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Sugar Beet

Sugar Beet Fibre

As its name suggests this is the dietary fibre from the sugar beet. Once the sugar has been extracted the sugar beet pulp is dried by overheated steam under pressure in a patented drying method. No chemicals are used in the process.

The resulting fibre is a natural dietary fibre with high fibre content of 73%. Sugar beet fibre is by nature free from gluten and it is therefore an excellent fibre source for coeliacs.

Sugar beet fibre contains a natural balance of insoluble and soluble fibre. It is the soluble fibre that is nutritionally active in terms of influence on cholesterol and blood sugar. Fibre is playing a steadily increasing role in our health and well being.

Sugar beet was first identified as a source of sugar in 1747. By 1880 sugar beet had replaced sugar cane as the main source of sugar on continental Europe. Sugar beet was introduced to England during the First World War when Britain's sugar imports were threatened.

Sugar beet now accounts for 30% of global sugar production; the root crop is grown mostly in the temperate zones of the north.