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Fibre Flakes 300g Organic & Gluten Free

Fibre Flakes are made from sun ripened Italian organic rice and maize, which are steamed and toasted together to make these delicious and sustaining breakfast flakes.

This 300g pack is high in bran and low in fat, making it an ideal breakfast cereal for those following special diets.


This pack contains approximately 10 servings. 

Customer rating: CakeCakeCakeCakeEmpty Cake 4 customer reviews

£3.35 (£1.12/100g)

Dietary and allergen information:

gluten free. May contain HAZELNUTS and MILK.


wholegrain rice* 63%, maize bran* 26%, sugar*, salt.

Ingredients from more than one country.
Made in Italy. *Organic produce.      
Storage: keep airtight.


Typical values per 100g
Energy 1555kJ
Fat 2.1g
of which saturates 0.5g
Carbohydrate 76.5g
of which sugars 8.5g
Fibre 8.0g
Protein 7.6g
Salt  0.40g

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By Mrs Aline Berdichevsky

23 Aug 2015 | 09:25 BST

Rating: CakeEmpty CakeEmpty CakeEmpty CakeEmpty Cake

I am allergic to nut and wheat and have been consuming your fibre flakes this past days, trusting the reading on the packet that clearly states: "Made without wheat, milk, eggs, nuts, soya or hydrogenated fat." After having them for dinner two days in a row and waking up with a skin rash, I decided to look up your product on the internet, only to find out that on your website you state that it "May contain NUTS and MILK". Nut allergies can be fatal! I am very dissapointed and will never trust your brand nor products again.

Following a detailed review of the provenance of Doves Farm products and the source all the ingredients used therein, we have updated the allergen statements for some products. The review required raw material suppliers to provide additional information about any allergens that are used in the factory or during transport of that ingredient. As a result all of our breakfast cereals are now labelled as may contain certain allergens although the factory does control segregation and the risk of any contamination is extremely small. This updated information is being included on packaging and is available on the product pages of the Doves Farm website. We can assure you that no recipe change has taken place and no change in the manufacturing process has occurred either. It is still the case that no nuts are used in this recipe. The contractor that makes this cereal for us uses hazelnuts in their factory. And for this reason we must declare that there is a small risk that there may be contamination. The lines are thoroughly cleaned between runs and the risk is kept to a minimum but it is nevertheless still a low level risk. We apologise for any confusion and distress this may have caused. We have updated the information on our website but of course there are still Fibre Flakes in circulation with the ‘old’ packaging which states ‘made without wheat, milk, eggs, nuts, soya or hydrogenated fat’.

By Mrs Susan Williams

06 Apr 2015 | 21:03 BST

Rating: CakeCakeCakeCakeCake

I love these, I always add a few raisins, I buy a pack of 5, just ordering more!

By Miss Danielle Cruse

20 Jun 2013 | 00:34 BST

Rating: CakeCakeCakeCakeCake

Perfect texture and the right flavour. Gorgeous and not too crispy. You wouldn't know any difference between leading brands, in fact even nicer in my opinion as they are crispy but not too much so.

By Mrs Jo Dewbery

23 Oct 2012 | 09:39 BST

Rating: CakeCakeCakeCakeCake

Being a coeliac, I am always trying to find ways to increase my fibre levels.

I have just discovered these fibre flakes. They taste really good and stay crisp until the last mouthful. I tend to add a chopped banana and fat free natural yogurt which compliments perfectly.