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Unlock your free-from baking 

When it comes to gluten free baking, there’s no need to shy away – you can have your cake and eat it too. If baking is already a passion then of course you will want to get your apron on, get the mixing bowl out and begin experimenting with different recipes. But what if you have never baked before and want to try out making gluten free goodies yourself? Whatever position you find yourself in, ask any baker and they will tell you the secret to great bakes is the finest ingredients and a brilliant recipe.

Naturally FREEE

Our award-winning range of FREEE flours will open up your world of gluten free baking. Unlike some gluten free flours, which have had the gluten extracted from wheat-containing flour, we select and mill naturally gluten free ingredients with characteristics that we know deliver the best results in your baking, making them a great alternative to everyday wheat flour. You’ll find wholesome ingredients that are often everyday staples in the kitchen, such as rice, potato, quinoa, and chickpeas. Then, we test and develop our blends, and test and develop them some more, until we have a flour that we are proud to say can produce bakes that nobody will guess are gluten free.

Recipes for home-baking success

Did you know that on each of our flour bags there are special back-of-pack recipes? Tried and tested, these recipes are a great starting point. We also recommend trying out our Baking Masterclass where you can discover how to make six essential bakes, from the classic sponge to a loaf of bread.

Discover our full collection of recipes and begin your gluten free baking adventure!

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