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Spelt Grain


Spelt, or Triticum Spelta is an ancient variety of wheat which we have been growing on our farm since 1996. First cultivated over 9,000 years ago, it is a cousin of modern wheat and warrants a mention in the book of Ezekiel in the Bible, as well as being favoured by mystics and herbalists through out history. Legend has it that the Roman Army called spelt their ‘Marching Grain’.









We started growing spelt at Doves Farm almost 20 years ago, and at that time were the only farm in the UK producing it. Michael Marriage wanted to grow and mill a grain that was completely unique, so he reintroduced spelt to the UK. Since then we have been milling this grain for many other companies worldwide.

During cultivation, the spelt plant has a strong resemblance to wheat, often grows vigorously and takes on a burnished gold colour when ripening. The crop produces long and robust straw which would have been very useful for thatching hundreds of years ago.

To make our Wholegrain Spelt flour, the inedible outer husk is removed, leaving the inner bran and grain intact. This is stoneground into a speckled flour which is rich in nutrients and natural goodness.

To make our White Spelt Flour we meticulously select only the best organic spelt grain, we then carefully mill and sieve from the coarse layers of bran to create this beautifully soft white flour.

Spelt makes excellent biscuits and has an distinctive, nutty flavour which is delicious in specialist bread and pastry. It has a good quality gluten content and is well suited to quick breads with a firm crust and open crumb structure.

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