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Gluten Free Products on Prescription

Gluten Free Products on Prescription

Doves Farm gluten free products do not currently have PIP codes for prescription however we have heard that some Doctors are prescribing the products, including our gluten free flours and pasta. Your GP should be able to issue a prescription for some gluten free products if you have been diagnosed as a Coeliac and this can be fulfilled by a pharmacist.

Pharmacists can order direct from our internet webshop, and goods can be delivered direct to the pharmacy within 3-5 working days. Pharmacists that spend over £30 on our webshop automatically qualify for free delivery.

Alternatively pharmacies can order the flour through our pharmaceutical wholesaler Quantum Pharmaceutical . Their telephone number is 0800 0439372.

Your monthly allowance depends on your age/condition. Please refer to the table below for the minimum amount of gluten free foods someone should be able to access on prescription.

As a guideline – a 500g bag of flour is worth 2 units

250g Pasta is worth 1 unit

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Age & Sex

Number of Units

Child 1 – 3 years


Child 4 – 6 years


Child 7 – 10 years


Child 11 – 14 years


Child 15 – 18 years


Male 19 – 59 years


Male 60 – 74 years


Male  75+ years


Female 19 – 74  years


Female 75 +  years



Add 4

3rd Trimester Pregnancy

Add 1

High Physical Activity

Add 4