We proudly adhere to strict guidelines set out by the world’s leading authorities and experts to bring you products that are safe and ethical. Our accreditations cover everything from gluten free and organic certification, to our vegan status. Keep a look out for the logos on our products!

Coeliac UK – All FREEE products are certified by Coeliac UK, the UK charity for those with coeliac disease. The internationally recognised Crossed Grain symbol is a sign of safety and enables you to quickly identify that our products have gluten-free certification. In order to be certified our products must meet a range of criteria to ensure that they are gluten free, both in terms of the raw materials, the production process, through to the finished goods.

Soil Association – We have been certified by the Soil Association, the UK’s leading food and farming charity and organic certification body, since we were founded in 1978. This logo shows our products have met a strict set of standards to ensure they are full of the good stuff and none of the bad, containing the absolute maximum of certified organic ingredients inside. When you see this logo you also know that we follow the highest possible standards for environmental and wildlife protection.

Vegan Society – Many of our products are certified by the Vegan Society, the world's leading vegan authority. To receive this certification each of our products is checked by the dedicated team at the Vegan Society to guarantee that it is animal and animal testing free, and free from genetically modified organisms.

Kosher – Most of our products are Kosher, which means that the products have been prepared according to Kosher guidelines and have been approved by a Rabbi.

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