Spelt is a hulled wheat that was widely grown during Roman times and appreciated for its reliability, versatility, good eating and storage qualities. Legend has it that the Roman army called spelt their ‘Marching Grain’! Spelt’s heritage lies in crossing Emmer with wild grass, producing a grain that is closely related to modern wheat varieties.

We have been growing and milling Spelt since 1996 when our founder Michael Marriage wanted to grow and mill a grain that was completely unique to the UK. At that time, we were the only farm in the UK growing this ancient grain.

Spelt makes excellent biscuits and has a distinctive, nutty flavour which is delicious in breads. With a good quality gluten content, it works well in breads such as our Oaty Spelt Loaf and White Spelt Burger Buns.

Like all of our ancient grains, we mill this grain the old-fashioned way using a stone mill. With Spelt, we make two flours from the one grain: Organic Stoneground Wholemeal Spelt Flour and Organic White Spelt Flour.

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