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Baking Equipment

Here is our range of baking equipment, to help you get the best results when following our recipes.

Bread Slashing Knife

Bread Slashing Knife

This very sharp 3 inch blade is used for bread scoring. Please take care when using this and keep knives out of reach of children.

The thin blade with serated edges will allow you to score the bread prior to baking to achieve that artisan loaf feel.

To use this hold the blade firmly and draw it along to top of the loaf at a shallow angle. A confident stroke is required to achieve a clean cut. This can take a couple of attempt to master so if your starting out you can practise on your dough before moulding and you've risen your loaf. That way you will be ready when the loaf is ready.

Please allow an extra day for delivery when ordering this product as all knives are kept under lock and key away from production and packaging to ensure safety. It may take us a little longer to get it packed.

£6.99 (£6.99/100g)

Disposable baking box

Disposable Cake Baking Box X 5

A set of 5 disposable greaseproof lined paper baking trays. Use them to bake tea loaves, cakes and bread. Simply spoon in your mixture and bake, then allow to cool before peeling away the tray. This 16cm x 10.5cm (6.25in x 4.25in) tray is suitable for a 1lb loaf. 

Suitable for use in an oven up to 240oC, or use in a microwave.

£3.99 (£0.80/100g)

Dough Scraper

Dough Scraper

This plastic dough scraper is an essential tool for any baker. It has a curved edge to get round the mixing bowl and get all those bits lurking around the sides. The flat edge is great for scraping off a work top, and can also be used to cut through dough to measure it out into small loaves or rolls.

The dimensions are roughly 12.5 cm by 8.5cm.

£1.99 (£1.99/100g)

Pasta Machine

Marcato Pasta Maker - Silver Metalic

This authentic Italian pasta machine is made to the highest standards. Well looked after and made with robust mechanisms this will continue to produce pasta for years to come.

The handle has a smooth turning action and the G-clamp helps to give excellent grip when using this machine. The patented rollers are made of anodised aluminium to resist wear and tear. The easy pull out & twist selector makes changing of pasta thickness simple. The selector easily locks into 10 different settings giving more precision and thickness options than some other pasta machines.

Included in the packaging is a 12 page booklet which includes detailed instructions for use and some basic recipes.

When ordering this product you will also receive a 1kg bag of Doves Farm Pasta Flour. Use 250g of flour and 3 eggs to make enough dough to serve 3 - 4 portions of fresh pasta.

£99.00 (£2.48/100g)

deluxe rolling pin

Modern Rolling Pin

Modern beautifully crafted rolling pin. As well as looking and feeling amazing this beech wood rolling pins shape allows for great control over your rolling of pastry or anything.

The unique shape will make it really easy to roll out a circle. Ideal for pizza's, cakes, bases, pies etc.

£7.99 (£0.40/100g)

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Oval Cane Banneton

Oval Cane Bread Proving Basket

This oval bread proving banneton basket is made from natural cane, and measures approximately 315mm(length) x 160mm (width) x 65mm (height). The shape of the cane will give a spiral decoration to your finished loaf.

£11.99 (£1.20/100g)

Metal Dough Cutter

Professional Metal Dough Cutter

This metal dough cutter is of high quality for professional bakers. The hard steel will easily cut through kilos of dough when measuring out and the strong flat edge is ideal for scrapping dough off work tops.

This product is used widely to great effect and its dual purpose of a cutter and scraper means a much more efficient bakery.

£6.99 (£0.70/100g)

Round Cane Banneton

Round Cane Bread Proving Basket

This round bread proving banneton basket is made from natural cane, and measures approximately 240mm (diameter) x 75mm (height). The shape of the cane will give a spiral decoration to your finished loaf. This basket will hold approximately 1kg of dough.

£11.99 (£1.20/100g)

Small 20cm Mixing Bowl

Small Plastic Mixing Bowl 20cm diameter

This plastic mixing bowl is ideal for mixing your ingredients while baking. This mixing bowl is dish washable.

It is 20cm in diameter.

£0.99 (£0.20/100g)