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Organic Flour

Ancient Grain Hamper

Experiment with our entire range of ancient grain flours and discover how to bake loaves like those our ancestors would have enjoyed. Packaged into a gorgeous wicker hamper, this makes a perfect gift for Christmas and other special occasions.

Hamper contains: 18" Wicker Hamper, Doves Farm Bread Recipe Booklet, Wholemeal Spelt Flour 1kg, White Spelt Flour 1kg, Wholemeal Rye Flour 1kg, White Rye Flour 1kg, Kamut Khorasan Flour 1kg, Einkorn Flour 1kg, Emmer Flour 1kg, Buckwheat Flour 1kg, Quick Yeast 125g, and a Bread Proving Banneton. 

£50.00 (£0.53/100g)

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Bread Making Starter Kit

A great way to get into baking bread yourself, or a perfect gift for someone special. 
Discover the joy of making your own homemade loaves, with a selection of our finest and most popular organic bread flours to get you started!

Bread Making Starter Kit contains: 18" Wicker Hamper, Doves Farm Plastic Dough Scraper, Strong White Flour 1.5kg, Wholemeal Spelt Flour 1kg, Malthouse Flour 1kg, Quick Yeast 125g and a Bread Proving Banneton, 

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£30.00 (£0.75/100g)


Gluten Free Organic Brown Rice Flour 120g

Milled from whole rice grains, this brown rice flour has a rich earthy flavour. It is ideal for making gluten free pastry and in baking or can be used as a thickening agent too.


£1.49 (£1.24/100g)


Gluten Free Organic Chickpea Flour 120g

Pale yellow in colour, this finely milled flour has a mild pea-like aroma and creamy flavour. It is used widely throughout Indian and Middle-Eastern cuisine.


£1.65 (£1.38/100g)


Gluten Free Organic Maize Flour 120g

This finely milled flour has a creamy, slightly sweet flavour and is golden in colour. It can be used widely in sweet and savoury dishes.


£1.39 (£1.16/100g)


Gluten Free Organic Millet Flour 120g

One of the earliest cultivated grains, the small yellow millet seed produces an off-white flour when milled, with a mild slightly nutty flavour. It can be used in a variety of baking recipes.


£1.65 (£1.38/100g)


Gluten Free Organic Quinoa Flour 110g

The small quinoa grain contains nutritious proteins and is high in fibre. When milled into a flour it has a mild nutty taste and is great used in various sweet and savoury dishes.


£3.05 (£2.77/100g)


Organic Emmer Wholemeal Flour 1kg

Emmer, Triticum dicoccum, is one of the first grains cultivated by mankind and was one of the main cereal foods of pre-history. Today Emmer has been re-discovered and is popular in many parts of Europe.

With a deep earthy flavour, this flour is creamy in texture and produces delicious loaves of bread, but can also be used in place of your usual white or wholemeal plain flour, with raising agents added, for cake and biscuit baking.


£3.25 (£0.33/100g)

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Organic KAMUT Khorasan Wholemeal Flour 1kg

KAMUT® grain is a khorasan wheat, triticum turgidum. Said to be the wheat of the Pharaohs, the crop produces bold golden ears of grain with striking long black awns or whiskers. 

This wholegrain flour is excellent for making pasta and bread and has a unique and subtle taste.

This 1kg pack will suit home bakers for a variety of baking occasions, such as bread, pasta and a whole range of other tasty treats.


Learn more about KAMUT® Khorasan here.

£3.39 (£0.34/100g)


Organic Malthouse Bread Flour 1kg

A special blend of wheat, rye and barley malt flours with malted wheat flakes. Ideal for oven baked yeast cookery and in bread machines.

Using this 1 kg size pack you can bake two good malthouse bread loaves.

£1.55 (£0.16/100g)