers and provides enough flour to make roughly 3 loaves of bread. 

£1.85 (£0.12/100g)