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New Mixes for Making Gluten Free Home Baking Easy

We’re all tried for time and want simple solutions for when we’re busy but still want to make things from scratch. When you’re following a gluten free diet, finding easy solutions can seem even tougher. Worry no more, we’ve got just the thing!

We’re jumping for joy at launching two new products to our gluten free home baking range: FREEE White Bread Mix and FREEE Pizza Base Mix. Designed to make home baking straightforward, you can enjoy fresh loaves and homemade rolls or delicious pizzas at home in a few simple steps and with only two additional ingredients. In fact, all you need to add is oil and water – ingredients that we all have at home.

What’s more, both of our new mixes are not only gluten free but free from milk, peanut, egg and soya, making it even easier for you to cater for one or more allergies.

Find out more about our new mixes here.

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