European Flour Numbering System

Across Europe, there are a number of different systems to identify the purity or whiteness of different flour types. The reason is to allow bakers to quickly identify that what type of flour they are about to use or buy.

We are commonly asked if we do 00 flour or 997 and the answer is yes, although we don't call them that. Traditionally in England, we have stuck to words over numbers.

As a rule of thumb, the larger the number, the darker the flour. 

This table is to be used as a guide for seeing the similar varieties.






The whole of the grain, 75% flour & 25% bran  100% Wholemeal  1600 - 700 Type 150  Intergrale 
About 8% of the bran removed  Brown  1050 110 2
About 18% of the bran removed  Light Brown  997 80 1
All the bran, 25%, removed  White  500 - 700 55 0
The finest flour from the early stage of the milling process  Patent White  405 45 00

German Wheat Flours

1700 wholemeal flour
1050 for brown bread baking
550 high gluten content for white bread
405 very pure flour for pastries and cakes

German Rye Flours

1800 Vollkorn whole grain rye flour
1150 Medium brown rye flour
997 Light brown rye flour 

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