Our Story

In 1978, when my husband and I first began milling flour, my mother was advised to follow a gluten free diet. At the time, gluten free living looked very different to how it does now and free-from products were nowhere to be found in our local supermarkets. Unsurprisingly, mealtimes became a real challenge. Above all, she missed bread and cakes, so out of necessity I took my love of baking and began to experiment with naturally gluten free flour blends.

Since then we have made it our mission to create gluten free alternatives to make following a gluten free diet easier. After all, don’t we all want to tuck into delicious food without worrying if it is safe to eat? As I developed these flour blends, my own children became my critics and the real test was whether they could tell if their teatime treats were gluten free. It’s fair to say there were not always unanimous sounds of enjoyment around my table! No flour was left unmilled and many loaves and cakes later, our first gluten free flour was created.

And we didn’t stop there. We are still creating new products, each driven by our same original vision to make gluten free living simpler. Our aim is to not only share our gluten free expertise, but bring back the joy and pleasures of home baking and cooking, and the freedom to have fun experimenting in your kitchen again.



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