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Palm Oil

The Palm Oil used in our products is responsibly sourced from an organic supplier in Colombia.

It is fully traceable, GMO-Free and being produced in South America is in no way implicated in the destruction of Orangutan and other wildlife habitats that is occurring in Southeast Asia.

The palm oil is produced to the standards of the Sustainable Agriculture Network (SAN) which protect the environment, wildlife and seek the welfare of workers via it’s ten guiding principles :-

  1. Management System
  2. Ecosystem Conservation
  3. Wildlife Protection
  4. Water Conservation
  5. Working Conditions
  6. Occupational Health
  7. Community Relations
  8. Integrated Crop Management
  9. Soil Conservation
  10. Integrated Waste Management

Our producers are dedicated to enhancing their local environment, for example setting aside at least 10% of their land for ‘wildlife corridors’, which is not only valuable for the natural fauna and flora in its own right, but helps control pests and diseases in the organic palm crop.

Certification is achieved from the Rainforest Alliance.

Palm oil is used in our products as it is naturally solid at room temperature without being hydrogenated. Palm oil, butter and coconut fat are the only options available at this time. Butter, whilst very good, is not suitable for vegans. Coconut fat has a very strong flavour, making it unsuitable for many products.

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