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About Organic

We live on a fantastic planet called Earth and are lucky that millions of people around the world are making plans to look after its future. Organic flour and food production systems provide many benefits for soil, plants, animals and man. The benefits of organic farming include the guardianship of our land natural resources, native plants, wildlife, insects, and birds, the development and conservation of natural ecosystems and a reduction in the nitrate and agrochemical pollution of our countryside and water courses.

We are passionate about our speciality cereal-based foods which include flour, breakfast cereal, cookies, biscuits, cereal bars, baking mixes & baking requisites. We like to use organic and Fairtrade whole grain ingredients and avoid hydrogenated fats, artificial additives, enzymes and GM. Some foods are suitable for special diets, and every ingredient that goes into making a product is included in the ingredient list.

The organic food chain limits artificial agricultural inputs and food additives which is a positive step for the environment. Researchers say organic foods contain fewer pesticide residues and that nutrient profiles are often higher in organically produced foods. See other topics: