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Gluten Free Baking and Cooking

Gluten free baking and cooking can seem daunting at first, but with a little know-how you can be creating delicious dishes in no time.

The biggest secret is really no secret at all. Baking and cooking from scratch truly is the recipe for success because you can control what goes inside your dishes and ensure that it is safe for you to eat.

First things, first…

We’ve developed tried and tested recipes to help you have success in your kitchen. If you are relatively new to gluten free baking we recommend starting with our Baking Masterclass which includes six essential bakes that are must-haves in any baker’s repertoire. If you are already a seasoned baker, why not follow our masterclass before experimenting with different variations, such as a seeded loaf or flavoured sponge. For a showstopper with the wow-factor head on over to our delicious Hot Chocolate Cake. You can also find plenty of recipe inspiration here to help you make mouth-watering bakes and develop your gluten free baking and cooking skills, and if you have burning questions along the way, we’ve also got some handy hints and tips to give you guidance.

Before you begin to crack eggs and grease tins, it is important to read your recipe in full, make sure you have everything you need and double check that all of your ingredients are suitable for your dietary needs, reading the packaging label of each product. Then, roll up your sleeves, pop on your apron and let the fun begin!

How to avoid cross-contamination

Depending on your gluten sensitivity, you will need to watch out for cross contamination in your kitchen. Here’s some tips for keeping your kitchen allergen-safe.

  • Use utensils, bowls and pans that have been thoroughly washed
  • Wash your hands if you have handled any allergenic food
  • Clean your work surface thoroughly
  • Store allergen containing foods separately

So, when it comes to sitting down to tuck into your dish, enjoy sharing it with your family and friends, and delight when they don’t believe that it’s gluten free! Don’t forget to also share the deliciousness with our community of merry bakers online. You can find us on our dedicated Twitter, Facebook and Instagram pages.

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